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*pissukuꞌ1vag mag-; pat -un.To maltreat, oppress, persecute (someone).Pissukua in manga mundu nasaggaw.Persecute the captured outlaws.Cf.jilakaꞌbinasabinsanaꞌ2vag mag-; pat -un.To discipline (someone) strictly (esp. children).
pistaknCrotch (the seam or place where the legs of a pair of pants, underwear, etc. meet).Nagisiꞌ in pistak sin pantalun niya.The crotch of his pants tore.
pistulEng.nAny type of handgun; pistol.Pistul in kiyapanimbak kaniya.He was shot with a pistol.In pistul giling-giling amu na in iyusal sin manga sundalu Milikan nakauna yadtu.A revolving pistol (i.e., revolver) is what was used by the American soldiers in the olden days.Cf.sinapang
pisuꞌnA sprain.Awn pisuꞌ sin bataꞌ ini.This child has a sprain.vipat ma-.To be or become sprainedAyaw mu aku dugtula napipisuꞌ in buktun ku.Don’t bump me for my arm is sprained.Makapisuꞌ in magdā sin mabuggat.It will cause a sprain to carry something heavy.Cf.piul
*pisulvag mag-; pat -un, -an.To press (something in between the fingers), massage (a part of the body [to stimulate circulation and make muscles or joints supple]).Ayaw pisula in kapaya yan bat diꞌ mapusat.Don’t press that papaya so it won’t get squashed.Pisula in taykud ku. Liyaul aku yan.Massage my back. I’m all in.Hisiyu in magpisul kaymu?Who’ll massage you?OV SYN.*hilutCf.*dupun*pugaꞌ
pītnAdhesiveness; stickiness (of dough, candy); concentration (of a solid suspended in a liquid, e.g., of milk powder in water, of coffee, syrup, coconut milk, or porridge); a sticky feeling caused by a hot and humid climate.Sibuꞌ da in pīt sin ubat yan iban ini.The concentration (i.e., potency) of that drug is the same as this one.adjmapītSticky, concentrated, having a sticky feeling.Mapīt in baran mu bang kaw hiyuhulasan.Your body feels sticky when you’re perspiring.vact/pat mag-, -um.To become thick, strong or concentrated.Magpīt in sabaw manuk bang lamuran gandum.Chicken soup will become thick if corn is mixed with (the water).Ayaw papīta in paghinang mu sin kahawa.Don’t make the coffee strong.Cf.kusug 1pitak
pitakn(Of solids) the state of being wet and sticky (as of cooked rice or cakes).Nakataud tuud in tubig hangkan da bihān in pitak sin addun yan.The water was too much, that’s why the stickiness of the dough is like that.adjWet and sticky.Mapitak in kakaun tiyugnaꞌ mu.The rice you cooked is wet and sticky.Cf.mapītpītvact/pat mag-, -um-.To become wet and sticky.Ayaw pataura in tubig bat diꞌ mitak in kaunun.Don’t put too much water so that the rice won’t become sticky.Subay papitakun in addun.The dough should be made sticky.
pitakaꞌTag.nA wallet, handbag, purse.Luunan in sīn ini ha pitakaꞌ mu.Put this money in your purse.vag mag-.To carry or use a wallet, handbag, or purse.Aku in magpitakaꞌ ha yan.I’ll use that purse.
pitasvtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To split, tear, cut (as the lobe of the ear).Pitasun ku in tawmpaꞌ mu bat magkangiꞌ.I’ll tear your shoes so they will be ruined.viST pat ma-.To become detached, come off, be split off.Napitas in higad simud sin istaꞌ kiyugdan sin bingit.The mouth of the fish was split off by the hook.Napitas in dahun sin sinilas.The band of her slipper came off.Cf.girit*utud
pitig1nHorsefish (a thin kind of fish that lives over rocks).In istaꞌ pitig manipis in unud niya.The horsefish has a thin body.2adj(Of a person) thin.Hisiyu in babai pitig yaun?Who is that thin woman?
pitiknpitikanA slingshot.vag mag-; pat -un.To hit (something) with a slingshot.Pitika in manuk-manuk yaun.Hit that bird with a slingshot.
pitlaꞌnObligatory alms (of money or provisions given to priests or to very poor people at the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting).Pitu gantang bugas iban duwanggatus pilak in pitlaꞌ namuꞌ magtalianak.The amount of alms given by our family is seven gantas of rice and two hundred pesos.vag mag-; goal -an.To give such alms.Wajib magpitlaꞌ in katān Muslimin.It is obligatory for all Muslims to give the Ramadan alms.Cf.jakatsarakkahumus
pitnanSlander.Diꞌ magkahagad in sultan sin pitna pasal sin asawa niya.The king doesn’t believe any slander about his wife.vag mag-; goal -an.To slander (someone).Bukun marayaw in magpitna.It’s not good to slander (anyone).Cf.limut
pitsanDate.Pitsa pila adlaw ini?What’s the date today?
pitu1adjSeven.Siya in anak hikapitu.She is the seventh child.2nA seventh-day death anniversary (see hinang 1.2).vag mag-.To celebrate a seventh-day death anniversary.Kuꞌnu kamu magpitu?When will you celebrate the seventh-day death anniversary?3nA week.Pilangka-pitu in ha lawm hangka-bulan?How many weeks are in a month?
pītunAn instrument for making whistling sounds, whistle.vag mag-; goal -an.To blow a whistle.Pītuhan siya sin pulis.The policeman blew his whistle at him.OV SYN.pilik-pilikCf.taghuyhuyupsilbātu
pituwanTeachings, instructions (esp. of the old folks).Tumtuma hadja in pituwa ku kaymu.Just remember my teachings.vag mag-; goal -an.To teach, instruct, or advise (someone).Dungug kaw bang kaw pituwahan sin manga maas.Listen when the elders advise you.Cf.hinduꞌ
piudadjLimp.Ambita in tau piud yan bat diꞌ makaligad.Hold that limp man by the hand so he won’t fall.viST pat ma-, mag-.To become limp.Unu in sabab napiud kaw?What is the reason you became limp?Cf.pingkaꞌpiulpisuꞌpilay
piulnA dislocation of the bone, fracture.Pahilutan bang awn piul sin bataꞌ yan.Have the child massaged if he has a dislocation of the bone.vCH 1 pat -un.To dislocate or break (someone’s) bone.Piulun mu in bataꞌ bang bihān in paglubak mu.You’ll break the child’s bone if you beat him that way.viST pat ma-.To have a dislocated bone or fracture.Mapiul sa kān magdā sin karut bugas yan.You’ll fracture (a bone) carrying that sack of rice.Cf.pisuꞌ
piyansanBail (for temporary release of an arrested person).Subay hangpuꞌ ngaibu in piyansa kaymu.Your bail will be ten thousand pesos.vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To provide bail (for an arrested person).Piyansaha siya dayn ha jīl.Bail him out of jail.
piyutu(from -iy- + putu)nSteamed cassava (a staple, eaten in place of rice).Masarap kaunun in piyutu iban istaꞌ tiyapa, mampallam iban lara.Steamed cassava is delicious when eaten with roasted fish, mangoes and chili peppers.Malugay in piyutu matunaw ha tiyan.It takes longer to digest steamed cassava in the stomach.vag mag-; pat -un.To cook steamed cassava, steam (cassava).Magputu aku.I’ll cook steamed cassava.Putuhun ta in panggiꞌ ini.Let’s steam this cassava.
plakaTag.nA phonograph record or something resembling such.
planuvar.palanuEng.nA plan or program (for making, doing or arranging something).Walaꞌ aku kiyaamuhan sin planu mu.I’m not agreeable to your plan.vag mag-; pat -un.To plan (something).Maingat sadja kaw magplanu saꞌ diꞌ mu da mahinang.All you know is to plan things, but you can never carry them out.Nagpaplanu sila tumulak pa Manilaꞌ.They are planning to go to Manila.Cf.parubanu-banu
adjmapū(Of weaving) tight or close.Subay mapū in pagꞌanyam sin baluy bang hiragang.The weaving of the mat should be tight if it’s to be sold (i.e., tightly woven).ANT.mauralural
pūꞌnAn island.In pūꞌ Taganak bukun malagguꞌ.Turtle Island is not big.Pūꞌ unu in kadtuun mu?What island will you go to?nkapūꞌ-pūanA group of islands, archipelago.Nalibut namuꞌ in kapūꞌ-pūan.We traveled throughout the archipelago.Cf.hulaꞌ 1.1