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pukalnRichness (of food, as squash, potato, taro, cassava, and other root crops).adjmapukal(Of food) rich.In kābasiꞌ makarayaw napsu amu in mapukal.The squash that is appetizing is the one that is rich.Cf.subuk
pukatnAcerbity, tartness in taste (spoken of certain fruits).Diꞌ makaun in sayng yan sabab sin pukat.The banana can’t be eaten because of its tart taste.adjmapukatAcerbic, tart and coarse-tasting.Mapukat in sayng bang hilaw.A banana is tart and coarse-tasting if it’s unripe.Cf.maapludapludaslumharatpait
*pukawvag mag-; pat -un.To wake up (someone).Napukaw mu na siya?Did you wake her?SYN.batiꞌ
*puklas1vtag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To unfasten, detach (something).Puklasa in araru dayn ha kabaw.Detach the plow from the carabao.Kari kaw puklasun ku in tambuku sin badjuꞌ mu.Come here, I’ll unfasten the buttons of your dress.viST pat -um-, ma-.To become unfastened or detached.Miyuklas in hukut sin sapiꞌ hangkan nakabuluy.The cow’s rope became unfastened, that’s why it got loose.Cf.*hubad*pakluspuas 1.12viag -um-.To escape (from something).Diꞌ kita makapuklas dayn ha kamatay bang maabut na in waktu.We can’t escape from death when the time arrives.Cf.paguy
puklid1vpat ma-.To slip or fall down (from an edge or any elevated place).Mapuklid kaw dayn ha duhul patung yan.You will slip down from the edge of that bamboo.Cf.hulug 1*ligad*ligidliꞌdas
puklid2adj(Of the sun) having passed midday.Bihaun puklid na in suga.Now the sun has passed midday.Cf.*sadlup 1
*pukpukvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To hammer, pound (something), strike (something with something else).Pukpuka in lansang sin batu.Hammer the nail with a stone.Ayaw pukpuka in ū niya.Don’t strike his head.Cf.tukul
pukuladjHaving an amputated leg, arm, finger or toe.Pukul in buktun niya.His arm is amputated.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To cut off, amputate (a leg, etc.).Piyukulan sin duktur in paa niya ha supaya diꞌ maglatag in sakit.The doctor amputated his thigh so the sickness wouldn’t spread.Bang kaw diꞌ mabayaꞌ mapukul in lima mu, ayaw kaw manakaw.If you don’t want your hand to be cut off, don’t steal.Cf.*utas 1utud
pukutnA large fishing net, seine.Mataud nakawaꞌ istaꞌ sin pukut nila kabii.They got a lot of fish last night with their seine.vag mag-; pat -un.To fish with such a net.Magpukut sila bang marayaw in hulaꞌ.They’ll fish with a seine if the weather is good.Cf.linggiꞌlaya
pūkutvag -um-, mag-, mang-; ran -an.To sit on the heels with the knees bent, squat.Mūkut isab aku biyaꞌ kaniya.I will squat like he is doing.Pūkut na kamu ha sagbut.Squat there in the bushes.Cf.lingkud*piꞌpiꞌ
pula1adjRed.Ayaw kaw magbadjuꞌ pula.Don’t wear red clothes.vST pat -um-, mag-.To become red.Miyula in bayhuꞌ niya.His face turned red.vCH 1 pat -un.To make (something) red.Pulahun ta sin anjibi in badjuꞌ mu.We’ll make your dress red with a dye.
pula2nThe mature nut of the areca palm tree (an ingredient of the betel nut chew).Bīhi hi apuꞌ mu pula hipagmamaꞌ niya.Buy your grandfather mature areca nut to make his betel nut chew.Cf.bunga1 1.1mamaꞌ
pula ulumadjMaroon color.Diꞌ tūpun in maitum magbadjuꞌ sin pula ulum.Maroon color is not becoming to dark-complexioned people.
pula-pulanA newborn infant.Pula-pula pa hi Indaꞌ sin kamatay sin amaꞌ niya.Girlie was just a newborn infant when her father died.Cf.kabataꞌ-bataꞌbataꞌ
pulaꞌ-pulaꞌvpat ma-.Often with negative diꞌ.To imagine.Mapulaꞌ-pulaꞌ mu in taud sin tau miyamagad ha prisidinti.You can just imagine the large number of people following the president.
pulaglagadjScattered, not clinging or sticky (as of cooked rice).Mabayaꞌ aku sin kaunun pulaglag.I want cooked rice that is not sticky.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To scatter (something).Pulaglaga in manga kahuy yan bat tumahay.Scatter that firewood so that it will dry.viST pat ma-.To be scattered.Mapulaglag in buhangin yan bang kamu magpanayam duun.That sand will be scattered if you play there.Cf.jagjagkanat
*pulakvag mag-.To abort a baby purposely.Dusa in magpulak.It’s a sin to abort a baby purposely.vran ka-…-an.To suffer a miscarriage or abortion.Bakas na kaw kiyapulakan?Did you have a miscarriage before?SYN.pakpak 2
pulak-palikadjScattered, topsy-turvy.Pulak-palik in unu-unu ku ha lawm bilik.All the things in my room are topsy-turvy.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To scatter (things).Ayaw butangan duun in manga būk. Pulak-palikun sin kabataan.Don’t leave those books there. The children will scatter them.viST pat ma-.To be or become scattered.Mapulak-palik in magtalianak bang timpu bunuꞌ.A family will be scattered when there is fighting.Cf.kanatjagjag
pulakannA small gong (often played together with a buwaꞌ).Cf.agungbuwaꞌ
pulāugvtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To scatter (something).viST pat ma-.To be scattered.Napulāug in manga tau didtu ha Paugan.The people in Paugan were scattered.OV SYN.pulak-palik
pulburaTag.nExplosive, gunpowder, dynamite.Ayad kaw magpanayam sin kalasussu yan sabab awn pa pulbura ha lawm.Be careful when playing with those shells because there is still gunpowder inside.
puli1vag -um-, mag-; pat -un.(In a game) to make the same score, be equal in points; regain (the money one lost in gambling); get back (at someone for something done to one).Walaꞌ nakapuli in atu nila nagpanayam.Their opponent in the game didn’t make an equal score.OV SYN.baws2.1vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To take away part (of something).Subay pulihan in duhul sin kahuy.We should take away a portion of the wood.2.2vag mag-; ran -an.To change, alter (something).Pulihi in purma sin pūhan barung mu.Change the form of your barong handle.Ayaw mu pulihi in maana sin daawa mu.Do not alter the meaning of your reasons.Cf.pinda
pulibahasanAn expression of courtesy or respect, compliment.Magsukul aku sin pulibahasa mu.I thank you for your compliment.vag mag-; pat -un.To pay (someone) a compliment.Subay kita magpulibahasa ha manga nakuraꞌ ta.We should pay a compliment to our superiors.
puligsiknBits of scattered minute object, (as grains), scattered drops (of liquid).Pakaunan ha manuk in puligsik pāy dayn ha paggigiikan.Feed the chickens with bits of scattered rice grains from the threshing place.In puligsik sin ulan yari makasūd pa lawm bāy.The scattered drops of rain would come inside the house.vact/pat mag-; ran -an.(For tiny particles) to disperse, (for drops of a liguid) to splatter.Ayaw da kaw makusug magbayu, nagpuligsik na in bugas dayn ha lungag lusung.Don’t pound too hard, the rice grains are dispersing from the hole in the mortar.OV SYN.*pigsik 1Cf.kanat
*pulikitvtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To stick or put many (objects) together (in a cluster).Pulikitun ku sin ilaw in kahuy ini ha bulan Krismas.I’ll put many lights together on this tree in the month of Christmas.viST pat ma-.(For many objects) to be clustered together (as stars in the sky).Napulikit in bituun ha langit.The stars are clustered in the sky.Napulikit sin singsing in gulamay sin sultan.Rings are clustered on the king’s fingers.Cf.pulingid