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pūt11vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To pick (something) up.Mūt aku sin badjuꞌ ha lantay.I’ll pick up the shirt from the floor.Pūta in katas ha lantay yan.Pick up that piece of paper from the floor.Pūtan ta kaw batu hipaniluꞌ mu.I’ll pick up stones for you to throw.OV SYN.kawaꞌ12nIn a cockpit, a resting time during which the fighting cocks are given the best treatment by their masters in order for them to regain their vigor and fighting spirit.3vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To pick, select, choose.Mataud manga dasu lannang kakanaꞌ kapagpīan saꞌ in piyūt niya amuna in umbulsatu.There are a lot of Chinese textiles to choose from but what she chose is the best.OV SYN.pīꞌ 1
pūt2nA kind of tree whose sap is flammable and is a medicine for certain diseases.In the olden days, there were rural folk who gathered the sap of the tree and used it for lighting purposes.
putanA prostitute.In puta way na kasipug-sipug minsan mataud tau makakitaꞌ.Prostitutes are shameless even though lots of people can see.vag mag-.To be or become a prostitute.In babai pananayam lumugay magputa.A woman gambler will soon become a prostitute.OV SYN.babai mangiꞌCf.baisbigaꞌsundal
putalvar.putali1vtag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To entangle (something, often for an animal to entangle its rope).Piyutal sin sapiꞌ in hukut niya ha sanga sin biyabas.The cow entangled its rope in the branches of the guava tree.viST pat ma-.To become entangled.Maputal in hukut sin kambing bang mu diꞌ hiīg dayn duun.The goat’s rope will become entangled if you don’t remove it from there.Cf.gumun2vipat ma-.To be or become mentally confused, perplexed, emotionally disturbed.Naputal in akkal ku sumambung kaniya.I’m confused in answering him.
pūtannSticky rice (a variety of rice which becomes sticky when cooked).Masarap hinangun wadjit in pūtan itum.Black sticky rice is delicious to make into a sticky rice confection.Cf.bugaspāywadjit
putangnAn (old), dried-up, underdeveloped coconut (one that has only shell and husk but no meat).Marayaw paglanguyan in lahing putang.A dried-up underdeveloped coconut makes a good swimming float.niyug
putiꞌadjWhite (also maputiꞌ).Maputiꞌ in tau yaun.That fellow is white.Putiꞌ in badjuꞌ sin manga bataꞌ maggraduwit.The dresses of the children graduating are white.viST pat mag-, mang-, -um-.To become white; become pale (from fear, hunger, etc.).Mutiꞌ sān in kamisita bang kulahun.That T-shirt will become white if you bleach it.Mamutiꞌ sa kaw yan bang kaw mākitaꞌ mundu.You’ll turn pale if you see an outlaw.vtpat -un.To make (something) white.Putiun ta in tawmpaꞌ mu itum.Let’s make your black shoes white.Cf.bulaꞌdas
putiꞌ mata1nThe white of the eye.Kiyatabunan na in putiꞌ mata niya sin unud.The whites of her eyes are covered with a membrane.
putiꞌ mata2nA coward.In tau putiꞌ mata way magꞌaddat kaniya.No one respects a coward.
putikaꞌvag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To ask a fortune-teller or soothsayer to divine (something, e.g., tell one’s future concerning a proposed journey or where a lost object is).Bang kita mamutikaꞌ subay ta kaingatan in bulan iban adlaw.When we divine we must know the month and the day (of the happening).Subay hipaputikaꞌ bang hisiyu in nakakāꞌ sin sīn mu.We should have the fortune-teller divine to see who stole your money.Putikaun ta bang haunu in kiyabutangan sin manga tau nalawaꞌ.I’ll divine to see where the lost people are.nputikaanAny object or objects (as match sticks, cards, kernels of corn) used in divining or fortune-telling.nmagpuputikaꞌA fortune-teller.
putingnFalsehood, lie.Puting in biyaytaꞌ niya.She told a falsehood.vag mag-, mang-; goal -an.To lie.Ayaw kaw mamuting sin hinang mu dī.Don’t lie about your activities here.nputinganA liar.Putingan tuud hi Hasan.Hasan is really a liar.
putliꞌ1nA princess.Māhang in manga putliꞌ pagkakitaan sin timpu nakauna.In olden times people very seldom saw a princess.SYN.dayang-dayang2n(cap.) A feminine name.
putliꞌ-mandinA kind of spherical-shaped indigenous confection made from black sticky rice.Masarap hinangun inuman in putliꞌ-mandi.Black sticky rice confection is delicious for breakfast.vag mag-.To make this kind of confection.Magputliꞌ-mandi kita kunsūm.We’ll make black sticky rice confection tomorrow.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
putputvag mag-; pat -un.To puff, blow.Piyaputput niya in asu sin siga niya dayn ha ilung niya.He is puffing the smoke of his cigarette through his nose.Diꞌ mān malaga in kāyu piyutputan niya nakaminsan.When the fire didn’t ignite he blew on it once.Cf.huyupnputputanChimney, smoke shaft, flue, funnel (as of a steamship).Nalapat in putputan sin asu.The chimney is stopped up with soot.
puttinRich coconut milk.Butangi putti in sindul.Add rich coconut milk to the liquid dessert.Cf.gataꞌniyug
putunA confection made by steaming grated cassava.Masarap da isab butangan sukal in putu.Steamed cassava cakes are also good when sugar is added.vag mag-; pat -un.To prepare this confection.Lamuri niyu kiyugut lahing bang kamu magputu.If you make steamed cassava cakes, add some grated coconut.Cf.siyanglag7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
*putungvAR ag mag-; ran -an.-un is also used with no difference in meaning from -an.To deduct (from one’s salary, payment, etc.), dock.Subay putungan in gadji sin duwa adlaw way kaw nākari.Your salary must be docked for your two days absence.Cf.*dagdag*hilang
putusnA wrapper, wrapping, covering.In putus sin diyarā mu yan nagigisiꞌ.The wrapper for what you are carrying is torn.vag mag-; pat -un.To wrap (something), dip (something in flour or batter and thus make a crust or covering when cooked).Putusa in labban ini.Wrap this box.Subay putusun sin tirigu in sayng juwalanun.Bananas for frying should be dipped in flour.
putus limanA mitten (usu. used for an infant).Butangi putus lima in bataꞌbataꞌ.Put the mitten on the baby.
*puuvpat ma-.Euph.Does not occur with pa₂.To die.Napuu siya bataꞌ pa.He died young.Cf.patay 1*maruhum*wapat*marihang
puun1.1nCause, origin, source, beginning.Unu in puun sin pagkālu nila?What’s the cause of their quarrel?Balikan ta dayn ha puun in isturi.Let’s repeat the story from the beginning.Cf.tagnaantagnaꞌsabab1.2adjThe first (wife of multiple wives).Walaꞌ niya biyugit in asawa niya puun.He did not divorce his first wife.2nA tree, trunk (of a tree).Yadtu siya ha puun kahuy nagtatapuk.He is hiding there by the trunk of the tree.Cf.batang3nMoney invested, capital investment, initial capital.Pila in puun mu nagbisnis?How much initial capital did you have when you started your business?vag mag-; ran -an.To invest money, have capital.Bang kaw magpuun limanggatus pa Sandakan muwiꞌ hangibu.If you invest five hundred in smuggling to Sandakan it will become a thousand.
puwasvar. ofpuasvt, viTo untie (something), settle (something).
pūyannSkipjack (a kind of fish of the tuna family, commercially important).2: Fish and Swimming Marine Creatures
puyuꞌnA bag or sack made of paper or plastic.Butangan in bugas ha puyuꞌ.Put the rice in a paper bag.Cf.suput
puyukuꞌvST pat ma-.To be or become weak or unable to stand erect.Napuyukuꞌ na hadja in manuk dakulaꞌ.The big chicken just became weak.Makapuyukuꞌ in sakit suka intawꞌ.Cholera makes one become weak.