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panaꞌnAn arrow (as in archery).Taga lassun in panaꞌ sin manga kamaasan yadtu.The arrows of our ancestors had poison on them.vag mag-; pat -un.To shoot (something) with an arrow.Panaun ta in babuy talun.We’ll shoot the wild hog with an arrow.
*panagat(from dagat)vag mag-, m-; ran -an.To hunt for shellfish (as clams, or mollusks), edible plants, or other edible animals (along the shore at low tide).Subay na hunas ampa kita managat.We’ll hunt for shellfish when it’s low tide.Magpanagat in Samal mahumu ha pūꞌ.Sama people often look for shellfish on the island.Marayaw panagatan in isla asibiꞌ.A small island is good for hunting shellfish on.npanagatunShellfish, seafoods found in tidal flats.Mataud kaginis sin pais panagatun kabākan ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.Many kinds of shells of shellfish (i.e., seashells) are found in Sulu.
panakawannA trusted helper of a datu.In katān hinang sin datuꞌ kaingatan sin panakawan niya.Everything a lord does is known to his trusted helper.Cf.munari
panalanghati(from pang + talanghati)nWater which (has been empowered by a tawal and so, when drunk), gives the power to help (the one who drinks it) learn (things).vran -an.To have (someone) drink this water.Piyanalanghatihan siya sin amaꞌ niya hangkan siya maingat.His mother had him drink empowered water, that’s why he’s knowledgeable.
pananap1vTV ag mag-, mang-; goal -un.To crawl, creep.Pananap kaw pa bilik niya.Creep to her room.2v(For fire) to spread, (for sickness) to spread within the body.Nakapananap in kāyu pa Alat.The fire has spread to the Alat section of town.Hangkarayꞌ magpananap in sakit yan.That sickness easily spreads within the body.Cf.latag
panaw1vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To walk, go on foot, go on a trip or journey.Panaw sadja kaw pa tabuꞌ.Just go on foot to the market.Diꞌ aku manaw bang kaw diꞌ magad.I’ll not walk if you won’t go with me.Panawun nila in mundu.They’ll go after the outlaw.Makajari na panawan in dān ini sampay pa tabuꞌ.It’s OK to walk on this road as far as the market.adjpamanawFond of roaming or rambling around.In tau pamanaw māhang pagkabākan ha bāy.A fellow who is fond of roaming around is seldom found at home.npanawanA place where (someone) goes.Diꞌ ku kaingatan bang harap pakain in panawan niya.I don’t know where the place he went is.npagpanaw-panawA journey, trip.Bang mān marayaw da in pagpanaw-panaw mu.I hope you have a good trip.papanawderv.nEnforcement (of a law or rule); (someone’s) intention; (someone’s) life or course of action.2npagpanaw-panawThe journey to the afterworld.Bang matay in tau nagtataat pa Tuhan marayaw in pagpanaw-panaw niya.When a godly man dies he’ll have a peaceful journey to the next world.
panayamnA game.Kaykit in panayam sin manga Jipun.The Japanese cheated in the game.vag mag-.To play a game (against someone, as another team).Nagpanayam in manga anak datuꞌ naglumbaꞌ ha halaman sin astanaꞌ.The sons of the datus played a racing game in front of the palace.npanayamanA toy, plaything.npanayam-nayamGames (different kinds of games played at the same occasion).Awn panayam-nayam bihaun ha grandstand.There are games at the grandstand now.
pandanA shawl.Manipis tuud in panda niya.Her shawl is very thin.vag mag-.To wear a shawl.Marayaw in magpanda bang kaw magsablay.It’s good to wear a shawl when you wear the sablay type blouse.
pandakadj(Of a person) short (in stature).Pandak in tau yaun.That man is short.Pandak kaw dayn kākuꞌ.You’re shorter than I am.ANT.malanjanglanjangCf.hawpuꞌ
pandalanAn attendant at a wedding, bridesmaid, best man.Mahabaꞌ in manga badjuꞌ sin pandala.The bridesmaids have long dresses.vag mag-; pat -un.To become a bridesmaid or best man (at a wedding).Sangunan ta kaw palmanis bang kaw pandalahun.If you become the bridesmaid, I will recite a magic formula over you that will make you beautiful.
*pandangvag mag-; pat -un.To look intently or steadily, gaze at (something, as in admiration, wonder, expectancy).Piyandang niya in babai malingkat.He gazed at the beautiful lady.Cf.kitaꞌ 1atudilag1*kirug
panday1nSomeone who has a special skill or talent in a specific field.adjmapandayExpert, clever, skillful.Mapanday siya magtayp.He’s an expert typist.OV SYN.tukangpanday bulawancomp.adjGoldsmith.panday basiꞌcomp.adjBlacksmith.2nA midwife.Kāa na in panday. Masuuk na siya magꞌanak.Get the midwife. She’s about to give birth.
pandikaladjOften combined with panday.Wise, having great mental ability, intelligent, genius.Usug pandikal hi Jose Rizal.Jose Rizal was a genius.Cf.balꞌakkal
panditaꞌnA learned man in religious matters.In panditaꞌ malawm pangadjiꞌ iban tukas na in ingat niya.The learned man in religion is a scholar and his experience is proven.In panditaꞌ di mabayaꞌ manglingug ha tau.The learned man in religion does not want to trouble the
panduꞌnGuidance, direction, teaching, instruction, counsel, advice.In panduꞌ pa karayawan makapahatul ha tau nalalawng.Good guidance will make those who are astray upright.vag mag-, mang-; goal -an.To guide, direct, give counsel, teach, instruct (someone).Panduan ta kaw pa dān mabuntul.I’ll guide you to the right path.SYN.hinduꞌCf.*baut
pandugavag mag-; ran -an.To take a lesson from, remember, bear (something) in mind.Panduga kamu bang lisag unum, ayaw na kamu magguwaꞌ dayn ha bāy.Remember not to go out of the house at (i.e., after) six o’clock.Subay natuꞌ pandugahan marayaw in dān liyabayan natuꞌ mari.We must bear well in mind the road we went on to come here.Cf.*tumtum 1pamintangan*bintang 2indan
panhidnA scar or mark.Yari pa in panhid sin paliꞌ ku.Here is the mark of my wound still.Maluhay siya kakilāhan sabab awn panhid niya ha bayhuꞌ.It is easy to find her because she has a mark on her face.Unu in panhid ha daig simud mu?What is that mark beside your mouth?vtran -an.To scar (something).Bang panhiran in bayhuꞌ ku sin kamas mu baliun ku in kuku mu.If my face is scarred by your scratching I’ll break your fingernails.Cf.limpaꞌ
*panhutvag mag-, mang-, magpang-; pat -un; ran -an.To hunt (wild animals).Mataud magpamanhut babuy talun ha Tawi-Tawi.There are many on Tawi-Tawi who hunt wild pigs.Unu in panhutun niyu?What wild animals are you hunting?Pagpamanhutan namuꞌ sa yan in taas būd yan.We hunt on top of that mountain.
panibbivar.panigbinA kernel, bubo, swollen gland.Malagguꞌ in panibbi ha hitaꞌ ku.The kernel in my groin is big.8: Diseasesvpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To have a bubo or swollen glands.Panibbihun aku lumugay dī.Eventually I’ll have a bubo in here.Piyanibbi sila.They have swollen glands.Cf.hubag
paninggadnObscene or lewd words (which express one’s anger, hatred or vexation).Makangilu taynga in paninggad sin tau yaun.The obscene language of that man sets one’s ears on edge.vag mag-, mang-; pat hi-; goal -an.To abuse verbally, curse, use obscene or lewd language (as an expression of hatred, anger or vexation).Bukun marayaw in bataꞌ maninggad ha maas niya.It’s not good for a child to curse his parents.OV SYN.pamūngmūngCf.lakaꞌ-lakaꞌ
panjang bassaladjPoeticTall and well-built (of a tall person whose size corresponds well with his height, who is not lanky or stocky).In amaꞌ ku usug panjang bassal.My father is a tall, well-built man.Cf.durugan/marurug*durug
*panjari(from jari)vag magpa-, makapa-.To create, cause to come into existence.Amura Tuhan in makapapanjari.It’s only God who can create.nmagpapanjariThe Creator.Muwiꞌ kita katān pa hukuman sin magpapanjari.We’re all bound for judgment by the Creator.Cf.awn
panjinA flag, banner.Kami in magpataas sin panji ha iskul mahinaat-mahinaat.We are the ones who raise the flag every morning at the school.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To place a flag or banner.Subay panjihan in katān kaiskul-iskulan.A flag should be placed at all schools.Piyapanjihan in tampat yaun.That grave has a flag placed on it.vpat -un.To use (something) as a flag.Panjihun ta in panjiꞌ Milikan ini bang kita ha lawd na.Let’s use this American flag as our flag when we’re at sea.
pannyagaannNecessities of life (as foodstuffs or clothing).Mahunit in katān pannyagaan bihaun.All the necessities of life are expensive now.Cf.kabuhiananbuhiꞌ 1
pannyakilannSideburns.Mahabaꞌ in pannyakilan hi bapaꞌ Pat.Uncle Pat has long sideburns.vag mag-.To have or wear sideburns.Nagpapannyakilan na sila katān.They all have sideburns.Cf.pungutmisay