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panglimanThe highest civil official under the sultanate (a title), headman.Panglima in magpasusulut bang awn magkālu ha kawman.The headman is the one to reconcile folks if there are those who fight in the municipality.
pangliyasnA charm to make bullets miss the wearer.In tau taga pangliyas diꞌ kugdanan sin pungluꞌ.A person who has a charm to make bullets miss him will not be hit by a bullet.vag mag-; ran -an.To wear such a charm, be missed (by bullets).In tau pangliyasan sin pungluꞌ taga ilmuꞌ.A person who will be missed by bullets has esoteric knowledge.OV SYN.habay-habayCf.kubulan
pangpangnA cliff, precipice.Nahulug in tarak ha pangpang.The bus fell off the cliff.
pangsanadj(Of disease or illness) grave, serious.Pangsan na in sakit sin tau ini.This man’s sickness is grave.OV SYN.kansangCf.sangat
pangsutviact/pat mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For a liquid) to spurt, gush, shoot out in a stream, spurt in a jerking motion; (for something) to slip out or off (something else, as a thread from the eye of a needle).Miyangsut in duguꞌ dayn ha ū niya.The blood spurted from his head.Miyangsut in pūhan sin utak.The handle slipped off from the blade of the bolo.Cf.*bunsuwangvtpat pa-…-un.To jerk or force (something out of its hole, as a tether from the ground, a screw from metal or wood, a pen from its cap, a locknut).Papangsutun ku in pūhan sin utak ini, bagbag na.I’ll jerk off the handle of this bolo, it’s broken.
pangtudnA secondary beam under a house (supporting the floor).Subay makamdus in pangtud bat diꞌ mabaliꞌ in lantay.The secondary beam under a house should be durable so that the floor will not break.
pangtungudnA cousin (must be of the same generation as ego).In anak sin taymanghud sin inaꞌ atawa amaꞌ ku amu in pangtungud ku minsan.The child of my mother’s or father’s sibling is my first cousin.
pangtusannSprouted seed of coconuts.Marayaw in tubuꞌ sin pangtusan bang in dahun guwaꞌ dayn ha kīd.The sprouted coconut seed will grow well if its leaf comes out the side.
pangtuudnKing post.
panguꞌvag mag-; ran -an.To gaze silently and closely (at someone) with the intention of begging.Ayaw kaw magpanguꞌ ha manga tau, makasipug landuꞌ.Do not gaze silently and closely at people with the intention of begging because it is really shameful.Cf.kuruꞌ 1
panyabutvact mag-, -um-.To call for divine help (when one is in deep pain or dire circumstances by uttering the words Lailaha illawla Muhammadu rasululla [There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet]).Panyabut kaw bang awn kumugdan masakit kaymu.Call for divine help when something painful happens to you.
panyamnA confection, fried cake of rice, flour and sugar about the size of a small plate.Mataud maghinang panyam bang bulan nispu.Lots of people make fried cakes during the month of commemorating the dead.vag mag-.To make this kind of cake.Magpanyam kami kunsūm.We’ll make (fry) cakes of rice tomorrow.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
panyapadjComplete, equipped (with material things).Panyap in unu-unu niya ha lawm bāy.She has a complete set of home appliances.Cf.lungbusvag mag-; pat -un.To prepare, make (something) complete, get (everything) ready, equip (something).Magpanyap aku sin kagunahan ha bāy.I will prepare the things needed for the house.Panyapa in unu-unu dāhun mu tumulak.Get all the things that you’ll take for the trip ready.Cf.jukupnkapanyapanMaterial belongings, tools, instruments, equipment.Natakaw in kapanyapan sin karpintiru.The tools of the carpenter were stolen.Cf.kalangkapan*langkap
panyap palbutadjHaving everything that is needed, complete, fully equipped or furnished.In tau yan panyap palbut.That man has everything he needs.Panyap palbut in lawm bāy niya.Her house is completely furnished.Cf.jukup
panyataꞌseenyataꞌvTo reveal oneself (to someone), manifest, show as proof, reveal or disclose (something).
panyuꞌnA handkerchief.Tabuni in ilung mu sin panyuꞌ.Cover your nose with a handkerchief.Malingkat iban malanuꞌ in panyuꞌ sin babai yaun.That woman’s handkerchief is clean and beautiful.Pūta in panyuꞌ sin babai yaun, nahulug.You pick up the handkerchief of that woman, it fell.SYN.saputanganvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To use or wear a handkerchief.Panyuan ku in liug ku.I’ll wear a handkerchief around my neck.
papad1adjFlat (as of one’s feet or shoes, a stone).Papad in siki niya.Her feet are flat.OV SYN.langpadCf.datag2nA pad (of writing paper).Bīhi aku hangka-papad katas.Buy me a pad of paper.
papagannA frame (as of eyeglasses or pictures).In papagan sin samin mata niya nabaliꞌ.The frame of her eyeglasses is broken.Kahuy in papagan sin pattaꞌ.The picture frame is made of wood.
papakannA charm, talisman, amulet (usu. a stone or the like).Hangkan da way iyūk sin punyal sabab awn papakan niya.That’s why he wasn’t penetrated by the dagger because he had a talisman.Cf.hampan
papanaw(from pa₂ + panaw)nEnforcement (of a law or rule), (someone’s) intention, (someone’s) life or course of action.Mangiꞌ in papanaw sin tau yaun.That fellow’s intentions are bad.Bukun marayaw in pagpapanaw sin saraꞌ.The enforcement of the law is not proper (i.e., the law is not properly enforced).vag mag-; pat -un.To enforce (as the law), use (something) profitably (as wealth in business), intend (something).Diꞌ siya maingat magpapanaw sin sīn niya.He doesn’t know how to use his money profitably.
*papasvAR ag mag-; ran -an.-un is also used.To erase (something, as written or engraved letters).Papasi in sulat ha blackboard.Erase the blackboard.Cf.*pahid*kukus
papatanA description (of something), an impression (that shows that someone is up to something good or bad).Biyaꞌ ini in papata sin tau liyalawag ku.Here’s the description of the man I’m looking for.Biyaꞌ mangiꞌ in papata sin tau yaun.I have the impression that man is up to no good.vag mag-; pat -un; goal/ben -an.To describe (something), get the impression that someone is up to something good or bad.Papatahun ku kaymu in tau nakakari kaina.I’ll describe to you the person who came here earlier today.Papatahan ta kaw sin dān tudju pa bāy niya.I’ll describe to you the way to her house.
*parā(from pa₂ + )vag mag-; pat hi-; goal -an.To send (someone something).Piyarāhan ku hi inaꞌ sīn.I sent money to my mother.Bang kaw magparā karian na.If you’ll send, give it now.Parāhan mari in badjuꞌ ku ditun.Send here my dress that is there.
paraak(from pa₂ + daak)nWord, a message, or information (sent through someone).Awn paraak mari sin mayul kaymu.The mayor has sent a message for you.vag mag-; pat hi-; goal -an.To send word, a message or information (to someone).Paraaki siya madtu bat niya kaingatan in hinangun niya.Send word to him so he’ll know what to do.Cf.pahāti
paradulvar.paradurnA closet or moveable cabinet, usu. relatively tall, for holding clothes.