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pansing1n(A measure of capacity) one tenth of a ganta.Tupungi siya duwa pansing bugas.Measure him out two tenths of a ganta of rice.vag mag-; pat -un.To use (something) as this kind of measure, measure by tenths of a ganta.Pansingun ku in bugas ha lawm mital ini.I’ll measure the rice in this can.Cf.gantanglagaꞌ1GENR.tupungantupung2adjEconomically destined to be unlucky or ill-starred (generally of a person who remains economically low no matter how he strives to prosper in life).Bang in sukud mu pansing diꞌ da malagaꞌ.If you’re destined to be poor you’ll be poor forever.
pansulnA faucet, bibcock, spigot.Hangkatiyuꞌ da in tubig magguwaꞌ dayn ha pansul.Only a little water is coming out of the faucet.OV SYN.giripu
pansungnHigh bridge or arch (of the nose).Kiyalingkat kaniya in pansung sin ilung niya.The high arch of her nose makes her pretty.adjmapansung(Of the nose) high-bridged.Mapansung tuud in ilung sin Milikan yaun.That American has a very high-bridged nose.
pantaknA practice of sorcery or black magic.One can have an enemy killed by having the intended victim’s picture or doll pricked by some pointed objects such as nails or pins for several days. The sorcerer utters a magical prayer and invokes the help of evil spirits until the victim is killed.vag mag-; pat -un.To practice such a form of sorcery or black magic.Piyapantak niya in banta niya.He had his enemy harmed by black magic.Papantakan siya ha Bonggao bat matay.He’ll have black magic done on him in Bonggao so that he’ll die.Cf.hinang 2
pantalunTag.nTrousers, pants.vag mag-; pat -un.To wear pants or trousers.Kabayaan niya magpantalun siya sin baꞌgu.He wants to wear new pants.Cf.sawwal
pantānnAn open platform or porch (usu. adjoining a kitchen).Ha pantān kitaniyu magliis panggiꞌ.We’ll grate coconut on the porch.Cf.jala-jala 1
pantawvag mag-; pat -un.To look out (to a distance from a tower or any elevated place).Pantaw kaw sin dagat dayn dī.Look out to the sea from here.Cf.atudnpantawanAn elevated place from which to look out.
pantay1nA wide plain, clear and open area.Subay pantay in paglalandingan sin ariplanu.The landing place for a plane must be a clear and open area.vag mag-; pat -un.To make an area plain or clear (from obstruction).Bang mu pantayun in lupaꞌ mu subay mu pilaun in katan kahuy.If you clear your land you must cut down all the trees.npantayanA clear area with few trees.Cf.paslanganpatag2npantayanA relatively level site.Cf.būd 1
pantuk1adjExpert, skillful.In tau pantuk maluhay makaingat.An expert person can learn easily.adjmapantukVery skillful, highly trained in some special field.Mapantuk tuud siya maghinang kantil.He is very skillful at making a bed.vran -an.To become very skillful or highly trained (in something).Kiyapantukan niya na in hinang yan.She has become very skillful in that work.Cf.panday 1
pantuk2vag mag-; pat -un.To look at (something) intently or steadily, gaze.Pantuka marayaw bat mu kakilahan.Look at him intently so you can recognize him.Cf.atudkitaꞌ 1*pandang
pantunadj(Of children or pupils) disciplined, (of animals), tame.Pantun in manga anak niya.Her children are disciplined.Pantun in iruꞌ nila.Their dog is tame.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To discipline (someone), tame (an animal).Pantuna in manga anak mu.Discipline your children.In mastal diꞌ maingat magpantun sin manga anak mulid niya.That teacher doesn’t know how to discipline her pupils.Cf.passut
panulak balaꞌ(from tulak₂)nA ceremony of cleansing.People go to the sea where they will be bathed to the recital of selected verses from the holy Quꞌran by an imam or hatib, who splashes them with sea water. It is thought that they can wash off any moral and spiritual affliction or ailment believed to be divine retribution.Bulan Sappal in panulak balaꞌ.The second month of the Muslim year is the month of the cleansing ceremony.vag mag-.To take part in such a ceremony.Adlaw Albaa in tau magpanulak balaꞌ.Wednesday is the day when people undergo the cleansing ceremony.
panunnAssociates, friends, playmates.Nagpamanhut siya iban sin manga panun niya pa kātian.He went hunting with his companions in the forest.vag mag-; pat -un.To be friends or associate (with someone).Ayaw magpanun iban bataꞌ mangiꞌ.Don’t associate with bad children.Panunun mu in manga bataꞌ marayaw addat.Be friends with children who behave well.Cf.bagayiban 2
panussaꞌ-nussaꞌvag m-, mag-.To criticize (someone) destructively or hurtfully.Ayaw kaw manussaꞌ-nussaꞌ sin agama sin kaibanan.Don’t criticize the religion of others.Cf.udjuꞌguraꞌ-guraꞌlagiꞌ-lagiꞌbabaꞌ 2
pangadjiꞌvag m-, mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To study, learn, or read (a religious book).Subay in Muslim mangadjiꞌ sin Kuraan.A Muslim must read and study the Koran.Cf.anad
pangaknThe stench of urine.Mabahuꞌ pangak in kasilyas.The rest room smells of urine.vact/pat mag-.To smell with the smell of urine.Magpangak in lawm bilik bang awn bataꞌ sibiꞌ-sibiꞌ.A room will smell of urine if there is a baby.
pangalaynA dance characterized by slow formal movement (with emphasis on curving arms and fingers. Often mimetic but without religious significance).Subay iyaagaran kulintangan in pangalay.The Tausug slow formal type dance should have a brass gong accompaniment.vag mag-, -um-.To perform this kind of dance.Bukun sadja babai in magpangalay.It is not only women who perform the Tausug slow formal dance.
pangalungadjComing to another’s house about mealtime in the hope that one will be invited to eat.vag m-, mag-; ran -an.To go (to someone’s house) at mealtime in order to be invited to eat.Bukun addat marayaw in magpangalung pa bāy sin tau dugaing.It’s not a good habit to go to someone else’s house at mealtime in order to be invited to eat.Cf.*aruꞌ*harung
panganannA pretzel-like confection made of rice flour or powdered corn and syrup and fried in oil.Subay awn gulaꞌ bang maghinang panganan.One has to have syrup in order to make pretzel-like confections.vag mag-.To make this confection.Diꞌ siya maingat magpanganan.She doesn’t know how to make the pretzel-like confection.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
pangandul(from pang + andul)gimb.andulnConfidence, trust, reliance.Way pangandul ku kaymu.I don’t have trust in you.vag m-; ran -an.To trust, have confidence in, rely on (someone).Diꞌ siya mangandul kākuꞌ sin sīn niya.He doesn’t trust me with his money.Ayaw kaw mangandul ha tau diꞌ mu kaingatan.Don’t trust a stanger.Kapangandulan mu siya sin hinang ha lawm bāy.You can rely on her for household chores.Aku in pangandulan nila sin altaꞌ nila.I’m the trustee of their property.Cf.*halap
pangannal(from kannal)1nWay of thinking, consciousness.Nalawaꞌ in pangannal niya pagꞌupira kaniya.She lost consciousness when she was operated on.vag mag-; pat -un.To think.Magpangannal muna in tau maingat ampa siya tumagnaꞌ maghinang.A knowledgeable person will think first before he/she starts to work.Cf.akkal 1pikilanpikil2n(Mistaken) thought, presumption.Pangannal ku dumatung siya bihayaun.I thought he would arrive now.In pangannal ku mabayaꞌ kaw kaniya.My presumption was that you like him.
pangantinnBride or bridegroom.In pangantin babai subay diꞌ magkatawa bang adlaw pagtiyaun.The bride should not laugh on the day of the wedding.vpat -un.To be or become a bride or bridegroom.Kinsūm siya pangantinun.Tomorrow she will be a bride.
panganudnClouds.Tigidlum in panganud bang sūng mulan.The clouds darken when it’s about to rain.SYN.gabun
pangarapnA (conversational) prayer.Unu in pangarap mu pa Tuhan?What is your prayer to God?vag mang-.To pray informally (by talking from one’s heart, rather than reciting a memorized prayer).Mangarap aku pa Tuhan sakabaꞌ waktu.I pray (talk) to God every time.Cf.sambahayangduwaasumba 1
*pangaruvCV 3 ag m-; pat hi-; goal -an.To refer or appeal (something to someone), consult (with someone about something).Mangaru kita ha manga maas.We will consult with our elders.Hipangaru ta in maana sin kabtangan ini ha tau makahāti.Let’s refer this word to someone who knows its meaning.Pangaruhan ta hi Tuwan Imam pasal ini.Let’s consult Sir Imam about this.npangaruhanA consultant.OV SYN.pariksaꞌCf.asubu