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ma-1prefixpfxCharacterized by, abundant in (adjective and adverb-forming prefix).
ma-2verbal prefixpfxThe patient-focusing affix in the involuntary or circumtantial mode.
*maꞌlumvact mang-.RareDoes not occur with pa₂.To inform (someone, a group of people, or even a crowd in the most respectful manner about a promise unfulfilled, appointment unrealized, plan miscarried, problems unsolved, etc.).Subay awn mamaꞌlum madtu pa datuꞌ bang diꞌ hikalanjal in panaw natuꞌ adlaw ini.Somebody has to inform the datu if we can’t go on with our journey today.Cf.baytaꞌingat
maꞌmunnThe congregation (of a particular mosque under the leadership of a particular imam).Mataud in maꞌmun magsambahayang ha langgal bang adlaw Jumaat.There are many of the congregation praying at the mosque on Friday.Cf.jamaa
*maꞌmusgimb. equiv. of*mamussee*pamusvTo wash (one’s or someone’s) face (with water).
maadjulvag mag-; ran pag-…-an.To run away, travel to far places in despair (after a bitter disappointment esp. in love).Nagmaadjul in datuꞌ sabab walaꞌ niya naasawa in babai kabayaan niya.The datu despairingly left because he wasn’t able to marry the girl he wanted.Nagmaadjul siya hangkan siya nakakari pa hulaꞌ ta.He ran away in despair, that’s why he came to our place.Cf.paguy
maananMeaning, interpretation, version, translation.Way ku nabacha in maana sin Kuraan ha Anggalis.I’ve not read the English translation of the Koran.vag mag-; ran -an.To interpret, translate (something), give the meaning or a version of (something).Subay mu maanahan in tarasul mu.You should interpret your poem.Cf.hāti
*maang-maangvag mag-.To speak hesitantly, falter.Ayaw na kaw magmaang-maang, baytaꞌ na kaw sin bunnal.Don’t falter. You tell the truth.Cf.alang
*maapvag mag-; pat -un.To forgive, pardon (someone), remit (something).Maapa aku sin dusa ku kaymu.Forgive me for my sin against you.nkamaapanForgiveness, pardon, remission.Pangayuꞌ kaw kamaapan ha maas mu.Ask forgiveness from your parents.OV SYN.ampun
maaripatnKnowledge of the righteous, symbolic faith, strength of religious belief (used only in a religious sense).Makusug in maaripat niya.He has a very strong knowledge of the righteous.Cf.īmanbugtuꞌ sin maaripatidiomnSomething very strongly desired (lit. break of strength of religious belief).Bugtuꞌ sin maaripat ku, ikaw in maasawa ku.It’s my very strong desire to marry you (or) I’ll die if I don’t marry you.
maas1adjOld, matured (as of fruit), fully developed (as of a person or one’s mind).Bukun pa maas in pikilan niya.His mind is not yet matured.nAn old person.Malata tuud in maas yan.That old woman is very garrulous.Cf.laas2nParents, one’s mother and father.Subay in anak magkahagad ha maas.Children must obey their parents.
maasihatadj(Of an act) immoral or unlawful.In magjina hinang maasihat.Adultery is an immoral act.vag mag-.To do an unlawful or immoral act.Mangiꞌ in magmaasihat.It is wrong to do an immoral act.Cf.langgal2 2
machakawvar. ofmatsakawnHard toasted bread.
madjilisnThe public, people in general.Subay hitanug ha madjilis in pagdatung sin pirisidinti.We should tell the public of the arrival of the president.Cf.mayran
madmadadj(Of the nose) flat.Madmad in ilung sin manga bisayaꞌ.Visayans have flat noses.SYN.punyaꞌ
madtuvar.mattuseekadtuTo go to a place remote from speaker and hearer.
mag-prefixpfxThe actor or agent focus affix which usu. indicates habitual, customary, or repeated action.
māganThe morning star.Pagkakitaan in māga dayn ha subangan.The morning star can be seen in the east.Cf.mūputakaw kapug
magribgimb.magalibmagarib1nThe fourth of the five prayers of the day (a little after sunset).Cf.subu1 1luhulasaraysa2nDusk, twilight.Pagsūꞌ na kaw palitaan magrib na.Light the lamp, it’s dusk now.OV SYN.kūp 13nWest (the direction).SYN.sadlupan*sadlup 2Cf.maksinaꞌtaksinaꞌsubanganmasrikhangin
magtawtayanakseetawtayanaknParents and children, an entire family.
magtawtaymanghudseetawtaymanghudnMembers of the entire family.
magtuy(from mag- + tuy)advInstantly, immediately, suddenly.Ayaw kaw magtuy magkahagad sin bissara niya.Don’t believe right away in what he says.In tagnaꞌ naglangug, pagꞌubus magtuy siya timangis.First they joked with each other and then suddenly she cried.Bang mu matabuk in sulat ku sambaga magtuy.Answer me immediately upon your receiving my letter.Kari kaw magtuy bat mu siya abutan.Come immediately so you will overtake her.Cf.saruun-duunhangkarayꞌsawnuꞌ
magulang(from ma-₁ + gulang)nAn older sibling.Magulang ku hi Sahirun.Sahirun is my older sibling.adjkamagulanganOldest (of a set of siblings).
mahadjanaꞌnPeople from all walks of life, people (collectively).Nagpaguy in mahadjanaꞌ pa gimba saꞌbu sin sunug.The people fled to the interior during the fire.Cf.raayatmayran madjilis
mahakuttaꞌ1nA crown.In mahakuttaꞌ sin Sultan tiyatawꞌ sin asawa niya huli.The Sultan’s crown is kept by his last wife.2nThe title of a sultan’s right-hand man.