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manasadjStreaked, spotted (as of a domestic chicken).Manuk niya manas in piyanakbiꞌ kahapun.It was his spotted chicken that he entered in the cockfight yesterday.Cf.buttikanlintikansaluꞌ
*mandavag mag-; goal -an.To command or order (someone to do something).Mandahi in manga daraakun maghinang.Command the servants to work.Cf.daak
mandangan1adj(Of cows or carabao) adult male, bull.In nagpangasawa kaniya siyukatan lima sapiꞌ mandangan.The ones who asked for her in marriage are required to give five bull cows.2nA leader, strongman.Hi Abdul in mandangan ha hulaꞌ nila.Abdul is the strongman in his community.vag mag-.To become the leader or strongman.Mabayaꞌ siya magmandangan dī ha hulaꞌ namuꞌ.He wants to become the strongman here in our community.
mandirinMadre de cacao.Often used for fencing since branches root easily and grow fast. Crushed leaves have a poisonous effect while the sap has medicinal properties.5: Plants
mandulnA foreman.Bang walaꞌ duun in mandul diꞌ sila maghinang.If the foreman is absent they don’t work.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To act in the capacity of a foreman.Ayaw na kaw magmandul sin way kiyasayuhan mu.Don’t try to act like a foreman because you don’t know anything.Cf.kapatas
manik1nA bead.Nabugtuꞌ in manga manik sin tasbi niya.The beads of his prayer beads came apart.2nA type of amulet in the form of a number of chained beads worn usu. around the waist making the wearer invulnerable.Cf.adjimathabay-habay
manisnBeauty, charm (of the human face).Hikarihil manis kaniya in kandiis niya.Her dimples give her charm.vact/pat mag-.To make oneself beautiful.Amu da in kaingatan mu magmanis sadja.All you know how to do is make yourself beautiful.adjmamanisCharming, beautiful, lovely, fascinating, captivating.Mamanis tuud in dayang-dayang.The princess is very lovely.Cf.mairum*irumlingkat
manjari(from mang- + jari)advImportant in discourse structure, often introducing a change of topic. In narrative discourse, often introduces background information or marks a return to the event line.Now then, so then, then.Yaun nagꞌiisun in manga nakuraꞌ. Manjari, naghiluhalaꞌ in manga tau ha guwaꞌ.The leaders were having a conference. Then the people outside went into an uproar.OV SYN.sakalina2 1
manniꞌnSperm, egg cell or ovum, reproductive secretions (of either male or female).In mānusiyaꞌ katān awn manniꞌ.Every human being has reproductive secretions.SYN.dagingjaniit
mantanA full-size blanket.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cover (someone) with a blanket.Mantahan ku siya bat diꞌ haggutun.I’ll cover her so that she won’t be cold.Cf.siubhabul
mantayaꞌnA large (clay) water jar (with cover).Tawꞌ kaw tubig ha mantayaꞌ.Keep water in the large water jar.Cf.kibutpugabingkiꞌ
mantaylukuꞌnCanvas material.Lawag kaw mantaylukuꞌ hipagꞌatup ta.Look for some canvas material to make a tarpaulin with.Cf.tulda
mantiriꞌvar.mantiliꞌnA person whose father is a commoner but whose mother is a salip (a descendant of the prophet).Mantiriꞌ hi Saripul.Saripul is a mantiri.
mantisnA mustache at the sides of the mouth.Mahabaꞌ na in mantis niya.His mustache at the sides of his mouth is long already.Cf.pungut
manuk1nThe domestic chicken.Mahalgaꞌ in manga manuk bihaun ha tabuꞌ.Chickens are expensive now at the market.nmanuk-manukA bird, flying insect.1: Birds and Flying Insects2vag mag-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To induce (someone) to fight (with someone else), stir up, instigate.Manukun ta in duwa yaun bat makapagkālu.We will stir up those two so they will quarrel.OV SYN.*tukbuꞌ 1.2
mānusiyaꞌnA human being, mankind.In mānusiyaꞌ dī ha dunya awn sadja dusa.Humans here in the world have all sinned.Cf.tau 1mahluk
manussaꞌ-nussaꞌseepanussaꞌ-nussaꞌvTo criticize (someone) destructively or hurtfully.
manga1advOptional particle used to indicate plurals (with some nouns refers to that one and his associates or companions).Maunu-unu in manga anak asawa mu?How is your family?2adv(With a numeral) approximately, more or less.Awn manga kayꞌman sundalu in miyatay ha pagbunuan.There are more or less 50 soldiers who died in the encounter.
mangganThe common Cebu mango (yellow when ripe).Mangifera indica5: Plants
manghudnA younger sibling.Lima in manghud ku.I have five younger siblings.adjYounger (in age than someone else).Manghud siya dayn kākuꞌ.He is younger than I am.ANT.magulanggulangvgoal -an.To have a younger sibling.Marayꞌ na hi Indaꞌ manghuran.The older sister will soon have a younger sibling.Pila in umul niya ampa siya miyanghuran?How old was she when the younger sibling was born?nkamanghuranThe youngest child.Kamawmuhan in kamanghuran piyararakag sin inaꞌ atawa amaꞌ.Oftentimes the youngest child is pampered by the mother or father.SYN.kabungsuhan*bungsuikul
mangingitaꞌ(from mang + CV rdp. + kitaꞌ)nA fortune-teller, soothsayer, seer.In mangingitaꞌ yaun ha bāy namuꞌ bihaun.That fortune-teller is at our house now.Cf.kitaꞌ 2putikaꞌ
manyatakanadjApparent, evident, obvious, plain.vact/pat mag-.(For something) to become apparent or evident, manifest (itself).Diꞌ aku magkahagad bang diꞌ magmanyatakan.I won’t believe you unless it becomes evident.Cf.mattan
mapalintunganadjStingy, counting the favors one has done.Mapalintungan tuud in tau yan bang sīn na in pagbissarahan.That man is very stingy when it comes to money.OV SYN.mabista*bista
maratnOpium.In marat landuꞌ makakangiꞌ baran sin tau.Opium is very destructive to a human body.
marayꞌ(from ma-₁ + dayꞌ₁)advProbably, perhaps, maybe, possibly; soon, about to happen.Marayꞌ sila dumatung kunsūm.They’ll probably arrive tomorrow.Marayꞌ kaw katabangan niya.Perhaps she can help you.Marayꞌ na maawn in bunuꞌ.There will soon be a fight.Cf.kalu-kalu