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lantawnA long net (set or hauled).vag mang-; pat -un.To use a long net to catch (fish).Sūng kitaniyu manglantaw.Let’s catch fish with a long net.Lantawun ta in lumahan.Let’s catch the striped mackerel with a long net.Cf.laya
lantay1nFloor.Kuskusi niyu in lantay.Scrub the floor.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To furnish with a floor.Subay na ubus magꞌatup ampa lantayan in bāy.After roofing then the flooring should be added to the house.2vrdp. ran -an.To support (something) with a brace (as a dislocated or broken part of the body).Subay lantay-lantayan in lima baliꞌ.A broken arm must be supported by a brace.
lantikadjDouble-jointed (also malantik).In siku hi Salip Piandung malantik.Salip Piandung’s elbow is double-jointed.vact/pat -um-, mag-, mang-.(For a person or animal’s torso or limb) to bend in the opposite direction from usual; (for an object) to bend, curl.Manglantik in plaka yan bang kasugahan.That record will bend if it’s left in the sun.Piyalantik in kilay niya.She curled her eyebrow.
lantingnA large raft.Cf.alul
lantupvact/pat mag-, -um-, hi-.To float to the surface, to surface.Diꞌ lumantup in batu ha tubig.A stone will not float to the surface of water.Unu-unu na magaan hilantup ha tubig.Anything which is light will float in water.Palantupun in manga batang kahuy ha subaꞌ.Let’s let the tree trunks float in the river.adjliyalantupFloating.Liyalantup in patay ha dagat.The dead person is floating on the ocean.Cf.*antung
*lanuꞌvtAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To clean (something).Lanui in bilik mu.Clean your room.viST pat -um-.To become clean.Diꞌ yan lumanuꞌ bang mu diꞌ hugasan.That won’t become clean unless you wash it.adjmalanuꞌClean, free from dirt.Malanuꞌ in badjuꞌ niya.Her dress is clean.ANT.lummiꞌ 1Cf.lissin
lanus1adjWilted, withered (generally of leaves; also of coconuts, coffee and grains of corn).Lanus in dahun sayng yaun.Those banana leaves are withered.vST pat mag-, -um-.To wither.Lumanus in manga dahun bang panuga.The leaves will wither when it’s dry season.Cf.luyluy2vma-.To be or become a spinster or an old bachelor.Pagꞌasawa na kaw bat kaw diꞌ malanus.Get married now so you won’t be an old bachelor.
lanutnAbaca.Haꞌguta niyu in lanut supaya hikaragang.Strip the abaca so that it can be sold.5: Plants
lāngvag mag-, -um-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To stop or forbid (someone from doing something), prohibit.Lānga sila ayaw papaghibuka.Stop them from making noise.Ayaw kaw himinang sin liyāngan sin Tuhan.Don’t do what God has forbidden.
langannA lullaby.Unu in langan kasūban mu pagdungugun?What is your favorite lullaby?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To sing a lullaby (esp. to rock a baby to sleep).Bang kaw maglangan ha bataꞌ-bataꞌ ayaw mu pakusuga tuud.If you sing a lullaby to a child it should not be loud.Langanun sin inaꞌ in bataꞌ-bataꞌ supaya makatūg.The mother will sing a lullaby to the baby so that it will sleep.Cf.baatkalang2 sindilluguꞌ
langat-langatnThe (highest degree of) heat (from the sun at noontime).Miyanaw siya langat-langat suga.She walked under the heat of the sun.OV SYN.parat
langawnBotfly, a species of large fly.Tiyapuan langaw in paliꞌ sin kuraꞌ.Large flies landed on the horse’s cut.vact/pat mag-; pat -un.To be infested with such flies.Bugitan in basura yan bat diꞌ langawun in halaman.Throw away that garbage so the yard won’t be infested with botflies.Liyalangaw in barilis pagbugitan nila lummiꞌ.The barrels where they throw garbage are swarming with botflies.Cf.pikut
langgaꞌvar. of*langkavTo love (someone) to the point of pampering, baby (someone). Used only in Jolo town.
langgahitvAR ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To hem (something).Langgahita ba in badjuꞌ ku.Will you hem my dress?Cf.ayum-ayumbagsaꞌbakiyaꞌdahut
langgal1nA mosque (wherein no religious member of the royalty has ever said a prayer), chapel.Cf.masjid
langgal21vag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To meet or encounter (something) by chance.Bang mu siya langgalun baytai pakaria.If you meet him by chance tell him to come here.Cf.bāk2vag -um-.(With object saraꞌ) to do something that is prohibited, break (laws, regulations, rules).Ayaw lumanggal saraꞌ sin iskul.Don’t break the regulations of the school.langgal saraꞌcomp.vAgainst the established law or rules.Langgal saraꞌ pa Tuhan in magjina.Adultery is against the law of God.Langgal saraꞌ in magdā sinapang.It’s against the law to carry firearms.
langgangnDryness in the throat, thirst (usu. due to much heat).Diꞌ ku na kasandalan in langgang ku yan.I can’t stand my thirst.vST pat -un.To become thirsty.Liyalanggang sadja kita bang panuga.We always get thirsty when it’s dry season.adjmalanggangThirsty.Painuma aku tubig, malanggang aku yan.Give me water, I’m thirsty.SYN.uhaw
langgang uhawnExtreme thirst (suggests dryness of the throat).In tubig mahagpay makaubat langgang uhaw.Cold water can cure one’s extreme thirst.
langgitnA vaccination, inoculation.Hīnglaw siya pasal sin langgit niya.He is feverish because of his vaccination.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To vaccinate (someone), be vaccinated.Subay langgitan in manga tau sabab awn kulira dumatung.People should be vaccinated because cholera is coming.SYN.injiksiyun 1
langgungnA sibling.langgung babai sister, langgung usug brother, langgung hangka-amaꞌ half-brother or sister (same father), langgung hangka-inaꞌ half-brother or sister (same mother).Asal dapitan ku in langgung ku.Naturally, I’ll side with my sibling.vRC ag mag-.To be siblings born of the same parents or have one parent in common.Maglanggung kami kay Abdul.Abdul and I are brother and sister.SYN.taymanghud
langitnThe sky.Masawa in langit bang mataud bituun.The sky is clear when there are many stars.Cf.āyanawan
*langkavar.langgaꞌvag mag-, -um-.(For a child) to demand (something) from a parent or grandparent (mag-), become demanding (-um-).Awn bataꞌ maglangka sadja ha inaꞌ.There are children who are always demanding from their mother.Lumangka in bataꞌ-bataꞌ bang agarun sadja in kabayaan niya.A child becomes demanding if his wishes are always followed.vpat pa-…-un.To love (someone, esp. a child) to the point of pampering, baby (someone).Piyalalangka siya sin amaꞌ niya.She’s pampered by her father.Piyalalangka siya sin inaꞌ niya sabab sakitan siya.Her mother continued to baby her because she is sickly.OV SYN.dakag
langkahannSill, threshold.In langkahan lawang sarang in dayaw.The threshold of the house is good enough.Marayaw in kabutang sin langkahan ha utud sin lantay.The sill of the door was placed very well across the floor.
*langkapnkalangkapanHome implements (as furniture or utensils).Naubus nasunug in kalangkapan nila.All their home implements were burned.Cf.kapanyapanpanyap
langkatvtag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To dismantle or disassemble (the parts of a machine, engine, furniture, house or the whole of anything).Langkata in kapanyapan makina sin lilus ini.Dismantle the parts of the machinery of this watch.Hipalangkat ku in sīya ini.I’ll have this chair dismantled.Langkatun taniyu in bāy ini ubus ampa hinangun magbalik.Let us disassemble this house and then reconstruct it afterwards.In mangiꞌ karingding kiyalangkatan na.The wall that was not properly built was taken apart.vipat ma-.(For something heavy or tight) to be destroyed or ruined.In bulaꞌ baꞌgu nalangkat na.The new split bamboo was already destroyed.OV SYN.larak