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parahaladvNevertheless, yet, however.Laung mu way sīn mu parahal namī-mī kaw pa tinda kahapun.You said you had no money, however you were buying at the store yesterday.Cf.malayngkan
parang1nGrass.Hubluta in manga parang.Pull out the grass.nkaparanganGround covered with grass, pastureland.Cf.bayli2n(cap.) The westernmost municipality of Jolo Island.
parang musar1nA field in the hereafter where the grasses are pointed and sharp like thorns.Believed to be the place where the dead are staying while waiting for the day of judgment.2nThe sharp-pointed grass (in this field).Amura in tau baldusa in katunukan sin parang musar.Only sinners will be stuck by the thorns of the sharp-pointed grass.
parang sabilvar. ofparrang sabiladjHaving died for a noble or heroic deed.
parangkangnA galleon, sailing ship (with two masts).Parangkang in siyakatan nila.They rode in a galleon.In layag sin parangkang duwa, biyaꞌ sapantun pikpik kabaꞌ-kabaꞌ.The sails of the sailing ship are two, just like the wings of a butterfly.vTV ag mag-; goal -un.To sail on such a ship.Nagparangkang sila pa Borneo.They are sailing to Borneo.Cf.kumpit2lipa
parasahan1nA feeling of comfort or discomfort (due to one’s health or living conditions).Mangiꞌ in parasahan ku adlaw yan.I don’t feel well today.2n(One’s) living conditions.Marayaw parasahan sin tau dayahan.Rich people have good living conditions.Cf.nanam 2
paratnIntense heat (of the sun).Miyatay in tiyanum sin parat sin suga.The plants died due to the intense heat of the sun.adjmaparat(Of the sun) intensely hot.Magpayung kita, maparat in suga.Let’s use an umbrella. The sun is so hot.Cf.pasuꞌ 1
paratsayavar.parachayaparassayavag mag-; ran pag-…-an.To believe, trust, have confidence in (something).Magparatsaya kami sin hambuuk da in Tuhan.We believe that there is only one God.Cf.kahagad
parduꞌnA (religious) law, ordinance of God.Subay kahagarun in parduꞌ sin Tuhan.We must obey the law of God.Cf.parman
parhimpunannAn organization, association.Tumabang ha manga tau in maksud sin parhimpunan namuꞌ.The purpose of our organization is to help people.Parhimpunan Dunya.The United Nations.
pariꞌnA Catholic priest.Tagnaꞌ, kamatauran sin pariꞌ ha Lupaꞌ Sūg Milikan.Before, most of the Catholic priests in Jolo were Americans.vag mag-.To be or become a priest.Awn bataꞌ dayn ha Sūg mabayaꞌ magpariꞌ.There is a youth from Jolo who wants to be a priest.Cf.imam
pariannA market.Mataud tuud tau ha parian bang adlaw Sabtuꞌ.There are many people at the market on Saturdays.SYN.tabuꞌadjparianunPertaining to the speech of people from Jolo town and coastal areas.ANT.gimbahanungimba
paribayvag mag-; goal -an.To walk or pass back and forth so as to attract (someone’s) attention.Magparibay sān in bataꞌ yan supaya karihilan kindi.That child goes back and forth to get your attention so he will be given candy.Cf.labaynpagparibayThe act of passing back and forth so as to catch (one’s) attention.Mahilu aku sin pagparibay sin babai ini.I’m dizzy because of this woman’s going back and forth to catch attention.
pariksaꞌnA reliable, verified, or confirmed idea; certain knowledge.Kulang pariksaꞌ aku ha manga sapiꞌ hi Bapaꞌ Lakibul nalawaꞌ.I have no knowledge of how Uncle Lakibul’s cows were lost.adjVerified, confirmed, reliable.Pariksaꞌ na tuud sin in kapitan naabut na.It is really verified that the captain was taken (died).vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To verify, inquire (so as to make sure or certain), ascertain.Pariksaa bang kuꞌnu in tulak sin kappal maghahadjiꞌ.Ascertain when the pilgrimage ship will sail.OV SYN.nyataꞌCf.asubu*usihathāti
parilnA cemented area (usu. an open space).Nagpanayam in manga bataꞌ ha paril.The children played on the cemented area.
parintanGovernment (as an organized system).In parinta Pilipinas subay limāya dayn ha kawasa sin hulaꞌ dugaing.The Philippine government should be free from foreign power.vAR ag mang-; ran -an.To rule or govern.Sundalu in mamarinta.Soldiers will be the ones to govern.Diꞌ kami mabayaꞌ parintahan sin tau guwaꞌ hulaꞌ.We don’t want to be ruled by a foreigner.npamarintaRule, administration.In pamarinta sin mānusiyaꞌ awn sadja saꞌ niya.The rule of man always has a flaw.Cf.saraꞌ 1
parkalaꞌvar.parakalaꞌ1nA court case.Unu in parkalaꞌ mu hangkan na kaw najīl?What was the court case that sent you to jail?vag mag-; pat -un.To have or file a court case.Subay ta parkalaun in pasal sin pagpatay ha amaꞌ mu.We should file a court case regarding the killing of your father.2nA happening, special event suitable for celebration, occasion.Unu bahaꞌ in parkalaꞌ ha bāy yaun?What’s the occasion they’re celebrating in that house?vag mag-; pat -un.To celebrate an occasion.Ayaw na magparkalaꞌ bang way da sīn mu.Don’t celebrate the occasion if you don’t have any money.Cf.pakaradjaan
parmannA command, edict, decree, or revelation (from God).Piyanaug sin Tuhan in parman niya pa manga kanabi-nabihan.God caused his command to come to the prophets.vag mag-.Does not occur with pa₂.(For God) to give an edict, decree, command, or revelation.Nagparman in Tuhan kan Nabi Musa didtu ha Bud Turusinaꞌ.God gave his command to Prophet Moses at Mount Sinai.Cf.sabdalaung1
parrangvag mag-.To fight a war (esp. for a religious or noble cause) (also magparrang sabil).Nagparrang in manga Tausug sabab diꞌ sila mabayaꞌ lungkupan sin bangsa dugaing.The Tausug fought a war because they didn’t want to be oppressed by foreigners.Hipagparrang sin Tausug bang diꞌ hirihil sin parinta in kabayaan nila.The Tausug will go to war if the government doesn’t give them what they want.OV SYN.sabil 1Cf.bunuꞌ
parrang sabilvar.parang sabil1adjHaving died for a noble or heroic deed (esp. in defending the Islamic faith), having died avenging a disgrace to one’s honor or family.In manga tau parrang sabil makapanguraꞌ ha kuraꞌ sambalani.The men who died for a heroic deed will ride on a white-winged horse.vag mag-; ran pag-…-an.To die for the cause of upholding Islam.The victims are usu. Christians, for a Muslim believes that by killing an infidel he will be bound for heaven riding on a white horse.2nA woman who died by fate on delivering a baby.
parunA plan, proposal, suggestion.Way da najatu in paru nila.Their plan didn’t materialize.vag mag-; pat -un.To plan or make a plan, propose or suggest (something).Paruhun ta in pagtulak ta pa Manilaꞌ.Let’s plan our trip to Manila.Paruhan ta kaw sin pagbisnis marayaw.Let me suggest to you a good, profitable business.adjmaparuProne to plan things (which usu. don’t materialize).In tau maparu masuhul wayruun kajatuhan niya.A man who is prone to plan things doesn’t turn out satisfactory results.Cf.planubanu-banu
parulnA kind of lamp (often used for fishing at night).
*parūlsee*dūlvTo indulge (one’s desires), enjoy (what one desires).
parulaTag.nA lighthouse, navigational light.Awn jaga duun ha parula.There’s a watchman at the lighthouse.
parulinConcern, care.Way paruli sin tau yan ha anak asawa niya.That fellow has no care for his wife and children.Way paruli ku minsan aku hibīn mu.I don’t care even if you leave me.vag mag-; pat -un.To have concern or care for (something), pay attention to or take heed of (something).Paruliha marayaw in pagꞌiskul mu.Attend to your studies.In babai yan diꞌ maingat magparuli sin lawm bāy niya.That woman doesn’t know how to pay attention to her house.Subay parulihun sin maas in hinang sin manga anak nila.Parents must be concerned for the activities of their children.Cf.isbat