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sardangnA name given to a palm with large fan leaves, the buri-palm.Malingkat hinangun saruk pagꞌuuma in sardang.Buri-palm is nice for making into a farm hat.5: Plants
sāri na(from sād + -i)vContraction of pasāri na.Never mind, don’t bother with, forget it, leave it alone, pay no heed, it’s OK.Sāri na bang siya diꞌ mari.Never mind if he doesn’t come.
sariatAr.nDivine code or law as revealed to a prophet.Cf.saraꞌ 1
sarsilavar. ofsalsilanA genealogy, genealogical story.
sartaꞌrelOccurring at the same time.Awn diyungug ku nagsilawak sartaꞌ awn timbak.I heard someone shout at the same time as the shooting.vact mag-, -um-; pat -un.To occur simultaneously, do (something) at the same time (as something else).Nagsartaꞌ in datung hi Jubaira kay Zalmina ha iskul.Jubaira and Zalmina arrived at the same time at school.Sartaun natuꞌ in datung sin mayul ampa kitaniyu magmupārik.We’ll time our rioting with the arrival of the mayor.Cf.saꞌbu1 sasang
saruknA hat (generic), headgear.Diꞌ sumarang in saruk ha ū niya.The hat doesn’t fit him.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To wear a hat, put a hat on (someone).Kapiyaluhun sa kān bang kaw diꞌ magsaruk.You’ll get a sunstroke if you don’t wear a hat.Sarukun ku na in saruk baꞌgu binī ku.I’ll wear the hat I just bought.Sarukan ku in ū hi Indaꞌ.I’ll put a hat on girlie’s head.Cf.kuppiyasurban
sarulnAn alloy (an admixture of something that debases a metal).Awn sarul sin bulawan ini.This gold has an alloy admixture.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To alloy (gold) with another metal.Sarulun ta in dublun mu.Let’s alloy your gold coin with something else.Ayaw kaw magbī sin gallang siyasarul.Don’t buy a bracelet that’s been alloyed.
saruun-duunadvImmediately, at once, suddenly, right then.Saruun-duun da piyarā sin amaꞌ in sīn.The father sent the money immediately.Cf.magtuy
sasaatnUsu. preceeded by hangka-.A very short period of time, moment of time.Hangka-sasaat da in lugay namuꞌ nagbissara.We were just talking for a moment of time.Hangka-sasaat da siya dugalan magtuy magdayaw in atay niya.She is angry for a very short time, then she is good again.
sāsabvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To roam about, walk or stroll about; rove, ramble, go all over (either with or without a goal or purpose).Amuna in hinang mu magsāsab adlaw-adlaw.All you do is roam about every day.Nasāsab ku in Tiyanggi saꞌ way ta kaw kiyabaakan.I went all over Jolo town (looking for you) but I did not find you.adjmasāsabCharacterized by roaming around.Hangkan da piyalian in siki niya sabab masāsab tuud siya.His foot was cut because he was very fond of roaming around.OV SYN.kāmbuyankātay*lunsul*tāraꞌ
sasadvar. ofsadsadvTo feel for, find by groping, search for (someone).
sasaknA fence, rail (used as a boundary, protection or confinement, usu. made of light materials).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To fence (a place) in or off.Sasakun ku in halaman ku.I’ll fence off my yard.Cf.ādkural
sasalvCH 2 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To work with (a metal), make (a metal) into (something).Mapanday siya magsasal bulawan.He is expert in working with gold.Sasalun ku in bulawan ini singsing.I’ll make this gold into a ring.Sasalan ku singsing hi Indaꞌ.I’ll make Inda a ring.Sasalun ku gantung liug in bulawan ini.I’ll use this gold in making a necklace.nmananasalA smith.Mananasal bulawan hi Bapaꞌ Aruyan.Uncle Aruyan is a goldsmith.
sasalamatan(from CV rdp. + salamat + -an₁)nA present, gift, reward, prize.Ubus niya nagkalang dīhilan siya sasalamatan sin mastal namuꞌ.After he sang he was given a reward by our teacher.Dihilan kaw sasalamatan bang kaw dumaug magkalang.You will be given a prize if you will win in the singing contest.Cf.baktiꞌ
sasangadvWhile.Sasang ku namamayguꞌ in karatung niya.He arrived while I was taking a bath.Cf.saꞌbu1 bābā
sasapu(from CV rdp. + sapu)nA broom.Hariin in sasapu bakas dī?Where is the broom that used to be here?Cf.kakāskās 1
sasatnSeducement, disturbance, nuisance.Ayaw magad ha sasat sin saytan.Don’t submit to demonic seducement.vCH 1 ag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.If the pat is focused with ma-, the temptation is or was yielded to.To disturb, seduce, distract the attention (of someone), tempt (someone).Ayaw aku sasata bang aku naghihinang.Don’t disturb me when I’m working.Sasata in jaga bat aku makapaguy.Distract the guard’s attention so that I can escape.Bang kulang in pagꞌīman ta, maluhay kita masasat.If our faith is lacking, we easily yield to temptation.adjmakasasatDisturbing, being a nuisance, causing seducement or temptation.Makasasat sadja in manga bataꞌ ini.These children here are just being a nuisance.Cf.sasawsaranti
sasawadjCausing interruption, interference, disturbance.Sasaw in tau ini ha hinang ta.This man is causing disturbance in our work.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat sasawnTo interrupt, interfere with, upset, disturb (someone or the functioning, fulfillment or completion of something).Ayaw kaw magsasaw bang aku naghihinang.Don’t interrupt (me) when I’m working.Ayaw kaw sumasaw sin pikilan ku.Don’t upset my train of thought.Makasasaw ha hinang mu in asawa mu.Your wife causes disturbance in your work.Diꞌ kaw makapangadjiꞌ hatul sabab sasawn kaw sin anak mu.You can’t study well because your child disturbs you.Cf.hilu 2lingugsasat
sasawk(from CV rdp. + sawk)1nA scoop, dipper.Cf.gayung2nA small fish net used to scoop fish, (fish) scoop.Hariin mu biyutang in sasawk istaꞌ?Where did you put the fish scoop?
sassingnPinworm.Marayꞌ awn sassing sin bataꞌ ini. Magkatul sadja sin buliꞌ niya.Probably this child has pinworms. He keeps scratching his bottom.vST pat -un.To become infected with pinworms.Ayaw papanayama in bataꞌ ha lummiꞌ bat diꞌ sassingun.Don’t let the child play in the dirt so it doesn’t get pinworms.Siyasassing in bataꞌ yan.That child has pinworms.Cf.kalug
sasukuꞌpronWhoever, each one who.Sasukuꞌ sin agad ha saytan pagmulkaan sin Tuhan.Whoever follows the demons will incur the wrath of God.SYN.hisiyu-siyu
sātnPaint.Kumamdus in bāy bang awn sāt niya.A house becomes durable when it has paint.SYN.pinta
satal1nA tie through (something, with a button-like larger object on one or both ends to prevent the yarn, thong, etc. from coming back through the hole).Malingkat in satal sin tilam nabī ku.The tie through the mattress I bought is nicely done.vag mag-.To tie (something) through (in this manner, usu. a mattress, in many places, to keep the kapok filling in place).Maingat in apuꞌ ku magsatal tilam.My grandmother knows how to tie a mattress through.2vA saddle-pad, pillow used in traditional saddles.
sātan1nThe name of a wind that blows from the south.hangin2nSouth.Huyup dayn ha sātan in hangin.The wind is blowing from the south.SYN.taksinaꞌCf.subanganmaksinaꞌsadlupan*sadlup 2masrikmagrib 3
satariyanA soldier, veteran warrior.A title in ancient historical legends of Sulu. A leader of a small group of trusted experienced warriors used as a stationary guard of the palace.Marayaw tuud in kajaga sin astanaꞌ bang in nakuraꞌ duun hambuuk satariya.The palace will be well guarded if the leader is a veteran warrior.