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mattanadjEvident, clear, true.Baytai aku sin mattan bat kaw diꞌ malapay.Tell me what is true (i.e., the truth) so you won’t be incriminated.vact/pat mag-; pat -un.To become evident, clear, obvious, plain.Subay na magmattan in hinang nila ampa kaw magtuntut.Don’t sue them till their activities become evident.vran -an.To be discovered or found out (doing something bad).Bang kaw kamattanan sin dusa mu majīl kaw.If you are discovered to have done something wrong you’ll go to jail.Cf.bunnalmanyatakan
mattuvar. ofmadtuseekadtuvTo go to a place remote from both speaker and hearer.
mawlud1nThe birthday celebration of the Prophet Muhammad (held during the third month, Rabiyul Awal).An all-night ritual celebrated in different community mosques on differing nights during the month. It is marked by continuous reading in chanting style from the Koran on the part of the priests. The audience participates in a communal feast late in the night sharing food with one another.vag mag-, -um-.To celebrate the Prophet’s birthday.Magmawlud sila ha hulaꞌ nila.They will celebrate the Prophet’s birthday in their place.2n(cap.) The month of Rabiyul Awal.
mawmaas(from Caw + maas)nParents; (close) older relatives (such as grandparents or uncles).Mawmaas ku in kiyarihan ku.It’s my older relatives that I’m living with.Cf.magtalianaktalianakusba-warismaas 1
mawmuvar.mahumu2advOften, frequently; sometimes.Mawmu siya magkari.He comes here often.OV SYN.masuhulCf.daran
mawnseekawnvTo go there (fairly close to the speaker).Cf.mari (with -um-);karimadtukadtu
mawpakkatnA general council meeting of all the people, an agreement made by such a council, a covenant made by all the people.Paawnun ta in mawpakkat bat way paglingugan.We will call a council of all the people so there will be no fight.vag mag-; pat -un; goal pag-…-an.To reach a general agreement (by including all the people), make a covenant, agree unanimously.Subay magmawpakkat in katān nakuraꞌ sin kawman.All the leaders of the community must reach a general agreement.Pagmawpakkatan na sin manga kunsiyal in pagpatindug sin uspital.The councilors will unanimously agree on the construction of the hospital.Cf.isun
mawtnDeath.Diyā siya sin mawt niya pa jambatan, na didtu na siya miyatay.His death took him to the wharf, and there he died.
mayanvar.mān1rel(Marks an event as having previously occurred), when.Amu in pagtulak namuꞌ pa Sūg, masuuk mayan kami pa jambatan apit kami nalunud.About our trip to Jolo, when we were close to the pier we almost capsized.2advSpecifically, just.Unu na mayan in liyalawag mu yan?Just what are you looking for?3adv(Marks an event as to occur in the future) later on.Kari mayan kaw bang awn waktu mu.Come later on when you have time.Kari mayan kaw gana-gana.Just come later.bang mayancomp.advMay it be, would that, I hope/wish that, if only.
mayatnA corpse, dead body of a person.Liguun na sin imam in mayat.The priest will wash the corpse.Cf.bangkaypatay 1
maylangnSulphur.Bī kaw maylang hipagꞌubat ta sin ugud mu.Buy sulphur to medicine your sores.
*maymugmugvag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To rinse the mouth, gargle.Subay mamaymugmug bang baꞌgu batiꞌ sin mahinaat.One should rinse the mouth when one first wakens in the morning.SYN.gumgum
mayn-maynvag mag-, mang-; ran pag-…-an.To spend money or time wastefully (in order to gain happiness), enjoy oneself (with someone).Magmayn-mayn sadja in hinang sin tau ini hangkan way kasūngan.This man is always wasting his money that is why he has no good future.Pagmayn-maynan ku sadja in babai ini.I will just enjoy myself with this woman (i.e., not marry her).
mayngkanvar. ofmalayngkanrelHowever, but, except, unless, only, moreover, even though.
mayrannAny public place, people in general, a conventional crowd.Ayaw mu aku pasipuga ha mayran.Don’t shame me in public.vag mag-; pat -un.(To do something) in public.Mayranun ku in pagsampak sin bayhuꞌ niya.I will slap him in public.Cf.madjilisraayat
mayran madjilisnThe public, people in general (see madjilis).
maysanBlack pepper, white pepper (pungent ingredients for cooking food).Awn maysa niyu?Do you have black pepper?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To add pepper (to the cooking).Maysahi in sayul.Add pepper to the vegetables.
maytnA dead body, dead person.Mahapun hikubul in mayt.The burial of the dead person will be this afternoon.SYN.mayatbangkay
maytaꞌ(from mahi + taꞌ)advWhy? what for? (Unless softened by adding another word, usu. connotes disapproval.)Maytaꞌ kaw miyari?Why did you come? (You shouldn’t be here.)
midyasn(A pair of) socks.Bīhi siya midyas.Buy him socks.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To wear or put on a pair of socks.Midyasi in siki mu bat diꞌ haggutun.Put socks on your feet so you’ll not get cold.vpat -un.To use (something) as socks.Midyasun ku na in midyas dīhil mu kākuꞌ.I’ll use the socks you give me as my socks.SYN.kalsitin
Mikail1nThe angel Michael (who controls giving material blessings [lidjikiꞌ] to people).Cf.Jibrail 12nA masculine name.
*milangseepilang1vTo sit cross-legged.
miliknOne who possesses the universe and everything in it.Tuhan in tagmilik sin katān alam.God is the possessor of the entire universe.Cf.tagdaputagmustahak*mustahak
Milikan1nAn American.Milikan in nakarā sin pagꞌiskul pa Lupaꞌ Sūg.It was the Americans who brought schooling to Jolo.vag mag-; pat -un.To speak English.Milikanun ku na sadja in pagbissara ku sabab makahāti da kamu katān.I will just make my speech English because you can all understand.Cf.Anggalis2nA Caucasian.