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satiawanadjRareTrustworthy.Mahunit na kaw makalāg tau satiawan ha dunya ini bang sīn in pagbissarahan.You can hardly find a trustworthy person in this world as far as money is concerned.
satruꞌnThat which one is against or contrary to, an enemy, that which one is angry with, the object of (someone’s) extreme hatred and disgust, that which is abominable.Katān hinang mangiꞌ satruꞌ sin Tuhan.God is against all evil doing.Satruꞌ ku in iruꞌ.Dogs are my enemies.Cf.langgal saraꞌcomp.langgal2
sattinKabobs (pieces of meat dipped in a peppery sauce).In kakaun satti pagnganan, guwaꞌ dayn ha hulaꞌ Indunisiya.The food named kabobs comes from Indonesia.In masarap maghinang satti didtu ha Tiyanggi Sūg.You can find the most delicious kabobs in the town of Jolo.
sattuwanBeast, animal (non-domesticated).Ginisan in sattuwa ha lawm sin gulangan.There are many kinds of animals in the forest.SYN.binatang 1Cf.hayup
saubnCover, lid (as of a bottle, jar, box, trunk, or pot).Nakapakain in saub sin anglit?Where did the cover of the pan go to?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cover (something with a lid).Saubi in manga pagkaun ha lamisahan.Cover the food on the table.SYN.lukub
saula-ula(from ula-ula)adjPretentious (i.e., making claims, explicit or implicit, to some distinction, importance, dignity, or excellence).vag unaffixedTo act as if (something is the case).Saula-ula kaymu in lupaꞌ kiyapagbāyan namuꞌ.You act as if the ground we built a house on is yours.vag magpa-.To pretend (to be someone important, rich or knowlegeable, to own something).Magpasaula-ula kaw huminang ha yan sin diꞌ kaw makaingat.You pretend to do that (work) when you don’t know how.Nagpasaula-ula siya magꞌagi kāmuꞌ sin bukun siya in nakuraꞌ.He pretended to order us about when he’s not the boss.Cf.bawꞌbawꞌ
saumuladvEndlessly, for always, forever.Bihān na kaw yan saumul?Are you going to stay that way forever?advkasaumulanForever.In lasa ku kaymu sampay kasaumulan.My love for you will last forever.OV SYN.salama-lamasabuli-bulitattapkakkal
sautvag mag-, -um-, maka-; aux/pat -un.(To do something) promptly or quickly.Sumaut aku sin panayam-nayam adlaw ini ha Tiyanggi.I’ll do things quickly (so I can catch up with) today’s festival in Jolo.Sautun ku kawaun in sīn didtu kaniya bābā yaun pa siya.I’ll get my money from him promptly while he’s still there.
sāw1vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.Takes irregular affixes -hun and -han.To do things together, share, eat together (esp. from one plate).Nagsāw sila nagkaun.They are eating together.Magsāw sila sin gunting.They will share the scissors.Pasawhun ta in bagay ta yan, walaꞌ siya nagdā lutuꞌ.Let’s let our friend there eat with us, he didn’t bring any food.Sawhan natuꞌ sila sabab mataud pagkaun tiyagama nila.Let’s eat with them because they have prepared lots of food.
sāw2nAn anchor.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To anchor (a boat), cast an anchor.Sāwi na in bangkaꞌ.Anchor the boat.Siyasāwan na.It is already anchored.OV SYN.bahudjiꞌ
sāw-duruꞌadj(Of two people who are not siblings) having nursed from the same woman.A baby who nurses from a woman not its own mother is considered to be a brother or sister of the woman’s real children. This relationship is quite binding.In bataꞌ sāw-duruꞌ biyaꞌ da magtaymanghud.Children who have nursed from the same woman are like real siblings.vag mag-.(For two children who are not siblings) to nurse from the same woman.In bataꞌ nakapagsāw-duruꞌ di makajari magtiyaun.Children who have nursed from the same woman cannot get married.
sawanBrightness, clearness (as of water), presence of light.Diꞌ aku makatūg bang bihān in sawa sin palitaan.If the lamp is this bright I won’t be able to sleep.adjmasawaClear, bright.Masawa in tubig ha kuppung ini.The water in this well is clear.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become clear, bright.Subay sumawa in hulaꞌ ampa lumupad in ariplanu.The airplane won’t take off until the weather becomes clear.Pasawaha in aymuka mu.Make your countenance bright.Cf.siꞌnag 1silaw
sawaliꞌnSplit bamboo woven into sheets (used for walling).Made from kayawan and lahiꞌ types of bamboo.OV SYN.saydsid
sawan1nA cup (usu. made of glass).Tuwangan pa sawan in kahawa.Pour the coffee into the cups.Cf.tasa
sawan2nConvulsions.Awn bataꞌ magkamatay sin sakit sawan.There are children who die of convulsions.vST pat -un.To be affected by a convulsion.Sawanun in bataꞌ bang makalanduꞌ in pasuꞌ niya.A child will go into convulsions if its fever goes too high.
sawasaꞌnCopper.Mahalgaꞌ na in sawasaꞌ bihaun.Copper is expensive now.Cf.tumbaga
sawaynA spell resulting in sickness (caused by a dead person speaking about or commenting on a living relative).The sickness is cured by having a curer offer a special kind of prayer to the dead person believed to have caused the sickness, usu. by visiting the grave, bringing food, and burning incense to appease the dead person.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For a dead person) to speak about or comment on (a living person, esp. a close relative).Marayꞌ yan siyaway sin amaꞌ niya, hangkan nasakit in bataꞌ yan.Perhaps his late father spoke of him, that’s why that child is sick.SYN.sagdaCf.abat 1labhaꞌhantu
*sawayvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To chide, correct (someone so as to rectify a fault).Sawaya aku bang diꞌ kumugdan in hinang ku.Correct me if I’m not doing right.
sawbangnA fish-spear with bamboo points.OV SYN.sāpang
sawdnA section of bamboo for holding water, short receptacle used for fetching water (esp. on a cow’s back).nsawd-sawdA smaller shorter bamboo receptacle used for fetching water by children, well dipper.Cf.dagtungvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran/inst pag-…-an.To collect (liquid in a container).Sumawd sila kunuꞌ tubig pansul inumun.They say they are going to collect water from the faucet to drink.Hisiyu in nagsawd sin tubig ini?Who collected this water?Sawrun ku pa in tubig nagtūꞌ.I’ll collect the dripping water.Siyawd niya in ulan kahapun.He collected the rain yesterday.Awn undam pagsawran namuꞌ sin sabaw lahing.We had a basin for collecting coconut milk in.npanawdAny container or reservoir used for collecting and storing rain water.Cf.sawk
sawd-sawdnA kind of confection (cooked in a small piece of bamboo that looks like a bamboo receptacle for holding a liquid).
sawkvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To scoop (something), draw up (water) from a well or spring, fetch (water).Kadtu kaw sawk tubig pa kuppung.Go and fetch water from the well.Sawkun ku in tubig muna ampa aku magdakdak.I’ll draw the water first and then wash the clothes.nsasawkA scoop.nmagsasawk tubigA water hawker.
sawkatvar.sakawkatadvJust because.Sawkat na bukun kaymu diꞌ na kaw kumaun.Just because it is not yours you don’t eat it.Sawkat na kaw dī ha hulaꞌ mu maisug na kaw.You’re brave just because you are here in your place.Sawkat na siya dayahan diꞌ na siya magꞌaddat ha tau.Just because he is rich he doesn’t respect people any more.Cf.sababpasal1
sawmnUnderpart, bottom side, under, beneath.Malanuꞌ in sawm bāy nila.The underpart of their house is clean.Tawꞌan ha sawm lamisahan.Keep it under the table.Cf.babaꞌ 1
*sawmbibiadjmasawmbibiAmiable, friendly, good-natured.In tau masawmbibi mataud bagay niya.An amiable person has a lot of friends.Cf.maasip*asip