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munyikaꞌnA doll.SYN.datuꞌ-datuꞌ
*mupārikvag mag-; pat -un.To resist, rebel, go against the will (of parents or of a group).Magmupārik dayn ha maas bukun marayaw.It’s not good to go against the will of our parents.OV SYN.*mungkilCf.*saggaꞌ
mūpunThe evening star.Kakitaan in mūpu bang sumadlup na in suga.One can see the evening star when the sun sets.SYN.takaw kapugCf.māga
muravag mag-; pat/inst hipag-; goal/ben -an.To give (something) away (to someone), donate (something to someone).Magmura sadja siya bang awn usaha niya.He gives away (money) when he has money (lit. livelihood.).Hipagmura niya pa manga miskin in bīhan sin lahing niya.He will give the proceeds of his coconuts to the poor.adjmamuraAlways giving (things or money) away, generous in giving to those in need, charitable.OV SYN.sarakka
mura-murahanadvTo hope that there will be no obstacles, so be it, hopefully, I hope.Mura-murahan dumatung siya lisag unum kunsūm mahinaat.I hope she’ll arrive by six o’clock tomorrow.adjNot attended by any obstacles, successful.Bang mān mura-murahan in pagtulak mu kunsūm.May your trip tomorrow be successful.
muraladj(Of an edible animal) having died without being slaughtered (therefore taboo and cannot be eaten).Bukun harus kaunun sin Muslim in sapiꞌ mural.A cow which has died without being slaughtered is not an allowable food for a Muslim.Cf.halal
muridvar. ofmulidnA pupil, disciple, follower of a teacher.
murtadadjFaithless, wishy-washy, vacillating, profane (of someone who thinks of his religious duties as something useless, even though he may perform them).In tau murtad kulang in parachaya niya pa Tuhan.A profane person lacks trust in God.
musapilnA person from another place who has lost all his money and has nothing.He must depend on the goodwill of his neighbors because he has no relatives in the place he now lives.In tau musapil tūp tabangun.A person from another place who has nothing deserves to be helped.
musībanA natural calamity, disaster, catastrophe.In musība pagꞌiyanun ini amuna in manga hunus, gutum iban linug dakulaꞌ.Typhoons, famines and violent earthquakes are referred to as natural calamities.OV SYN.balaꞌ
musikugimb. equiv. ofmulsikuvAn orchestra, band, group of musicians with instruments.
musilnA high-powered rifle, Springfield rifle.Musil in nākugdan kaniya.It was a high-powered rifle that hit him.Cf.sinapang
musimnSeason (referring to long periods of time), era, time of.Kuꞌnu in musim sin bungang kahuy ha Sūg?When is the fruit season in Jolo?vag mag-.(For fruits, fish, seafoods) to come at certain seasons, be seasonal.Magmusim in pagbunga sin dūyan.The bearing of durian fruit is seasonal.SYN.timpu 1.1
musingnDirt (embedded on the face, esp. of a child).Lanui kunuꞌ in musing ha bayhuꞌ hi Utuꞌ.Please clean the dirt on the face of Sonny.vag mag-.(For the face) to become dirty.Magmusing in bayhuꞌ sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ bang in inaꞌ niya lisuan.A child’s face becomes dirty if its mother is lazy.adjmusingan(Of a child) having lots of dirt embedded on the face.Musingan in bataꞌ yan, paꞌmusi.That child has lots of dirt embedded on his face, wash his face.
muskiladjSometimes rdp.Unusual, uncommon, extraordinary.Piyagꞌanak muskil-muskil hi Isa Almasi.Jesus Christ was born in an unusual manner.Hi Jose Rizal hambuuk tau muskil.Jose Rizal was an unusual man.Cf.mahal-mahal
muskitiruvar.mustikiruTag.nA fine net-like covering for protection against mosquitoes, mosquito net.Sūd kaw pa muskitiru bat kaw diꞌ kutkutun sin hilam.Come inside the mosquito net so that you will not be bitten by mosquitoes.Maytaꞌ mataud buslut sin muskitiru ini?Why does this mosquito net have lots of holes?vag mag-; ran -an.To use a mosguito net.Muskitiruhan ku hi Utuꞌ, mahilam tuud.I’ll put a mosguito net around Sonny, there are lots of mosquitoes.OV SYN.kulambuꞌ
MuslimnA person professing the faith of Islam.In Muslim sabunnal subay malasa ha pagkahi niya.A true Muslim should love his fellow human beings.Cf.AlmasihinAlmasiYahudi
mussaꞌgimb.muchaꞌ1nA pearl.In palmata mussaꞌ sin singsing niya dakulaꞌ.The pearl setting of her ring is big.vAR ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To wear pearls, set (jewelry) with pearls.Miyussaan niya in gantung liug niya.She put pearls in her necklace.adjmiyussaanSet with pearls.Miyussaan in gallang niya.Her bracelet is set with pearls.2n(cap.) A feminine name.
mussak-massiknMiscellaneous things, small miscellaneous objects.Mamī kita sin mussak-massik kagunahan ha bāy.We’ll buy the miscellaneous things we need at home.Cf.babarāpa
*mustahakntagmustahakUltimate or lawful proprietor, owner, rightful possessor.Hisiyu in tagmustahak sin lupaꞌ ini?Who is the owner of this piece of land?Maas sin bataꞌ in tagmustahak kaniya.A child’s parents are the ones who rightfully possess him.Cf.tagdapu
mustahiladjImpossible, preposterous, absurd.Mustahil kātuꞌ in madtu pa bulan.It’s impossible for us to go to the moon.
mustajabadjHaving come true, happened, will come true or happen in the future (as of a dream, wish, curse).Mustajab in tagainup niya nasunug in Lupaꞌ Sūg.His dream that Jolo was burned came true.vact/ag mag-; pat -un.Agent can only be God.To come true, occur, happen; fulfill (something).Kalu-kalu magmustajab in piyangayuꞌ-ngayuꞌ mu.Maybe your wish will come true.Mustajabun sin Tuhan in kabayaan ta bang tulus ihilas in pagpangayuꞌ ta kaniya.God will fulfill our desires if our prayer to him is fervent.Cf.kabbul
*mutakvag ma-.Stem undetermined.To appear suddenly (esp. through supernatural or magical power).Paglingiꞌ niya, yaun na namutak in biraddali.As he looked over his shoulder, the skymaiden appeared suddenly.Cf.datung 1
mutallakadvMost, totally (used in swearing or affirming the truth of one’s words. Refers to things regarded as the most dirty, as of human waste or animal’s dung. Always preceded by haram, ‘unclean’).Pork (forbidden by Islam) is not considered haram mutallak but haram makru.Haram mutallak in tayꞌ iruꞌ.Dog dung is most unclean.Haram mutallak bang aku nakakawaꞌ sin sīn mu.Damn, I didn’t take your money.
muwallamnThe highest religious title of priests, more commonly used during the time of the sultanate.In muwallam amu in mataas dayn ha imam.The muwallam is the highest of the priests.Cf.imambilalhatib