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pulingnDust or any tiny particle that lodges in one’s eye.vexp ka-…-an.To catch dust or any tiny particle in one’s eye.Kiyapulingan aku sin buhangin kaina.I caught a grain of sand in my eye just a while ago.Cf.bagunbun
pulingidvar.pulingitvag mag-; pat ma-.To cluster together (as of ants, termites, or bees).Yaun napupulingid in pussukan ha kahuy yaun.The bees are there clustering on that tree.Cf.*pulikitpungudbaan
pulisEng.nPolice.In pulis tindug sin mayul.The police are under the mayor.Ha waktu bihaun awn na pulis babai ha Sūg.At this time there is a policewoman in Jolo.vag mag-; pat -un.To be or become a policeman, make (someone) a policeman.Hisiyu in mabayaꞌ magpulis?Who wants to be a policeman?Cf.sundalu
pulukaynA hair switch, hairpiece.In pulukay hipaglagi sin manga babai hawpuꞌ in buhuk.Women with short hair have use for a hairpiece.
pūn1seetipunvTo gather together or assemble, gather (things or people) together.
*punaꞌvag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To knit a fishing net (either to make one or repair one).Magpunaꞌ kita bat awn hikapanglaya hi amaꞌ istaꞌ.We will knit a fishing net so that father will have a net to catch fish.Cf.anyam 1
pundanA pillowcase.In punda nila dugaing iban sin kāmuꞌ.Their pillowcase is different from ours.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To place a pillowcase on (something).Pundahan ku naa muna in ūan ampa aku mamayguꞌ.I’ll put a pillowcase on the pillow before I take a bath.
punduladj(Of a bladed instrument) dull, blunt.In utak pundul hiyasaꞌ niya.He sharpened the blunt bolo.viST pat ma-.To become blunt.Hayti in utak bat diꞌ mapundul.Sharpen the bolo so it won’t become blunt.vtpat -un.To make (something) blunt.Pundulun ku in sulab sin laring ini supaya kaw diꞌ palian.I’ll blunt this knife-blade so that you won’t get cut.SYN.tumpulANT.hayt
punjung1nForelock, hair long enough to part.Uturi in punjung sin bataꞌ yan.Cut off that child’s forelock.
punjung2n(Colored) cooked rice mixed with coconut meat, peppery spices and strips of cooked fish, wrapped in a banana leaf.Bī kaw madtu punjung pa tabuꞌ.Go buy some rice with meat and spices at the market.vag mag-.To cook rice with meat and spices.Maingat kaw magpunjung?Do you know how to cook rice with meat and spices?Cf.junay
punsaꞌnThe panel (of a sarong).In punsaꞌ sin tadjung pula.The panel of a sarong is red.
punsaknThe topmost point (of a tower of a princess [maligay]).Hisiyu-siyu in makarāg pa punsak sin maligay amu in makaasawa ha dayang-dayang.Whoever can climb to the topmost point of the tower may marry the princess.Cf.puntuktaas 1
puntuknTop, apex, peak, summit (as of a mountain or building).Naghuhulaꞌ siya ha puntuk būd.He lives at the top of the mountain.Cf.taas 1punsak
punud1adjNot hollow, solid, (of a body) sturdy.Diꞌ kami mamī bang bukun da bulawan punud.We won’t buy if it’s not solid gold.vtag mag-; pat -un.To make (something) solid.Punurun ku in bitis ku, hangkan subay aku magdāgan sakahabaꞌ mahinaat.I want to make my lower legs sturdy, that’s why I should run every morning.muwiꞌ pa lupaꞌ punudidiomvtTo die (lit. return to solid ground).2viST pat ma-, magka-.To be or become unable to speak, move, or act (because of a strong, sudden emotion of anger, sorrow, or fear).Napunud sadja siya pagdungug niya miyatay in asawa niya.He was just unable to speak or move when he heard that his wife died.
punungvST pat -un.To swoon or faint, lose consciousness temporarily.Piyunung siya sabab miyatay in amaꞌ niya.She fainted because her father died.
pūngadjPut off, extinguished, shut off (as fire, radio, flow of electricity, a water tap, an engine).Pūng na in ilaw pagdatung ku.The light was off when I arrived.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To put off, shut off, extinguish (something).Pūnga ba in radiyu.Shut off the radio.viST pat ma-.To be shut off, extinguished, go out.Bang pakūun in dapulan mapūng in laga.If you turn the flame of the stove down it goes out.OV SYN.matayderv.patay
pungaꞌadj(Having the voice defect of) talking as if one’s nose is closed.Mahunit kahātihan in bissara sin tau pungaꞌ.It is hard to understand the speech of someone who talks as if his nose is closed.viact/pat mag-; pat ma-.(To have the voice defect of) speaking as if the nose is closed.Maytaꞌ siya napungaꞌ?Why does she speak as if her nose is closed?vtpat -un.To make (someone) have this defect.Pungaun ku sa yan in ilung mu sin suntuk.I’ll make you speak as if your nose is closed with a punch.Cf.hagmal
pungangunTeat, nipple, protuberance of the female breast.Diꞌ makalutlut gatas in bataꞌ-bataꞌ dayn ha pungangu sin inaꞌ sabab nanghuhubag.The child can’t suck milk from the nipples of the mother because they are swollen.
pungatadjPanting, gasping.Pungat na mamichara in bataꞌ ini.This child talks with gasps.vag mag-.To pant, gasp (as from running).Ayaw kaw magdāgan bat kaw diꞌ magpungat.Don’t run so you won’t pant.Cf.*hungat 1
*punggulvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To cut off the upper part (of something, esp. trees).Subay punggulun in manga akasiya ini.Someone should cut off the upper part of these acacia trees.viST pat ma-.For the upper part (of something) to be cut off.Naubus napunggul in manga niyug sin pagmurtal.The shelling cut off the tops of many coconut trees.Cf.*punggutpukulutud
*punggutvtag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.With -un stresses the act of cutting; with -an, the result.To cut off (esp. a human head).Punggutan sin sultan in liug mu bang kaw diꞌ mabayaꞌ magad sin daakan niya.The king will cut off your head if you do not follow his command.Cf.*punggulutud
punglasnThe material used in cleaning a bladed weapon (as barong, kris, or spear).In piyaglagi punglas sin kalis ku tubig suwaꞌ.Lemon juice is the material used in cleaning my kris.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To clean (a bladed weapon) with a material (like lemon juice).Punglasi in barung mu.Clean your bladed weapon with lemon juice.
pungluꞌ1nA bullet.Hambuuk pungluꞌ da in nakamatay kaniya.It was only one bullet that killed him.2nA staple (used in a stapler).
pungpung2var.gumpung2vag mag-; pat -un.To grasp or clutch (things) together.Piyungpung niya sadja in lima istaꞌ ha ikug.He just grasped the five fish by their caudal fins.Piyungpung niya in pilak pagꞌubus ampa siya dimāgan.He clutched the money and then he ran.Cf.pungud
pungudnA bunch or cluster (of things of the same sort gathered by tying together, as of lanzones, mangoes, mangosteen, or ampalayaꞌ).Upat pilak da in hangka-pungud buwahan.One bunch of lanzones is only four pesos.vag mag-; pat -un.To tie (things of the same sort) together (into a cluster).Marayaw pungurun in manga mampallam yan bang mu hipagdagang ha tabuꞌ.It’s good to tie those mangoes together if you are to sell them in the market.Cf.sipiꞌbuligtuhugtumpukpungpung2