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marayaw(from ma-₁ + dayaw)vag mag-; pat marayawnTo get good (out of something), accept (something) as good.Nagmarayaw na kaw sin hinang sin tau dugaing.You became proud (lit. got good) out of the work of other people.Unu-unu na in bissara niya marayawn ku na sadja.Whatever he says I will accept it as good.Piyagmarayaw niya in sinapang sin bagay niya siyurindir pa parinta.He used his friend’s rifle to his own advantage (lit. used it for good) by surrendering it to the government.
*marihangvpat ma-.Does not occur with pa₂.To die (derogatory, used of Chinese, non-Muslims or any bitter enemy of Muslims).Mataud namarihang manga Bisayaꞌ ha pagbunuan.Many Christians died in the encounter.OV SYN.patay 1*lindung*wapat
markaTag.nA mark, seal.Subay awn marka sin bakul lima mu ha sayrulla.There should be a mark of your thumb on the residence certificate.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To put a mark (on something).Magmarka kami sin manga sapiꞌ nabī namuꞌ.We will put a mark on the cow that we bought.Miyarkahan nila in kātas namuꞌ.They put a mark on our papers.SYN.tumbuk1
martabbatvar.mahartabbatmaltabbatnSelf-respect.In tau way martabbat diꞌ pagꞌaddatan sin tau.A person who has no self-respect will not be respected by others.Cf.ginhawa 2
*maruhumvpat ma-.With pa₂, agent can only be God.To die, (spoken of royalty only).Hi Sultan Kiram namaruhum sin timpu Kastilaꞌ.Sultan Kiram died during the Spanish period.SYN.*lindungOV SYN.patay 1*wapat*marihang
masanPeriod, time, era, epoch, age.In sultan ha Sūg ha masa yadtu awn bahagiꞌ niya sin Borneo.The king of Jolo in that past era had a part interest in Borneo.vran ka-…-an.To witness (something that happened in a certain period, time, era, epoch).Kiyamasahan niya in pagbunuꞌ sin Kastilaꞌ ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.He witnessed the battles during the Spanish period in Jolo.SYN.jamanCf.timpu 1.1waktu
masaallanMetaphorical speech (using words to indicate something different from the literal meaning), proverb.Examples of masaalla are: Wayruun asu bang way kayu. There’s no effect without some cause (lit. There’s no smoke when there’s no fire). In ullang natutūg marā sin sūg. Watch out or you’ll come to harm (lit. A sleeping shrimp will be carried away by the current).In masaalla awn malawm maana niya.A metaphor has a deep meaning.vag mag-.To use metaphorical speech or proverbs.Diꞌ kami makahati bang kaw magmasaalla.We can’t understand if you use metaphorical speech.Cf.aliyandamandalil
masiadvStill, yet, continually.Masi mahaggut adlaw yan.It’s still cold today.
masjidnA mosque.Bukun da wajib ha manga budjang in magsambahayang ha masjid.It’s not necessary for unmarried girls to pray at the mosque.Cf.langgal1
Masjidil AksanThe mosque built on the temple area in Jerusalem, the holy place in Jerusalem.Cf.KaabaMasjidil Haram
Masjidil HaramnThe name of the mosque in Mecca, Mecca as a holy place (prayers rendered in this mosque are considered meritorious).Cf.KaabaMasjidil Aksa
masriknArchaic(The direction) east.In masrik amu in guwaan sin suga.The sun rises in the east.SYN.subanganCf.taksinaꞌmaksinaꞌsadlupan*sadlup 2magrib 3hangin
mastalvar.masdaln(A secular) teacher.vag mag-.To teach (in a school), to be a teacher.Mabayaꞌ aku magmastal ha manga bataꞌ-bataꞌ.I would like to teach children.Cf.guruhinduꞌ
māsunA sledgehammer.Cf.tukul
masuhulvar.masūladvAt times, sometimes, occasionally.Masuhul magkari siya.He comes here occasionally.Masuhul tungaꞌ dūm na siya magꞌuwiꞌ.Sometimes he comes home late at night.
mata1.1nEye (as an organ of sight).vexp ka-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂.To see with the eyes.Subay mu na kamatahan in hinang niya ampa mu pagꞌamahan.You should see his work with your own eyes before becoming angry with him.1.2nmata-mataA spy.Mata-mata siya sin parinta.He is a government spy.Cf.malim2nAnything circular in shape that is essential to that in which it is contained (as a burner of a stove, the heart of a boil).Pila in kiyabī mu sin dapulan mu duwa mata?How much did you buy your two-burner stove for?3nThe holes of a sieve.ikug matacomp.nThe outer eyelid.piluk matacomp.nEyelash.putiꞌ mata1comp.nThe white of the eye.samin matacomp.nSpectacles, eyeglasses.takulaub matacomp.nThe socket in which the eyeball sits.upat matacomp.nA person with eyeglasses.putiꞌ mata2idiomnA coward (lit. white eye).
mata lambuꞌnA buttonhole.
mata taynga1nA representative.Siya in mata taynga sin sultan.He is the representative of the king.2nThe presence (of someone).Ayaw kaw magbichara mangiꞌ ha mata taynga sin manga bataꞌ.Don’t utter bad words in the presence of children.Cf.alupanalup 1
mata-manuknAn eyelet stitch.Maingat kaw maghinang mata-manuk?Do you know how to make an eyelet stitch?vag mag-.To sew such a stitch (in a garment).Maingat kaw magmata-manuk?Do you know how to sew an eyelet stitch?Cf.bakiyaꞌ
mataannA group of things having a common source or similar features, family group under one head.Pilangka-mataan in ha bāy yaun?How many families are there in that house?Hangka-mataan da kami.We are only one group.Cf.tumpuk
mataas suga1nThe time of the day when the sun is high, midday.2adjLate in the morning.Bangun kaw. Mataas suga na.Get up. It’s already late in the morning.
matakaddamnArchaicParable, moral lesson.In kissa ini hambuuk matakaddam ha manga babai jahil.This story is a lesson to girls who flirt.Cf.pamintangan*bintang 2
*matay(from -um- + patay)vag mag-.To wail (as in mourning or lamentation).Minsan kaw magmatay diꞌ na siya mabuhiꞌ magbalik.Even if you wail he won’t be brought back to life.Cf.tangisasang2 *hukuꞌ-hukuꞌdangulngul
matlaꞌadjShiny, bright.In ilaw matlaꞌ ha sulgaꞌ way saliꞌ.The bright light that shines in heaven is incomparable.vact/pat -um-.To shine or show light, become bright, irradiate; (for the sun) to rise.Subay na miyatlaꞌ in suga ampa sila dimatung.The sun should rise and then they will arrive.Cf.sahayasiꞌnag 1
matsakawvar.machakawmuchakawnHard toasted bread (made from stale pieces of sliced pan de sal).In matsakaw kasūban sin tau gimba.The country people enjoy hard toasted bread.Cf.bangbang