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makusug(from ma-₁ + kusug)vag mag-.To work hard or use one’s influence, money, etc. (to help or hurt someone).Gubnul in magmakusug magdihil hinang kaymu.The governor will use his influence to give you a job.
makutnA large, black ant found underneath the ground.Cf.sanamalanggaꞌ4: Animals, Non-flying
malāikatnAn angel, servant of God, heavenly being.In manga malāikat daraakun sin Tuhan.Angels are the servants of God.Cf.biraddali
malak1nA woman of angelic beauty in oral literature, angel.Biyaꞌ malak in lingkat sin babai yaun.That lady has the beauty of an angel.Cf.biraddalimalāikat2n(cap.) A feminine name.
malayngkanvar.mayngkanrelHowever, but, except, unless, only, moreover, even though.Diꞌ aku makaagad kaymu bihaun malayngkan bang dumatung hi inaꞌ murul mayan aku.I can’t go with you right now; however, if mother arrives I’ll just follow you.Cf.sagawaꞌ
māligay1nA (small) house-shaped receptacle containing confections and money (which is carried on the shoulders of two men in an Islamic Studies graduation procession or a wedding procession), miniature ceremonial palace.Subay awn māligay hirihil ha guru bang tumammat na dayn ha Kuraan.There should be a house-shaped receptacle containing confections and money to give to the religious teacher when one graduates from the Koranic reading.vag mag-.To make such a house-shaped receptacle (for someone).Sukat dayn ha kababaihan subay magmāligay.The bride’s family asked that a house-shaped receptacle containing confections and money be made.2n(In oral literature) the place or tower of a princess.
malikatanCodified speech.Diꞌ aku makahāti sin malikata niya.I don’t understand his codified speech.vag mag-; pat -un.To speak a codified form of speech (akin to pig latin in which the words are mixed or twisted in a regular manner in order to keep hidden from other people what has been spoken).Hangkatiyuꞌ in maingat magmalikata.Only a few know how to speak codified talk.Cf.aliyan
malikid jabbalnA guardian angel of hell.In tau patay, malikid jabbal in tagnaꞌ māk kaniya sumasat kaniya.The first one to meet a person who dies is the guardian angel of hell who tries to tempt him.Cf.mungkalun
malimnA guide, one who leads or directs.Malim in ha unahan sin nakuraꞌ niya.It’s the guide who goes before his leader.In malim amu in ha unahan tumudluꞌ sin piyagtatapukan sin mundu.The guide is the one who first points out the hiding place of the outlaws.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To guide, lead or direct (particularly to point the way to a place).Ikaw in magmalim pa piyagtatapukan sin mundu.You will be the one to guide us to the outlaw’s hideout.
malitaTag.nA valise, suitcase.In malita ku malingkat.My suitcase is pretty.vag mag-.To use a suitcase.Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ magmalita ha ini.She doesn’t want to use this suitcase.Cf.baul
maliyamnRareWeapons used for defense and attack (such as guns, bolos, and high powered artillery).Bihaun mataud na tuud maliyam ha kagimbahan.Now, there are so many weapons in the interior.Bang kaw maghulaꞌ ha gimba, subay awn maliyam mu.If you want to stay in the interior, you need to have weapons.SYN.sanjataꞌ
maltabbatvar. ofmartabbatnSelf-respect.
malulnThe sampaguita plant.In sumping malul, maputiꞌ iban mahamut.The sampaguita flower is white and fragrant.5: Plants
mamaꞌnA prepared betel nut chew.Consists of the shavings of the following: mature and immature areca palm nuts (pula₂ and bunga₁ respectively), moistened tobacco leaf (tabakuꞌ), resinous gum (tagambil), and powdered lime (bangkit) wrapped together in a betel pepper vine leaf (buyuꞌ).vag mag-; pat -un.To chew betel nut.The chewer starts with a mixture of betel nut and lime wrapped in a betel nut leaf and then adds a tiny ball of compressed tobacco leaf which he rubs against his teeth.Manga tau maas sadja in magmamaꞌ.Only the old people chew the betel nut chew.Bang kaw magmamaꞌ mitum in ipun mu.If you chew betel nut your teeth will become black.Cf.apilapug 1nmamaanA container for the ingredients of the betel nut chew (often brass or bronze).Cf.apug 1
mamahaꞌnunseepamahaꞌnunvTo sneeze.
mamarahiadjSufficient, enough; having or showing no desire for something more or different, satisfied.Mamarahi na kākuꞌ in altaꞌ ku.My wealth is enough for me.Mamarahi na bahaꞌ kaymu in kawhaan pilak?Is twenty pesos enough for you?Diꞌ aku mamarahi sin baytaꞌ niya subay ku pariksaun.I’m not satisfied with what he said, I’ll verify it myself.Cf.sarang
mamhuꞌvag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To give, do a favor or act of generosity; gain favor or bring oneself into another’s good graces, ingratiate.Marayaw pa magmamhuꞌ ha miskin dayn ha dayahan.It is better to do a favor for a poor man than a rich one.Cf.buddinpamamhuꞌA favor, act of generosity (usu. to gain another’s favor).Wayruun pamamhuꞌ nahinang niya kākuꞌ.She had done me no favor.adjmamamhuꞌDelighting in giving or doing a favor (for someone).In tau mamamhuꞌ mataud bagay niya.A person who delights in doing favors has lots of friends.
mamisadj(Of certain kinds of coconut or citrus) sweet.Malimuꞌ in tubig sin butung mamis.The water of the young sweet coconut is sweet.suwaꞌ mamiscomp.adjSweet orange.
mampallamnA type of small mango.Limabay na in timpu mampallam.The season for small mangoes has passed.Mangifera indica5: Plants
mamunTag.nA cake.Masarap in mamun ha tinda yaun.The cake in that store is delicious.Malimuꞌ tuud in mamun ini.This cake is very sweet.Cf.bangbangtinapayvag mag-; pat -un.To make a cake.Bī kaw pasulig, magmamun kita.Buy baking powder. We’ll make a cake.vpat -un.To use (flour) to make a cake.
*mamusgimb.*maꞌmussee*pamusvTo wash (one’s or someone’s) face (with water).
mānvar. ofmayan1rel(Marks an event as having previously occurred), when.2advSpecifically, just.3adv(Marks an event as to occur in the future), later on.
mananCinnamon, the inner aromatic bark of an East Indian tree.In mana hinangun ubat bang ha Sūg.Cinnamon is used as medicine on Jolo.Makauliꞌ sin paliꞌ ha lawm baran in mana.Cinnamon can heal internal injuries.
managatsee*panagatvTo hunt for shellfish, edible plants, or other edible animals at low tide.
mananawalseetawalnA medicine man or curer specializing in the use of esoteric-healing prayer.