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mahal-mahaladjStrange, never before known or seen, unheard of; unusual or rare.Mahal-mahal in sapiꞌ unum in siki niya.A cow with six legs is unheard of.Mahal-mahal in bataꞌ-bataꞌ hipagꞌanak awn na ipun.It is unusual for babies to be born with a tooth.Cf.muskilmāhang
mahalayakadjWidely known.Mahalayak ha tau katān in pagsultan niya.His kingship is widely known.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un, hi-.To make something widely known, announce (something to someone in order to make it widely known).Bang magkawin subay mahalayakun ha lawm kawman ha supaya matarrang.When there is a wedding it should be announced in the community so that it will be legal.Subay hipamahalayak ha tau katān in saraꞌ baꞌgu.The new laws must be made known to everybody.Cf.tanug 1tanyagbukag
māhang(from ma-₁ + lahang)advSeldom, uncommon, rare, scarce, not frequently encountered.Māhang sila magkari.They seldom come.Cf.muskil
mahapun(from ma-₁ + *hapun₂)nAfternoon, the part of the day between high noon and evening.Mahapun na dimatung in istaꞌ piyabī niya.The fish which he sent to buy arrived in the afternoon.advrdp.Every afternoon.Cf.magrib 2kūp 1
maharvar.mahalnMoney, gold, jewelry or some kind of collateral (given by a prospective bridegroom) in addition to the bride price (which gives him authority over his future children).Bang wayruun mahar mu diꞌ kaw makausba ha anak mu.If you don’t give the collateral in addition to the bride price you don’t have the authority over your children.Cf.basinganungsud1
MaharadjanA title conferred by the Sultan upon various officials of his court during the days of the Tausug sultanate.Often used with other titles as Maharadja Bangsawan, Maharadja Pahallawan, Maharadja Adinda, Maharadja Layla.Piyatawag sin sultan in Maharadja.The sultan sent for the Maharadja.vag mag-; pat -un.To act as this kind of official, confer this title.
mahardikaꞌadj(Of a people or country) free.Mahardikaꞌ in hulaꞌ Pilipinas.The Philippines is free from foreign control.vag mag-; pat -un.To be free, give freedom.Mahardikaun na sin sultan in manga īpun.The king will free the slaves.nkamahardikaanFreedom.Cf.limāya1 luhaya
mahartabbatvar. ofmartabbatnSelf-respect.
MahasarinHis Majesty or Grace (a title of address for the sultan of Sulu).Subay Mahasari atawa Ampun in pagtawag ha Sultan.One should address the Sultan as Mahasari or Ampun.Cf.Ampun
Mahasussiadj(Of God) pure, holy, laudable, praiseworthy.Mangandul kita pa Tuhan Mahasussi.We trust in the pure God.Cf.Mahatinggi
Mahatinggiadj(Of God) supreme, greatest.Mangayuꞌ kita tabang dayn ha Tuhan natuꞌ Mahatinggi.We will ask help from our Supreme God.
mahiadvWhy.Mahi? Unu in maksud mu?Why? What is your purpose?Diꞌ ku kaingatan bang mahi siya marugal kākuꞌ.I don’t know why he is angry with me.Cf.maytaꞌ
mahilvag mag-, mang-; goal -un.To train, drill (for physical or military training in a group as in marching).Mahapun-mahapun mahilun in sundalu baꞌgu.The new soldiers drill every afternoon.
mahinaatnMorning, the early part of the day.In būk niya iyuliꞌ ku kaina mahinaat.I returned his book to him earlier this morning.advrdp.Every morning.
mahluknRareA human being, mortal, person.In mahluk katān piyapanjari sin Tuhan.All mortals were created by God.SYN.tau 1mānusiyaꞌ
mahuli dayn duun(from huli)Afterwards, after that.In kabtangan mahuli dayn duun pagbissarahun ha hinapusan sin himumungan.The phrase after that is said at the last part of the message.
mahumu1seemawmuadvOften, frequently, sometimes.
mājungnA game of Chinese origin, played usu. by four persons, by drawing, discarding and exchanging tiles that resemble dominoes.vag mag-.To play this game.Diꞌ aku maingat magmājung.I don’t know how to play the Chinese game with tiles.
makainihan(from maka- + *ini₂ + -an₁)vTo be enough or sufficient (for something or for a particular task).Diꞌ makainihan in sīn dīhil mu kākuꞌ. Kawhaan pilak in ubat.This money that you gave me is not enough. The medicine is twenty pesos.Cf.sarang
*makbulvact/ag mag-; pat -un.To fulfill or be fulfilled, realized, consummated.Magmakbul da ha susūngun in piyagmuhut-muhut natuꞌ.The things we’ve been striving for will soon be realized.Bang kita tau ādil makbulun sin Tuhan unu-unu in kabayaan ta.If we are righteous, God will fulfill whatever we want.nkamakbulanFulfillment, realization, consummation.Wayruun kamakbulan sin miyaksud natuꞌ bang kitaniyu diꞌ maghambuuk.There will be no realization of our aims if we don’t unite ourselves.Cf.mumpaat
makinanAn engine or motor, machine.Mataud makina pagtatahian ha Sūg.There are many sewing machines in Jolo.
MakkanMecca, the Holy City of Muslim pilgrims. The birthplace of Muhammad in Saudi Arabia.Nabī niya ha Makka in tasbi niya.He bought his prayer beads in Mecca.
makrunSomething considered harmful (to the body by Muslim religious law when eaten or drunk, but not forbidden by Allah, as intoxicating drinks, the meat of certain animals not properly slaughtered like cow, chicken, goat, or mud crab).Makru in magkaun kulluꞌ.It’s considered something harmful to eat a mud crab.
maksinaꞌnArchaic(The direction) north.Harap pa maksinaꞌ nagpamanhut in manga datuꞌ.The princes went hunting toward the north.Cf.taksinaꞌmagrib 3masriksadlupan*sadlup 2hangin
maksudnIntention, purpose, aim.In maksud ku dāhun siya magbissara tampal.It’s my intention to talk plainly to her.vag mag-; pat -un.To (go somewhere to) fulfill one’s purpose, intention, aim.Subay kita magmaksud madtu pa mayul pasal sin parkalaꞌ sin anak ta.We should go to the mayor to fulfill our intention regarding our child’s court case.Subay maksurun madtu pa Manilaꞌ in manga kakatas-katasan mu.You will have to follow up your papers in Manila.Cf.gawiniyat