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paksiyunFish or meat cooked in vinegar, garlic, ginger and salt.Diꞌ magkangiꞌ in paksiyu minsan hitawꞌ mu pa kunsūm.That fish cooked in vinegar won’t spoil even though kept until tomorrow.vag mag-; pat -un.To cook (fish or meat) in this way.Cf.*palam*tulaꞌ
pakukusnA generic term for bladed weapons.Dā kaw pakukus bang kaw pa gimba.Take a bladed weapon when you go to the interior.vag mag-; pat -un.To be armed with any bladed weapon.Diꞌ manjari magpakukus pa lawm daira.One is not allowed to wear a bladed weapon in town.Cf.barungkalisutakjanapbudjak
pakulnA saddle.Butangi pakul in kuraꞌ.Put a saddle on the horse.Cf.bikal
pālanA shovel.Dāha mari in pāla hipaglamugay ta sin simintu iban batu.Bring the shovel here for us to mix the cement and rock.vag mag-; pat -un.To lift or remove (something) with a shovel.Subay palahun in buhangin ini pa lawm mital.You should shovel this sand into the can.Cf.kakāskās 1sangkul
paladduwaꞌnA stomach disease resulting in vomiting and defecation.Bang diꞌ masawnuꞌ sin ubat in sakit paladduwaꞌ mawmu magmula in tau.If the stomach disease resulting in vomiting and defecation can’t be medicated immediately it will sometimes kill the patient.8: Diseases
palalihannA platform, stage.Ayaw kamu maghibuk bang awn nagbibissara ha taas sin palalihan.Don’t make any noise if somebody is speaking on the stage.
*palamvag mag-; pat -un.To cook fish with turmeric and peppery spices (first in oil, then a small amount of liquid is added, either water or coconut milk).Marayaw palamun in istaꞌ batu.Rock fish are good to make into a dish with turmeric and peppery spices.npiyalamA dish cooked in such a manner.Bukun masarap in piyalam bang bukun malara.The fish dish isn’t tasty if it’s not peppery.Cf.paksiyu
palansukanseelansuknA candlestick.
palantaran(One’s own) way of acting, manner.Asal bihān in palantara niya.That’s his natural way of acting.Mangiꞌ in palantara niya.His manner is crude.vag mag-.To act or behave in a peculiar way.Ayaw kaw magpalantara bihān dī ha hulaꞌ ini.Don’t behave that peculiar way here in this place.Cf.addatpalangaylaku
palanuvar. ofplanunA plan or program.
palangadj(Of a mat [baluy]) motley, variegated (in color).In baluy palang mahalgaꞌ.A variegated sleeping mat is expensive.
palangaynDisposition, nature, character, behavior.Mangiꞌ in palangay sin tau yan.That man has a bad disposition.SYN.tabiatCf.lakuaddatpiil
palanggananA brass tray (with short legs).Latali na in palanggana.Put the food on the brass tray.vag mag-; pat -un.To use such a tray.Magpalanggana sila bang kumaun sabab biyaksa na sila.They use a brass tray when they eat because they’re accustomed to doing so.Cf.batunjangtalam
palbutvag mag-; pat -un.To spend (one’s) energy, time, money, etc. (on something that is not beneficial or necessary).In palbutun mu ini in maghinang sin way kapūsan.You spend your energy in doing something that is worthless.Mapalbut mu pa magpasiyal minsan da nasasakit in anak mu.You can spend your time out having a good time though your child is ill.Ayaw na kaw magpalbut mamī badjuꞌ mahargaꞌ bang mataud in utang mu.Don’t spend your money buying expensive clothes when you are deep in debt.panyap palbutcomp.adjHaving everything that is needed, complete, fully equipped or furnished.
pali-palihannA belief (handed down from previous generations).Ha pali-palihan sin kamaasan mangiꞌ kunuꞌ magsapu dūm.According to the belief of the old folks it is bad to sweep at night.Agarun tuud sin Tausug in manga pali-palihan sin kamaasan.The Tausug really follow the beliefs of the old folks.
paliꞌnA cut, wound.Diꞌ magꞌuliꞌ in paliꞌ niya.His wound is not healing.vact/pat mag-; ran -an.To be wounded, suffer a cut.Magpaliꞌ in kutkut hilam bang katulun.A mosquito bite will develop a wound if it’s scratched.Kamayaꞌ kaw. Palian kaw sin laring.Be careful. You might get cut by that knife.Cf.panggisutud
*palidvCV 1 pat hi-.(For the wind) to blow (something) away.Piyalid sin hangin in manga kātas.The wind blew the papers away.SYN.paglupad*lupad
paligiꞌnAn area of wet, filthy, and soggy ground.Mataud ūd ha paligiꞌ.There are many small grubs in the soggy ground.Cf.pisak
*palihalaꞌvag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To take care of (someone), supply (someone’s) needs.Palihalaa in manga tau paguy dayn ha gimba.Take care of those evacuees from the interior.Hisiyu in magpalihalaꞌ kātuꞌ didtu?Who will take care of us over there?Siya in mamalihalaꞌ kaymu.She will take care of you.OV SYN.paruli*upiksaꞌ
palihālanrelWith regard to, concerning, about, relating to, regarding.Ha palihālan sin pagkaun, subay mu ingatun bang unu in kakaun makarayaw sin pamaranan mu.With regard to food, you must know the kind of food that can nourish your body well.Cf.pasal1takdil 1
palikambingnA kind of indigenous confection made of sugar, flour, and ripe bananas. (So called because it looks like a goat’s testicle).In palikambing ini hipanglabut ha pagtiyaunan.Banana confections are served at weddings.vag mag-.To make this kind of confection.Magpalikambing aku pagꞌinuman ta mahinaat.I’ll make banana confections for our breakfast.vpat -un.To make (flour or bananas) into this kind of confection.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
palipat1nA farm planted with cassava or corn in between regular rice planting seasons.Gandum in hitanum namuꞌ ha palipat.We are going to plant corn in the off-season field.vag mag-; pat -un.To plant and grow cassava or corn in between regular planting seasons.Magpalipat kitaniyu pagꞌubus magꞌani pāy.Let’s plant corn or cassava after harvesting the rice.2nLand suitable for horticulture (but usu. hilly, rocky or otherwise unsuitable for rice).Cf.umalupu
*palisvCV 1 pat hi-, hipag-.To drift, be carried (in or on water) by the wind or current.Malasahi bang kita hipalis pa pūꞌ way tau.We will be hard pressed if we drift to an uninhabited island.OV SYN.*anudCf.*palid
palitvag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To retrieve (a fish trap from the ocean floor).Mamalit sila bubu kunsūm pa lawd.They’ll retrieve their fish trap from the sea tomorrow.
palitaannA lamp, light.Pūnga na in palitaan.Put out the light.vag mag-.To use a lamp or light.Magpalitaan kitaniyu lansuk dūm ini.We’ll use a candle for a light tonight.Cf.ilaw