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Muhammad1nMuhammad (the Arab prophet to whom the Koran was revealed and who is considered the founder of Islam).2nA male personal name.
MuharramnThe first month of the Muslim calendar, having thirty days.Bulan Muharram in datung sin manga naghadjiꞌ.The first month of the year is when the pilgrims come back from Mecca.bulan
muhutvag mag-; pat -un.To intend, desire strongly, pursue a goal.Muhut kaw mabayaꞌ magad maytaꞌ kaw walaꞌ namaytaꞌ?Why didn’t you say that you intend to come with us?Unu in muhutun mu madtu bang wayruun da gawi mu?What do you intend to go there for if you have no purpose?Nagmuhut-muhut aku miyari ampa kita magkitaꞌ.I strongly desired to come so we could see each other.Cf.angutbayaꞌ 1maksud
mukaliꞌ1nA Muslim priest.In tau yan mukaliꞌ sin langgal.That man is the priest of the mosque.Cf.imampakil2nOne whose religious knowledge comes from meditation on esoteric knowledge rather than studying the Koran.
mukkusnThe penis when it will not erect.
mulanInjury, damage, harm, loss, impairment.vtag maka-; pat -un.Agent is focused only with maka-.To injure, harm, damage, impair (something).Subay diꞌ mulahun in tau way dusa.We should not harm an innocent fellow.viact/pat mag-.To be or become injured, harmed, damaged, impaired.Magmula in hinang bang mīg in manga naghihinang.The work will be impaired if the workers leave.Bayaran ku in unu-unu nagmula dī.I’ll pay for anything thas was damaged here.adjmakamulaHarmful, injurious, endangering.Makamula ha baran in magꞌinum alak daran.Continually drinking liquor is harmful to one’s health.Cf.kangiꞌderv.ngiꞌ
mulakabadjHaving an excessive desire to possess all material things, extremely greedy.Mulakab in napsu sin tau ini magꞌaltaꞌ.This fellow is extremely greedy to accumulate wealth.nkamulakabanThe excessive desire to possess all material things or luxuries, greed for possessions.Nakalanduꞌ in kamulakaban sin napsu mu.Your greed for possessions is great.Cf.napsu
mulāratadjInjurious, harmful, offensive.Ayaw magbichara sin unu-unu mulārat ha pagkahi mu.Don’t say anything offensive to your fellowmen.Cf.mula
mulidvar.muridnA pupil, disciple, follower of a teacher.Mahapal mangadjiꞌ in manga mulid niya.His pupils are fluent readers of the Koran.
mulkaꞌ1nWrath, intense anger (of a datu, king, or God).In mulkaꞌ sin Tuhan bang kumugdan pa mānusiyaꞌ magkangiꞌ-ngiꞌ.If God’s wrath falls upon men it will destroy them.vran -an.To incur the wrath (of a datu, king, or God).Pagmulkaan da sa kān sin Tuhan.May you incur the wrath of God.2vag mag-.To become intensely angry, wrathfully bitter with (someone).Magmulkaꞌ tuud in asawa niya bang makāꞌ in sīn ha bangku.His wife will be very angry if he gets the money from the bank.Cf.dugal
mulliyaadjHoly, consecrated, special.Jumaat in adlaw mulliya sin manga Muslim.Friday is the holy day of Muslims.nkamulliyahanHoliness, veneration, blessedness.Awn kamulliyahan ha adlaw mahuli.There will be blessedness in the afterworld.vpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To consecrate or make (something) holy, venerate, make (something) special.Mulliyahun sin Tuhan in adlaw sin kamatay taniyu bang kita mangandul kaniya.God will make the day of our death a special day if we trust in him.Cf.kuddus
mulsikugimb.musikunAn orchestra, band, group of musicians with instruments.vag mag-; ran/ben -an.To play instruments.Bang magtiyaun subay pagmulsikuhan.When there’s a wedding instruments should be played.
multanA fine, penalty for civil offenses or for late payment of a fee or bill.Pila in multa kaymu bang kaw diꞌ makabayad iskul adlaw ini?How much is your fine if you cannot pay your tuition fees today?vag mag-; ran -an.To pay a fine or be fined.Multahan siya sin saraꞌ bang diꞌ niya tiyaunan in budjang.He will be fined by the law if he doesn’t marry that girl.Ayaw kaw maglabay dayn duun bat kaw diꞌ kamultahan.Don’t cross there or you will be fined.Cf.sāꞌ 1.2
mumpaatnGood result, benefit, profit.Wayruun mumpaat sin hinang sin tau lisuan.The work of a lazy man yields no good results.vact/ag mag-; pat -un.Agent can only be God.To yield good results, be fruitful, successful, profitable; realize one’s dream.Kalu-kalu magmumpaat in pagꞌusaha-usaha niya.Maybe his business venture will be a fruitful one.Bang mabuntul in itikad ta, mumpaatun sin Tuhan in katān pagꞌusaha ta.If we are righteous, God will make all our work (for a livelihood) successful.Cf.pūspāiddagunauntung
mumudnPrepuce, foreskin.
mumus1vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To get (something) ready, arrange, prepare, put away or keep (something) in an orderly manner, pack (belongings for a trip), clear away (dishes from a table).Mumusa in tamungun mu bat diꞌ malawaꞌ.Keep your clothes well so they won’t get lost.Namumus mu na in kapanyapan mu?Did you arrange all your property?Mumusa in manga lāy iban basu ha lamisahan.Clear away the plates and glasses from the table.Mumusa marayaw in manga badjuꞌ mu.Arrange your clothes properly.Cf.saddiyasakap2vpat -un.To die, be taken home (by God).Bang maabut na in waktu ta, tantu tuud mumusun da kita sin Tuhan.When our time comes, we will certainly be taken home by God.
munapiknA hypocrite, someone who pretends to be religious but actually is neglecting his religious obligations.In tau munapik diꞌ makasūd sulgaꞌ.A hypocrite will not enter heaven.
munarinA king’s messenger, herald, foreman.In munari sin Sultan nagmanda ha manga tindug niya.The herald of the king is the one who commands his subjects.Cf.panakawan
mundal-mandilvpat magka-.(For people) to change residence (after a short time, for things) to be unstable.Nagkamundal-mandil na in manga magtalianak.The family has again transferred residence.
mundarisnRareA teacher.Bang kaw mabayaꞌ umingat sin unu-unu, marayaw tuud bang awn mundaris.If you want to learn anything, it is very good if you have a teacher.Cf.gurumastal
mundunAn outlaw, robber, bandit.In kamatauran sin tindug niya mundu.Most of his followers are outlaws.vag mag-, mang-.To become an outlaw, bandit.Mabayaꞌ pa sila magmundu dayn sin jīlun sin way dusa nila.They would rather become outlaws than to be jailed when they have no fault.vran -an.To be raided or plundered by outlaws, bandits.Subay butangan sundalu in kawman ini bat diꞌ kamunduhan.Soldiers should be put in this area so that it won’t be raided by outlaws.
mungkalunnOne of the questioners of the dead (who asks the dead person who his God is, about the Holy Koran, and everything about the way to Allah).The purpose of the questioning is to determine if the person has been doing his religious obligations (ammal ibādat) while he was on earth. If the dead person can’t answer any of the questions the mungkal will strike him with a red hot iron bar and if he can’t bear the punishment then he will return to the earth as a ghost (lutaw).Cf.malikid jabbalnakir
*mungkilvag mag-; pat -un.ArchaicTo repudiate or deny (something), break a promise; resist, oppose, defy authority.In magmungkil sin ubus piyagsapahan pagmulkaan sin Tuhan.A person who breaks a promise after swearing will incur God’s wrath.Asal kami magmungkil bang kami diꞌ kasulutan sin saraꞌ.We will always resist if we are not pleased by the laws.OV SYN.*mupārik
mungkuladj(Of fruit) half-ripe.In mampallam ini mungkul.This mango is half-ripe.Cf.hinug 1
*mūngmūngseepamūngmūngvTo scold (someone) sharply.