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pungutnA mustache, beard.Uturi in pungut mu yan. Mahabaꞌ na.Cut off your beard. It’s already long.vpat -un.To develop a beard, grow a beard.Pungutun kita bang pahiran ta sin duguꞌ kambing in bayhuꞌ ta.We’ll grow a beard if we wipe our face with goat’s blood.adjpungutanBearded, having a mustache.In tau pungutan aturun maas.A bearded man looks old.Cf.misay
*punyanUse, usefulness; importance.Way kapunyahan magꞌiskul bang diꞌ magꞌistadi.It’s no use going to school if you don’t study.Unu in kapunyahan sin sīn bang way da kakaun mabī?What’s the use of money if there’s no food to buy?Cf.lagipūsguna
punyaꞌadj(Of the nose) flat, snub.Malingkat in babai yaun saꞌ punyaꞌ in ilung.That girl is beautiful, but she has a snub nose.ANT.pansung
punyalnA dagger (smaller than a kitchen knife).In punyal asibiꞌ dayn sin laring.A dagger is a smaller than a knife.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To dagger (someone).Piyunyal niya in bagay niya.He daggered his friend.Cf.utaksangkuꞌ
pupudgimb.pudpudnA stub, a part (of something) left (after the main part is gone or used up, as a cigarette butt, a pencil, an eraser, a bar of soap).Bugitan na in pupud siga yan.Throw away that cigarette stub.Pagdungulan na in pupud kahuy yan.Use that leftover firewood.viST pat ma-, magka-.To diminish in size or degree, wear off, wear away, wear down (as of a cigarette, firewood, chalk, a pencil or a day).Napupud in dawat sin pinsil ku.The lead from my pencil is worn away.Napupud in adlaw ha pagtagaran namuꞌ kaymu.The day wore away while we were waiting for you.vtpat -un.To make (something) smaller, let (something) wear down.Pupurun ku naa in tawmpaꞌ, ampa ku hipagdihil.I’ll let the (soles of the) shoes wear down and then I’ll give them away.
purdanSide curtains.In purda nila malingkat.Their side curtains are beautiful.vag mag-; ran -an.To make a side curtain.Hisiyu in daakun mu magpurda?Whom will you ask to make a side curtain?Cf.kurtina
purmaEng.1nForm, shape, way (one) looks.Biyaꞌdiin in purma sin bāy nila?What is the shape of their house?Landuꞌ in purma sin tau ini bang manamung.The way this person looks when he dresses up is too much.2vag mag-; goal/ben -an.To act (in a certain manner).Maingat tuud siya magpurma biyaꞌ dayahan.He knows how to act as if he rich.
purnaꞌadjHaving both parents from the royalty or salip class.Hi Sitti Ambran purnaꞌ salip pasal in inaꞌ amaꞌ niya salip.Sitti Ambran is a pure salip for both her mother and father are salips.Cf.purul
*purukvpat ma-.(For a discussion, dispute, etc.) to stop or be stopped, come to an end.Napuruk na in bichara pasal sin pagbunuꞌ.The talk about fighting has already been stopped.SYN.hundungduhung
puruladjNative born, (of a material) pure.Hi apuꞌ babai purul tau Parang.My grandmother is a native born person of Parang.Subay bulawan purul in hipaghinang singsing.The ring should be made of pure gold.Cf.purnaꞌ
pūsnUse, utility, worth.Unu in pūs sin pagꞌiskul bang diꞌ makahinang?What’s the use of going to school if you can’t land a job?nkapūsan/kapūs-pūsan.Use, worth.Way kapūs-pūsan mu anak. Diꞌ kaw makatabang ha manga maas mu.You’re of no use as a child. You can’t help your parents.Cf.guna
pusaꞌvag mag-; pat -un.To crush (something) with the fingers.Bang magpusaꞌ in tau mataud lara, malāb in lima niya.When one crushes a lot of peppers with the fingers his hand burns.OV SYN.*pusat
*pusaꞌvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To hatch (an egg).Hangpuꞌ in iklug piyusaꞌ sin inaꞌ manuk.There were ten eggs that the mother hen hatched.Makajari hipapusaꞌ ku in iklug itik ini ha manuk mu?May I place these duck eggs under your hen for hatching?Cf.*ūm
pusakaꞌnHeirloom, patrimony, inheritance.In pamulawan yan pusakaꞌ kaniya sin apuꞌ niya.That gold jewelry is an inheritance to him from his grandparent.vag mag-; goal/ben -an.To give an heirloom, patrimony, inheritance (to someone).Pusakaan ta kaw lupaꞌ iban niyug bang kaw diꞌ magbulaug.I’ll give you as inheritance land and coconut trees if you’re not a prodigal.
pusalnA cowlick, the crown (of the head), any part of one’s head from which the hair goes in a circular direction.Bang kunuꞌ duwa pusal in tau matugas in ū.If a person has two crowns it is said he is stubborn.
pusasTag.nHandcuffs.Inīgan sin pulis in pusas niya.The police removed his handcuffs.
*pusatvtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To break, crash, smash (something) into pieces.Ayaw mu pusata in samin.Don’t smash the mirror.viST pat ma-.To be broken into pieces.Mapusat sa yan bang mahulug pa simintu.That will be broken into pieces if it falls on the cement.OV SYN.pusaꞌCf.bagbag 1
*puspaꞌvag mag-; pat -un.To honor, pay homage to (someone).Subay ta puspaun hi Jose Rizal.We should pay homage to Jose Rizal.Puspaa in manga tau miyari dayn ha dugaing bangsa.Honor our foreign visitors.Cf.labut*pudjilagguꞌ 1
puspusvag mag-; pat -un.(To do something) to its maximum or utmost.Piyuspus niya in pagparāgan sin jīp.He drove the jeep at its maximum speed.Puspusa in dayaw mu kaniya.Treat her with your utmost kindness.Napuspus aku naghinduꞌ ha bataꞌ ini saꞌ magpabisu sadja.I’ve counselled this child to the utmost, but she just turns deaf ears to me.vran -an.To do (something) quickly, speed (something) up.Puspusan ku hinangun in kiyasukuꞌ kākuꞌ adlaw ini.I’ll do the work assigned to me today quickly.
pussuknThe point, tip, (of a needle, ice pick, knife, spear, etc.).Piyalian siya sin pussuk budjak.He was injured by the point of the spear.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To make a point on (something, as a pencil or a pole used as a stake), sharpen (something).Pussukan ku in duhul sin kahuy hinangun ku hāg.I’ll make a point on the end of this piece of wood and make it into a post.Papussukun ku in pinsil mu.I’ll sharpen your pencil.adjmapussukPointed.Mapussuk in punyal ini.This dagger is pointed.Cf.hayt
pustiTag.nA big post (esp. one along the street).Nakarugtul in jīp pa pusti.The jeep bumped into the big post.
pustuEng.nA place where someone such as a soldier, guard, or fee collector is stationed; post.Diꞌ kamu makalabay dayn ha pustu yaun.You can’t pass through that post.
pusuꞌ1vag mag-; pat -un.To pluck, pick (flowers, fruit, etc.).Pusuꞌ kaw madtu sumping pa jambangan.Pick some flowers in the garden.Pusuun ku in sumping mahinaat pa ha supaya diꞌ mangluyluy.I’ll pick the flowers in the morning so they won’t wilt.
pusuꞌ2nThe flower of the banana (used as a vegetable).Masarap sayulun in pusuꞌ.Banana flower is delicious as a vegetable.
pusudnNavel, umbilical cord.Panday in nagꞌutud sin pusud sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ.The midwife is the one who cut the child’s umbilical cord.