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sapatnQuickness, swiftness, rapidity, haste.Biyaꞌ kilat in sapat niya dumāgan.He runs with the swiftness of lightning.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become quick (in doing something).Lumugay sumapat da kaw magtayp.Eventually you will become quick in typing.vpat -un.To do (something) quickly, speedily, quicken or hurry (an action).Sapatun ta in panaw ta bat kita makaabut sin lansa.Let’s quicken our pace so that we can reach the launch (on time).Ayaw pasapata in pagꞌitung mu bat kaw diꞌ malawng.Don’t hurry your counting so you won’t make a mistake.adjmasapatFast, speedy, swift, rapid, snappy.Masapat siya maghinang ha lawm bāy.She is a fast worker in the house.Cf.biskayamutsiglaꞌkasay 1samutalistu
sapatusvar.kapatusTag.nA shoe.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wear shoes, put shoes on (someone).Diꞌ mabayaꞌ magsapatus in bataꞌ.The kid refuses to put on his shoes.Sapatusi ba in bataꞌ ini.Will you put shoes on this child.OV SYN.tawmpaꞌ
sapiꞌ1nA cow.Cf.mandangan 12nBeef.Diꞌ makaun sin Muslim in sapiꞌ bang bukun siyumbayꞌ.Muslims don’t eat beef if it isn’t ceremonially slaughtered.
*sāpid1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To braid (something, as hair or straw).Sāpira ba in buhuk niya.Will you braid her hair?In buhuk hi Jamilaꞌ siyasāpid.Jamila’s hair is braided.Cf.*pugus2vact mag-.(For there) to be many of something, (for the skin) to be covered with or full of (something such as sores).Nagsāpid sin lahud in bataꞌ-bataꞌ yaun.That child is covered with welts.
sapiyulnA driver (of a vehicle), chauffeur.Wayruun sapiyul sin jīp yan.There is no driver for that jeep.vag mag-.To drive (a vehicle).Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ magsapiyul sin jīp yaun.He doesn’t like to drive that jeep.
*saplaadjmasaplaCoarse, rough to the touch; (esp. of dry food on the tongue) coarse (in texture); unpleasant (to the ear).Masapla kaunun in bugas gandum minsan biyaꞌdiin in dayaw sin katugnaꞌ.Corn grits are coarse to eat no matter how well they are cooked.Masapla in kaunun sabab walaꞌ tiyatahapan in bugas.The rice is coarse because it wasn’t winnowed.Masapla in bangbang hīnang niya.The confection she made is coarse in texture.Masapla tuud pa taynga ku in bissara niya.What he says is unpleasant to my ears.OV SYN.kasap
saplagadjWidespread, universal.Saplag in sakit yan ha katilingkal dunya.That disease is widespread throughout the world.viact -um-; pat ma-.(For information) to be disseminated; (for disease, rumors, fire, famine, etc.) to spread, become widespread or universal.Simaplag na in sunug pa Tinda Lawd.The fire has spread to Chinese Pier.Nasaplag na in suysuy yan.That rumor has become widespread.vtag mag-, magpa-; pat -un, pa-…-un.To disseminate (information), spread (something).Subay saplagun pa mānusiyaꞌ katān in daakan sin Tuhan.God’s command must be spread to all mankind.Subay pasaplagun in pahāti yan pa tau katān.That information should be disseminated to all people.Cf.latag
saplungvag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To cut off, amputate, cut (a part or the end) off (something).Nasaplung in duhul tudluꞌ niya sin laring mahayt.The end of his pointing finger was cut off with a sharp knife.Siyaplung sin tau in sayng ku ha higad dān.Somebody cut off my banana plant near the road.Saplungan ku in lima mu sin utak.I’ll cut off your hands with a bolo.utud
Sappalvar.ShafarnThe second month of the Muslim calendar, having 29 days.The month for the tulak balaꞌ, the ablution ceremony.Bulan Sappal in pagpanulak balaꞌ sin manga tau.The second month of the year is (the time for) the ablution ceremony to expel evil.bulan
sappitnA kind of large outrigger canoe with sail.Sappit in piyagluwanan nila tubig.They loaded the water on a large outrigger canoe with sail.Cf.lipabangkaꞌ1 sakayandāmaskumpit2piddas
*sapu1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To massage, rub gently.Sapuha in buktun niya masakit.Massage her painful forearm.2vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wipe clean, sweep (something clean).Sapuhi in lantay.Sweep the floor clean.Sapuhan ku in lummiꞌ pa guwaꞌ.I’ll sweep the dirt outside.Cf.*lanuꞌtarapusasapuderv.nA broom.
*sapudgimb.*lapudvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To throw rocks or pieces of wood at (fruit trees to make fruit fall).Siyapud nila in mampallam.They threw rocks at the mango tree.OV SYN.*kabbat1Cf.*tiluꞌ 1
saputnA shroud, white cloth used to wrap a corpse for burial.In saput subay diꞌ pagtahiun.A shroud should not be sewn.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wrap (a corpse) with a white cloth (for burial).Pagꞌubus liguun saputun na ampa sambahayangun sin pakil.After (the corpse) is ceremonially cleansed it is wrapped in white cloth and then the priest prays over it.SYN.kapanCf.putus
saputangannA handkerchief.Tarapuhi in bayhuꞌ mu sin saputangan.Wipe your face with a handkerchief.SYN.panyuꞌ
saputikaꞌ1relBecause, by reason of.Diꞌ tuud aku mabayaꞌ maghinang sin biyaꞌ ha yan, saꞌ, saputikaꞌ mu in nagdaak hinangun ku.I really hate to do that, but, because you requested me to, I will.Cf.pasal1sabab2relExcept for, only.Malugay na aku nagdagang dī mataud in magpamī, saputikaꞌ adlaw ini wayruun tuud.I’ve been selling here a long time (and) many buy (from me), except for today, nobody (has bought).
sapuyuꞌnA hat or cap with a brim (for shading the eyes).Pagsarukan in sapuyuꞌ mu pa uma.Wear your brimmed cap for going to the field.Cf.saruksāyung
saraꞌ1nLaws, rules, regulations.Pagmulkaan in lumanggal saraꞌ sin Tuhan.Wrath will fall on anyone who violates the laws of God.Subay ta agarun in saraꞌ sin parinta.We have to obey the governmental laws.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To bring (a case) to court, (for a judge) to settle (a case).Magsaraꞌ kita pasal sin altaꞌ ini.We have to bring the matter about the wealth to court.Saraun sin huwis in parkalaꞌ nila.The judge will settle their case.Cf.*salassay2vran ka-…an.To be agreeable to, be pleased.Diꞌ aku kasaraan sin hinang niya.I’m not pleased with his work.Baytai aku bang kaw diꞌ kasaraan sin addat ku.Tell me if you are not pleased with my behavior.Cf.amu1
*sarahakanvag mag-; pat hipag-.To commit (something) to (God’s) will.Hipagsarahakan ta na siya pa Tuhan sabab diꞌ na siya kaubatan sin duktur.We’ll commit him to the will of God because the doctors can’t do anything for him.Cf.*sangdul
sarahakan tugulvag mag-.A type of marriage proposal.Usu. done when the girl’s family or the girl herself shows dislike or reluctance to accept the man’s proposal. But because of the man’s sincere desire to marry the girl, he and his family proceed to the girl’s residence bringing the dowry, usu. more than the traditional amount asked for by the girl’s family. The man’s family won’t leave the house no matter how long it takes until the decision is made.
sarakkanAn alms gift.Money or something in kind given to a widow or orphan [esp. upon having a bad dream, upon success in business or other venture], to a practitioner after curing a patient, or to a Muslim priest after performing a prayer ceremony.Dihili sarakka in manga pakil pagꞌubus nila magduwaa.Give the priests an alms gift when they finish the prayer ceremony.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To give money (to someone for such reasons).Sarakkahan ku in manga ilu ini bang aku magdagang sin lahing ku.I’ll give an alms gift to these orphans if I can sell my copra.Subay kaw magsarakka bang awn tagainup mu mangiꞌ.You should give alms gifts if you have a bad dream.Cf.jakatpitlaꞌ
sarantiTag.nDisturbance, annoyance.Saranti dakulaꞌ in hibuk.Noise is a great disturbance.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To disturb (someone).Ayaw kaw magsaranti Utuꞌ awn pa hinang ku.Don’t disturb me, Sonny, I’m doing something yet.Sarantihun ta kaw bang kaw diꞌ magad manaw.I’ll disturb you if you don’t come along for a walk.OV SYN.sasat
sarangvar.hāngadjEnough, just right, sufficient, fitting.Bukun sarang ha limangka-tau in pagkaun piyarā mu.The food that you sent is not enough for five people.viact -um-, mag-.To fit, be just right, enough, sufficient, be big enough for.Diꞌ sumarang in badjuꞌ ku kaniya.My dress isn’t big enough for her.Cf.makainihan*inivtag mag-; pat hi-, -un.To try on something for fit.Hisarang ku in badjuꞌ niya.I’ll try on his shirt to see if it fits.Cf.jukupadjrdp.Just about right, fairly good, fair fit, not too large, good fit.Sarang-sarang in lagguꞌ sin lamisahan ini.The size of this table is just about right.vCH 1 rdp. pat -un.To make one’s action slower or more to a norm (as in driving).Sarang-saranga da in pagparagan mu jīp.Drive the jeep slower.
sarap1Tag.nDelicious taste, savoriness.Way sarap sin kakaun ini.This food has no delicious taste (i.e., is not tasty).adjmasarapDelicious, savory, tasty.Masarap in lamay namuꞌ kabii.We had a delicious viand last night.vST pat mag-, -um-.(For food) to become tasty.Pasarapun ku in paglutuꞌ bat mataud in makaun mu.I’ll make the food tasty so you’ll eat plenty.OV SYN.lanab 1
sarap2nA guess (as in taking an examination).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To guess.Ayaw kaw magsarap bang mu diꞌ kaingatan.Don’t guess if you don’t know (the answer).Cf.tukud
saratAr.nA token, mark, indication.Itum in sarat sin pagsusa.Black is a token of mourning.Tabuka in būk ini sarat sin pagsukul ku.Receive this book as a token of my gratitude.Yari in panyuꞌ sarat sin pagbagay natuꞌ.Here is a handkerchief as a token of our friendship.Magnayk hadjiꞌ hambuuk yan sarat sin Islam na kaw.To go on a pilgrimage is one indication that you are already a Muslim.Cf.tandaꞌ