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*pangasawavag mag-; pat -un.(For a boy’s family) to ask (a girl’s family formally) for her hand in marriage.Magpangasawa kami ha anak niyu.We are asking your daughter’s hand in marriage.npagpangasawaThe formal such asking for a girl’s hand in marriage.
pangayuꞌ(from ayuꞌ)vag m-, mag-; pat -un.To request, beg, ask for (something).Pangayuꞌ kaw sīn kan inaꞌ mu.Ask for money from your mother.Mangayuꞌ aku kaymu tabang.I’ll ask help of you.Nangayuꞌ siya hinang ha mayul.He requested the mayor to help him seek a job.Diꞌ aku magpangayuꞌ tabang kaniya.I don’t ask help from him.Unu in pangayuun mu kākuꞌ?What are you asking me to give you?Pangayuan ta kaw sīn kaniya.I’ll ask him for money to give to you.Cf.sukat
pangayuꞌ duwaavag m-.(For a pakil) to say a devotional prayer in Arabic (see duwaa), (for anyone) to pray privately.npagpangayuꞌ duwaaThe performance of such a prayer.
pangdā-rā(from )1nThings carried, goods.2nEuph.The external genitals (of either man or woman).
pangdan maginFragrant pandanus (used to flavor food).Ha supaya mahamut in tiyugnaꞌ kaunun, subay awn pangdan magi.So that the cooked rice will smell good, there should be fragrant pandanus.5: Plants
panggalnA basket-shaped fish trap (smaller than bubu).In panggal ku mataud tuud sūd istaꞌ.My basket-shaped fish trap caught plenty of fish.vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To catch fish with a basket-shaped fish trap.Namanggal sila pa lawd.They went fishing with a fish trap out to sea.Cf.bubu1 bingitlayalinggiꞌ
*panggangvag mag-; pat -un.To roast (a whole chicken) on a spit.Butangan pamāpa bang magpanggang manuk.Add spices when you roast chicken on a spit.adjpiyanggangRoasted on a spit.Nākaun aku piyanggang manuk ha paghinangan.I ate chicken roasted on a spit at the celebration.OV SYN.tapaCf.dangdang
panggaway1nA councilman of a sultan’s court.Piyatawag sin sultan in manga panggaway niya.The king summoned the councilmen of his court.Cf.wajil
panggaway2n(The general) appearance (of a person).Malingkat isab in panggaway sin babai yan.That woman’s appearance is pleasing.Cf.dagbuslupa2
panggiꞌ1nA tuber.2nCassava (that is not yet grated) (see panggiꞌ kahuy).
panggiꞌ bagunnCamote, sweet potato (mixed with rice, it is used as a porridge).Ipomoea batatas5: Plants
panggiꞌ kahuynCassava (that is not yet grated).Liisun taniyu in panggiꞌ kahuy ini.Let’s grate this cassava.Masarap kaunun in iyaaman panggiꞌ kahuy iban sukal.Boiled cassava is delicious to eat with sugar.Manihot esculenta5: Plants
panggiꞌ-panggiꞌnA kind of indigenous confection made of wheat or rice flour mixed with sugar and a little water to make a dough, then shaped with the hands into a round shape and fried in plenty of oil.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
panggisnA bruise (on an area of tissue, a surface, etc.).Maytaꞌ awn panggis ha buktun mu?Why is there a bruise on your arm?vpat ma-, mag-.To be or become bruised or scratched.Napanggis in ū sin awtu.The hood of the car was bruised.Napanggis in pais ku sin kuku ku.My skin was bruised by my fingernail.Cf.alum
panggungnA temporary shelter (consisting of a table covered with a tarpaulin or temporary roof).Ha panggung na pakaunun in manga luruk.Feed the guests in the temporary shelter.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To furnish (an area) with such a shelter.Panggungan ta ha giꞌtung sin uma ini.We’ll make a temporary shelter in the middle of this field.Cf.tingkap
panghilasnA charm (which makes someone develop a feeling of extreme dislike toward something).Butangan ta siya panghilas bat siya diꞌ mayaꞌ ha babai yaun.We’ll put a charm on him so he won’t want that woman.vag mag-; ran -an.To affect (someone) with such a charm.Panghilasan ta siya sin tagi niya magꞌinum alak.We’ll charm him away from his habit of drinking.
PanghuꞌnLord, master, any great leader (as of a president of a country).Pangayuun ta ha Tuhan Panghuꞌ bang man kaulian in sakit mu.We will ask the Lord God that you might get better from your sickness.Cf.nakuraꞌ
pangikatnA procedure or method to be followed or observed in prayer.Biyaꞌ diin in pangikat sin sambahayang Hari Raya Puasa?What is the procedure for observing the Hari Raya Puasa prayer?Cf.atulan
pangiramnA strong and sudden craving for a particular kind of food (during the early stages of pregnancy).vag m-, mag-; ran -an.To develop such a craving or liking, crave (something).Nangiram siya kagang.She developed a strong craving for crabs.Unu in piyangiraman sin asawa mu?What does your wife crave?Cf.*budlay
pangirugnOne who looks at others contemptuously or scornfully (esp. spoken of women).vag m-; ran -an.To cast a contemptuous or scornful glance (at someone).Subay kita diꞌ mangirug ha tau bang kita dugalan.We should not cast a contemptuous glance at someone when we are angry.Bang ta in tau pangirugan sin way dusa nila kātuꞌ, na dugalan sa yan kātuꞌ.If we cast a scornful glance at someone who has not done us any wrong, he will be angry at us.Cf.*lirungliꞌgatdullag*laꞌtug
pangiyannA queen.In pangiyan pagꞌaaddatan sin tau katān.The queen is respected by all people.Cf.dayang-dayang
pangkaꞌnA short stake for fastening cattle.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To drive a stake into the ground. (Focused item, lupaꞌ, ‘ground’, is understood.)Subay pangkaan ta kahuy paghukutan sin kambing.We should drive a wooden stake into the ground for tying the goat.
pangkaladjProfane, irreverent (also mapangkal).Pangkal in mamung, mahi bahaꞌ aku piyagꞌanak pa.It’s profane to say, I wish I was not born.Bukun marayaw in bichara mapangkal.Profane language is not good.Cf.kupul
pangkat1nLineage.Guwaꞌ siya dayn ha pangkat karatuan.He comes from the royal lineage.Cf.liyuuran2nA story (of a building).Hangpuꞌ pangkat in bāy yan.That building is ten stories high.Cf.angkapvag mag-; pat -un.To place (something heavy) over (something else); pile, heap into a pile (as plates, books, or pillows).Pangkata in ūan.Heap those pillows into a pile.Cf.bangkat 1.1
pangkutnSmallpox.Maglamin in sakit pangkut.Smallpox is contagious.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To be or become afflicted with smallpox.Paglanggit kaw bat kaw diꞌ pangkutun.You get yourself vaccinated so you won’t catch smallpox.Cf.utus