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pāhanA piece of folded cloth used to wrap around the waist to cover the navel of an infant, a binder.Subay awn pāha sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ ampa diꞌ bakagan.The child should have a binder around its stomach so it won’t get stomachache.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To bind the waist (of an infant with a piece of folded cloth or binder).Pāhahi in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.Bind the baby’s waist.Cf.lampin1
pahalaꞌnA reward (given by God for good done or for fulfilling religious obligations).Awn sadja pahalaꞌ sin hinang ta marayaw.There’s always a reward for something good done.Cf.tungbasbusung
*pahamadjmapahamSkillful, fluent (as in speaking or writing).Mapaham siya magbissara Arab.She speaks Arabic fluently.Cf.malapallapalvag -mag-; pat -un.To be acquainted or familiar (with something), practice (something, as a speech or a skill).Diꞌ aku makapaham sin bissara Sūg malawm.I’m not familiar with deep Tausug words.Magpaham naa aku muna sin hibissara ku kunsūm ha taas palalihan.I’ll first practice what I’ll say tomorrow on the platform.
pahāti(from pa₂ + hāti)nInformation, notification, notice, communication, announcement, message, explanation.Wayruun pa pahāti pasal sin pagtiyaun.There’s no announcement yet of the wedding.vag mag-; pat -un.To inform or notify (someone about something), announce or explain (something to someone).In kami ini magpahāti sin subay kamu mīg dayn ha lugal ini.We are (here) to inform you that you should vacate this place.OV SYN.amanatpabaytaꞌbaytaꞌCf.habal
*pahidvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To wipe (something as in cleaning or drying), apply (something) by wiping (as an ointment).Pahiri in manga lāy.Wipe the plates.Cf.tarapu
*pahil-pahil1vag mag-; pat -un.To leave (something) unfinished or undone, let alone, let slip, neglect (something).Ayaw mu pahil-pahila in pagꞌiskul mu.Don’t neglect your studies.Cf.*sād2vag mag-; pat -un.To delay, put off, procrastinate, lengthen out (something).Subay mu diꞌ pahil-pahilun in hinang bat kagunahan ta kinsūm.Don’t put off that work for we need that tomorrow.
*pahitvag mag-, mang-; goal -an.To speak angrily in a high and contemptuous tone (to someone).Piyahitan sin nakuraꞌ in manga tindug niya.The leader spoke angrily and contemptuously to his followers.Cf.*galit*gaꞌgaꞌ
pāiddanAdvantage, value, gain, benefit.Way tuud pāidda sin tau lisuan.A lazy man has no advantage.Way pāidda niya sin altaꞌ sin maas niya.Her parents’ wealth has no value to her.vag mag-; pat -un.To take advantage of, value (something); seek an advantage for (oneself or someone).Subay kita magpāidda sin baran ta.We should seek advantageous positions for ourselves.Cf.pūs
paimbalanseemimbalnA pulpit in a mosque.
paisnSkin, rind.Malanuꞌ in pais sin babai yaun.That girl has smooth clear skin.vtAR ag mag-; ran -an.To peel, pare (something), remove the rind.Paisan taniyu na in mampallam.Let’s peel the mangoes.vipat ma-.To be flayed (as of the skin of the palm, hand, sole of the foot due to too much handling or walking or due to broken blisters).Butangi lana in pais mu bat diꞌ mapais.Put oil on your skin so it won’t become flayed.Cf.aknit
pais marasnWhite scales on the skin (which develop when the skin is dry).8: Diseasesvact/pat mag-.(For the skin) to have or develop whitish scales.Nagpais-maras in biꞌtis niya.Her legs developed whitish scales.
paitnBitterness.Nakasuka aku sin pait sin kahawa.I vomited from the bitterness of the coffee.adjmapaitBitter.Mapait in ubat.The medicine is bitter.Cf.maapludapludaslum
pakainadvInfixed with -iy- to ask where someone went (past time).Where? in what direction?Pakain kaw?Where are you going?Piyakain bahaꞌ hi Amaꞌ?Where did Dad go?advpakain-pakainWherever.Magad aku kaymu pakain-pakain kaw.I’ll go with you wherever you go.
pakaniya-pakaniyapronFrom one to another.In agi sin pakaniya-pakaniya wayruun tau makatawakkal manakaw pa lawm bāy sin tau.It is said from one to another that there is no one courageous enough to steal from inside a person’s house.Cf.katān
pakangnAn (elongated wooden) paddle for washing clothes.Kawaa in kahuy yaun hinangun ta pakang.Get that wood there; we’ll make a clothes paddle.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To wash clothes using such a paddle.Pakangun ta in manga badjuꞌ ini bat maīg in lummiꞌ.We’ll beat these clothes so the dirt will come out.
pakaradjaannA happening, event, incident, occurrence, affair (as a social function or gathering).Unu taꞌ in pakaradjaan ha iskul kunsūm?What’s the affair in school tomorrow?
pakarayawadvIntensifier of an adj. or adv.Malugay pakarayaw siya maubus.He is taking a very long time to finish.Dayꞌdayꞌ pakarayaw siya kimaun.He finished eating in a really short time.
pakawnA thick coating (on a metal object).vag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To coat (something made of metal with a thick coating).Subay pakawan magbalik in siliꞌ ini ampa kapagluunan tubig.This kettle must be coated again before water can be put in it.Cf.pinta
*pakay1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To wear (something, as clothes, jewelry, or belt).Ayaw kaw magpakay sin badjuꞌ diꞌ makatūp kaymu.Don’t wear a dress that doesn’t look good on you.npakayanCostume, formal dress, good clothes.Diꞌ ku hipagpabūs in manga pakayan ku.I don’t loan out my good clothes.OV SYN.tamungun*tamungbadjuꞌCf.sulug2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To adopt (something, as an idea, practice, or behavior).Diꞌ mapakay in addat mangiꞌ.A bad practice should not be adopted.
pakiꞌ1adjBashful, shy, timid.vST pat -um-.To be or feel embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated.Ayaw kaw makiꞌ kaniya.Don’t be ashamed of her.Ayaw na kaw magbayla bang diꞌ da kaw maingat, makiꞌ sadja kaw.Don’t try to dance when you really don’t know how, you’ll just be embarrassed.Miyakiꞌ aku sin hinang niya kabii.I was embarrassed by what he did last night.Miyakiꞌ aku sin hinang ku mataud kangiꞌ.I am ashamed of my work which has lots of mistakes.vtag mag-; pat -un.To embarrass (someone).Subay ta diꞌ pakiun in bagay ta ha katauran tau.We shouldn’t embarrass our friends in front of many people.adjmapakiꞌShy, bashful, aloof, withdrawn.In tau mapakiꞌ wayruun bagay niya.A person who is shy has no friends.Mapakiꞌ siya kumalang ha katauran tau.She’s shy to sing in the presence of many people.Cf.sipugluman2adj./advAwkward(ly), clums(il)y (in movement).Pakiꞌ siya maghinang sabab bukun siya biyaksa.He works clumsily because he’s inexperienced.Pakiꞌ siya magbayla.He is an awkward dancer.
pakilnA Muslim priest.Pila in pakil kawaun magduwaa?How many priests will you get to perform the prayer?Cf.hatibbilalimam
*pakiyasvag mag-.Does not occur with pa₂.To pretend not to desire or like (something) because of shame.Ayaw na kaw magpakiyas bang kaw dihilan niya sīn.Don’t pretend because of shame not to want to be given if you are given money.Kawaa na in bahagiꞌ mu, ayaw na kaw magpakiyas.Get your share, don’t pretend not to want it because of shame.Cf.bawꞌbawꞌsaula-ula
*paklusviact/pat -um-.To slip off suddenly (as from one’s clasp or grip).Miyaklus in laring dayn ha lima ku.The knife slipped suddenly out of my hand.vtag mag-; pat -un.To get loose or free, let (something) go, get (something) free.Diꞌ aku makapaklus dayn ha lima niya.I can’t get loose from his clasp.Bang in layag kugdanan sin hangin makusug tuud subay magtuy paklusun in jampang.If the sail is hit by a very strong wind the connection rope should be let go right away.Cf.*puklas 1puas 1.1*hubad
pakpak1vipat ma-.To fall (as leaves from a tree).Napakpak na in dahun sin kahuy yan.The leaves of the tree have fallen off.vtag mag-; pat -un; ran/ben -an.To throw (something) down.Suuk kaw mari pakpakan ta kaw sin hinug wanni.Come closer, I’ll throw you down ripe mangoes.Cf.hulug 1*tanak2nA stillborn fetus.Subay hikubul in pakpak yan.That stillborn fetus must be buried.vtpat -un.To abort (a fetus).Pakpakun niya sadja in bataꞌ sakahabaꞌ siya maburus.She always aborts the baby every time she gets pregnant.vexp ka-…-an.To experience a miscarriage.Ayaw kaw magkuskus sin lantay, gana-gana kapakpakan kaw.Don’t skate the floor as you may miscarry.SYN.*pulak
paksaꞌnGood fortune or luck.Kamāhangan in paksaꞌ magdatung kātuꞌ.Good fortune seldom comes to us.vran -an.Does not occur with pa₂.To have good fortune or luck.Paksaan kaw bang kaw makabāk kumalaꞌ.You’ll have good luck if you find a precious gem.Cf.sukudlidjikiꞌ