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paliyamanA good or abundant harvest.Paliyama in manga magꞌuuma ha tahun ini.The farmers have a good harvest this year.Cf.sakkiyan
paliyangan(from pa₁ + liyang + -an₁)nA grave, place for burial.Laung sin kamatauran bang marayaw in kamatay sin tau masawa in paliyangan niya.Most people say that if a person died as a good person his grave will be bright (with light).SYN.kubulCf.kandangtampatkubba
pallaꞌnA comedian, clown.In pallaꞌ maingat magpakatawa ha tau.A comedian knows how to make people laugh.vag mag-.To act or behave in a comical way.Magpallaꞌ siya bat kaw kumatawa.He acts comically so you’ll laugh.Cf.andukang
*pallingvag mag-; pat -un.To deviate, digress; change (the subject of conversation or speech).Piyalling niya in bissara niya pa dugaing.He changed his talk to something else.Diꞌ na mapalling in mata niya ha babai.His eyes don’t deviate from the girl.Cf.*sihaꞌ
palmaddaniꞌnCarpet, rug, floor covering (usu. used as a wall decoration and not for prayer).Malingkat in manga palmaddaniꞌ dayn ha Sandakan.The carpets from Sandakan are beautiful.vag mag-; ran -an.To use such a carpet, furnish (a place) with a carpet.Subay palmaddanian in paglingkuran sin sultan.The king’s throne must be carpeted.Cf.sudjara
palmanisnA special magical beauty or handsomeness (of men and women which others, looking at them, observe to be like the beauty of the full moon).Acquired through the application or utterance of some magic verse in Arabic.In tau nagsasangun palmanis masahaya in bayhuꞌ.The face of a person who acquires special magical beauty shines.vag mag-; ran -an.To undergo the application of such special beauty.Bang in tau magpalmanis aturun siya malingkat.If a person undergoes the ceremony of acquiring magical beauty he appears beautiful to others.GENR.ilmuꞌ
palmata1nA gem, precious stone (used in jewelry).Mussaꞌ in palmata sin singsing niya.The gem in her ring is a pearl.vag mag-; ran -an.To set (something) with a gem.Piyalmatahan intan in singsing niya.Her ring is set with a diamond.2nSomeone who is very precious and valuable, the object of someone’s love.Ikaw in palmata sin atay ku.You’re the love of my heart.
palpaladj./advEntire(ly).In tau nagbisnis yan nalugiꞌ tuud sin lugiꞌ palpal.That businessman suffered entire losses.In tau magkaun babuy, bisayaꞌ palpal.A person who eats pork is entirely Christian.
paltikadjUnreal, not genuine or authentic, counterfeit, artificial.Awn sīn niya paltik.He has counterfeit money.Cf.hinang-hinanghinang 1.1
paluvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To cut off the rotten part (of something, usu. food).Paluhan ku in haluꞌ sin kapaya ini.I’ll cut off the rotten part of this papaya.OV SYN.*basbasCf.hilaputud
paluꞌTapul, LugusvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To hit, strike (something) with a stick.Palua in iruꞌ yan sin bulaꞌ.Hit that dog with a bamboo stick.Cf.*lubakbinasakakal
palukvag mag-, mang-.To face (someone) with awe, bow down (before someone).Paluk kaw pa sultan.Face the king with awe.Cf.alup 1
palutuꞌ(from pa₂ + lutuꞌ)nProvisions given (to someone) for a trip, send-off gift.Dīhilan hi Utuꞌ sin bapaꞌ niya palutuꞌ pagtulak niya pa Manilaꞌ.The uncle of Sonny gave him a send-off gift on his departure to Manila.vag mag-; ran -an.To give (someone) provisions for a trip or a send-off gift.Palutuan ku siya kayꞌman pilak bang siya tumulak.I’ll give him a send-off gift of fifty pesos when he leaves.
pamahaꞌnunvact/pat m-, mag-.Does not occur with pa₂.To sneeze.Mahumu mamahaꞌnun in tau bang iyuulapay.If a person has a cold he often sneezes.Cf.buskaw
pamalungnThe passage in the bottom of a boat where the handle of the propeller connects to the engine.SYN.bubutan
pamāpagimb.pamalpalnPeppery spices (consisting of a mixture of roasted coconut meat pounded together with turmeric, salt and hot peppers).Butangi pamāpa in giyataan mu.Add peppery spices to that which you are cooking with coconut milk.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To use spices.Pamāpahan sin siyunug lahing iban dulaw bang magtulaꞌ itum.When we make beef stew it is spiced with charred coconut meat and turmeric.Cf.lampa
pamātuꞌnA marker used in the game of hopscotch (see ingkiꞌ).
pamāy-bāyseebāynA household, immediate relatives living in the same house, atmosphere of a household.
pamīn-mīn(from bīn)nLast will (usu. spoken by a person about to die), final instructions.Subay ta agarun in pamīn-mīn hi Amaꞌ.We should follow Father’s final instructions.
pamintangan(from pang- + bintang₁ + -an₁)nAn experience which teaches a lesson.In kangian kimugdan ha tau yan hambuuk pamintangan sin manga tau ikutan.The tragic thing that happened to that person is a lesson to stingy people.vTo learn a lesson (either positive or negative) from some experience (personal experience, books, movies, plays, etc.).
pamistiunnKidney.Diꞌ aku magkaun sin pamistiun sin sapiꞌ.I don’t eat cows’ kidneys.
pamukaꞌnA condition of the foot in which the skin of the foot is cracked.Mahapdus kunuꞌ in pamukaꞌ niya.He says his cracked feet are painful.Cf.suplit
pamungvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To express (something) in words, state, declare, say (something).Pamung kaw sin ha lawm sin atay mu.Say what is on your mind (lit. liver).himumunganderv.nA statement, declaration, words.Cf.bichara 1baytaꞌlaung1
pamūngmūngnAngry words.Diyungug mu in pamūngmūng niya?Did you hear the angry words she said?vag m-; pat hi-; goal -an.To scold (someone) sharply, upbraid, revile (someone), speak (to someone) in abusive or contemptuous language (as when angry).Diꞌ mu manjari pamūngmūngan in tau way dusa.You’re not supposed to upbraid someone who is not at fault.Namūngmūng siya ha tau namilaꞌ sin niyug nila.He reviled the man that cut down their coconut tree.
*pamusgimb.paꞌmusvAR ag mang-, mag-; ran -an.To wash (one’s or someone’s) face (with water).Mamamus naa aku, ampa aku magbadjuꞌ.I’ll wash my face first and then I’ll dress.npagpamaꞌmusThe act or manner of washing one’s face.Bukun matimud in pagpamaꞌmus mu.The way you washed your face didn’t get it clean.OV SYN.hugas 1Cf.*haplas