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millatnA sanctuary.Simambahayang hi Nabi Muhammad ha millat sin Nabi Ibrahim.Prophet Muhammad prayed in the sanctuary of Prophet Abraham.
mimbalnA pulpit in a mosque (also pamimbalan, paimbalan).The place where the imam stands who leads the prayer. Sometimes a niche in the wall of the mosque.In pamimbalan ha lawm masjid subay ha unahan sin jamaa.The pulpit in a mosque should be in front of the congregation.Subay harap pa Makka in paimbalan.The pulpit should face towards Mecca.
minsanrelAlthough, even if, no matter (what or who).Namī siya minsan niya diꞌ kagunahan.She purchased although she doesn’t have a need.Minsan kaw diꞌ na mari kunsūm.Even if you don’t (i.e., you don’t have to) come tomorrow.Diꞌ aku mabugaꞌ minsan hisiyu.I’m not afraid no matter who it is.Minsan pila makajari.Any amount will do.Diꞌ aku masusa minsan kaw diꞌ magad.I don’t care even if you don’t go with me.Minsan unu in bissarahun mu diꞌ aku magkahagad.I don’t believe you no matter what you say.
*minsanvpat -un.To do (something) at one sitting.Minsanun ku sadja in paglapa bang biyaꞌ da hān in lagguꞌ-lagguꞌ.I will do all the grass-cutting at once if it’s only a little bit like that.advmakaminsanOne time, one time only, once.Makaminsan da sila magkaun hangka adlaw.They eat only once a day.Makaminsan pa!Once more, please!Makaminsan dakuman aku tumabang kaymu.I’ll help you only one more time.advmagminsanAt one time, in one act or session, at one sitting.Magminsan sadja kita bang magkālu.If we quarrel let’s (finish it) at one sitting (i.e., one of the two will kill the other).
*mintavrdp. ag mang-.To wish (for something), beseech or implore for God’s help.Maminta-minta kita bang mān way da mangiꞌ dumatung kanila.Let’s wish that nothing unpleasant will happen to them.Kiyugdan man sila hunus naminta-minta na in tuwan imam.When they were hit by the typhoon the priest started to ask for divine help.Cf.pangayuꞌ
minyak kapanMentholated oil (a type of medicine which usu. comes from Malaysia. It has a hot and cold sensation).Butangi in tiyan mu minyak kapa bang masakit.You apply mentholated oil if your stomach is painful.
misalnThe comb (of a cock, without notches).Pula in misal sin manuk usug.The comb of a rooster is red.
misaynA mustache.Aturun pa kaw marayaw bang wayruun misay mu.You look better if you don’t have a mustache.Magdagbus kaw kuting bang awn misay mu.You look like a cat if you have a mustache.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To grow a mustache, make a (mock) mustache on (someone).Ayaw na kaw magmisay bang diꞌ da hikarayaw sin dagbus mu.Don’t grow a mustache if it doesn’t look good on you.Misayan ta in bata-bata ini bat diꞌ kakilahan.We will make a mustache on this child so he will not be recognized.Cf.pungut
MisirnEgypt.Bangsa Muslimin da isab in tau Misir.Egyptians are also Muslim people.
miskinadjPoor, indigent.Miskin siya hangkan diꞌ makagaus sin ungsud.He is poor. That’s why he can’t afford the dowry.vipat ma-, magka-.To become financially poor.Bang kaw mamiskin maway na in kampung mu.Once you become poor you’ll lose your relatives.vtpat -un.To make (something) poor.Miskinun sin sundalu in parinta magbī pungluꞌ, pasal minsan way pagbunuꞌ magtimbak sadja sila.The soldiers are making the government poor buying bullets, because even though there’s no war they’re always shooting.
misraꞌvag mag-; pat -un.ArchaicTo mix, blend, unite.Diꞌ magmisraꞌ in tubig iban lana.Water and oil don’t mix.Misraun in tirigu iban panggiꞌ supaya bukun mataud gastu bang maghinang tinapay.Wheat flour and cassava are mixed so there won’t be many expenses when making bread.Cf.lamugay 1
mistangnGruel, a thin, easily digested rice porridge usu. fed to infants or the sick.In mistang matubig dayn ha biyugbug.Rice gruel is more watery than rice porridge.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To make such a gruel.Mistanga in bugas yan.Make gruel from that rice.Cf.bugbug
mistarnA line, ruled line, line of printing or writing.
mitalgimb.mitānAnything made of tin or other flexible metal (such as GI roofing or a tin can).Luun kaw tubig ha mital.Put water in the tin can.Cf.basiꞌ
mitrunA meter.sukud1
mupron(Second person sg. non-topic actor, causer and/or poss. pronoun) you, your.Bayaran mu aku bihaun.Will you pay me now?Pila in sīn mu?How much is your money?
*muꞌdasgimb. equiv. ofbulaꞌdasvTo become pale (as from fear or sickness).
muꞌjijatnAn inexplicable phenomenon, mystery; supernatural power (given by God esp. to the prophets), miraculous power.In muꞌjijat hi Nabi Isa buhiun niya in patay.The miraculous power of the Prophet Jesus was that he caused the dead to live again.Cf.karamatbarakat
muꞌminnThe dead.Subay paduwaahan in manga muꞌmin bat kitaniyu diꞌ sagdahun.We should offer prayers for the dead so we won’t be corrected/harmed by them.Cf.patay 1mayat
muꞌmuꞌvag -um-; pat hi-.(For a person’s face, forehead, etc.) to strike against (the ground or a surface, as after a fall).Himuꞌmuꞌ ku sa yan in bayhuꞌ mu pa pisak.I’ll strike your face against the mud.
muchaꞌgimb. equiv. ofmussaꞌnA pearl.
muchakawvar. ofmatsakawnHard toasted bread.
mudnTangible evidence or symbol of repentance (in the form of rice in a bowl or water in a glass).Subay awn mud bang magduwaa tawbat.There should be a tangible evidence of repentance when performing the ceremony of repentance.
muddalnCapital, stock (as in business).In muddal ku limangaibu.My capital is five thousand.vag mag-; pat -un.To provide (someone) with goods (to sell).Hisiyu in magmuddal kaymu?Who is going to provide you with goods?Muddalun ku na in agal-agal ini pa Singgapura.I’ll make this seaweed my goods (to sell) in Singapore.Muddalan aku sin bagay ku lannang.My Chinese friend will supply me with goods.Cf.dagangandagang 1barangpuun 2
muhaknA weight used in weighing pearls.