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sawnaynAn indigenous wind instrument (like a flute).Nabaliꞌ in sawnay niya.His flute is broken.vag mag-, -um-.To play such a musical instrument.Maingat tuud magsawnay hi Aliꞌ.Aliꞌ really knows how to play the flute.Cf.suling
sawnuꞌadvRight away, immediately, without delay, at once.Subay sawnuꞌ ubatan in sakit niya.Her illness must be treated immediately.vCH 1 aux mag-, -um-, -un.(To do something) immediately, right away, without delay, at once.Sawnua adjala in istaꞌ bābā bukun pa haluꞌ.Cook the fish at once while it’s not yet rotten.Walaꞌ nasawnuꞌ in pagparā mu sin sīn.You didn’t send the money at once.vCV 1 pat hipa-.To give over (to someone else) for immediate handling.Subay hipasawnuꞌ pa huspital in bataꞌ-bataꞌ masangat.The seriously ill child must be admitted to the hospital for immediate care.Cf.magtuysaruun-duun
sawpama(from upama)relAs an example, by way of illustration, for instance.Bang sawpama diꞌ siya mari, magꞌunu na kaw?If for instance she doesn’t come, what will you do?vag mag-; pat -un.To cite (something) as an example, illustrate (something).Ikaw na in magsawpama kanila sin hinangun nila.You be the one to illustrate to them what they’ll do.Hikapagsawpama ta in kasigpitan kiyalabayan mu.We’ll cite as an example the difficulties that you’ve experienced.Cf.upamakundalilhantangibārat
sawragalnThe title of a character in oral literature who is a leader in a community, a merchant.Awn tau naggulal ha nakuraꞌ nila sawragal.There are people who entitle their leader sawragal.
sawrungnA roofed unwalled part of a house, porch.Awn sawrung sin bāy nila, marayaw pagmiting-mitingan.They have a porch on their house, its nice to have conversation there.
sawwalnLoose-fitting pajama-like trousers (worn by both men and women).Hindui magꞌampiꞌ sawwal in Milikan yan.Show that American how to fold his loose-fitting trousers around the waist.vag mag-, -um-; ran/ben -an.To wear such trousers, put such trousers on (someone).Diꞌ mabayaꞌ magsawwal tiyutupakan in bataꞌ ini.This child doesn’t want to wear patched loose-fitting trousers.vpat -un.To use (something) as such trousers.Cf.pantalun
Sawwalvar.ShawwalnThe tenth month of the Muslim calendar, having 29 days.bulan
sayantisEng.nA scientist.Dayn ha ingat sin manga sayantis nakaabut na in mānusiyaꞌ pa bulan.From the knowledge of scientists people have reached the moon.
*sayangvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To raise (one’s hand or something held in the hand).Sayangan in lima mu bang kaw mabayaꞌ magad.Raise your hand if you want to go.OV SYN.*angkatbuhat 1Cf.*sintak
sāyangTag.intj(An expression of regret that something has been wasted or an opportunity missed) too bad.Sāyang, walaꞌ aku nakarā sīn.Too bad, I didn’t bring any money.Cf.kawgunluppas
saydsidvar.sidsidnSplit bamboo or rattan woven into sheets (used for walling and matting).OV SYN.sawaliꞌ
sayinggawanA snare.vag mag-; pat -un.To make a snare, snare (something).Bang kita magsayinggawa subay awn manga lubid, bannang, atawa lupis.If we are going to make a snare we need twine, string, or strands of hemp.Ayaw mu na sayinggawaha in manuk yan.Don’t snare that chicken.
saykukuwaknWhite-breasted water hen.In saykukuwak matagi magpayguꞌ ha tubig.The white-breasted water hen is fond of bathing in the water.1: Birds and Flying Insects
*sayluvtpat -un.To interchange (two or more things).Sayluhun natuꞌ in basu piyagꞌiinuman nila.Let’s interchange their drinking glasses.vtAR ran -an.To exchange (something for something else).Sayluhan ku in tawmpaꞌ baꞌgu binī ku, sabab masigpit ha siki ku.I’ll exchange the shoes I just bought because they’re tight on my feet.Sayluhi ini madtu sin pula.Exchange this for that red one.viact -um-, mag-.To become interchanged or switched.Nakapagsaylu in bulpin ta.Our pens became switched.Nagsaylu in kapatus namuꞌ.Our shoes have become interchanged.Cf.sambiꞌgantiꞌ*saliyu
saymbugutnA dried loop of abaca fiber (used around the feet as an aid for climbing coconut trees).Dāha in saymbugut ini bang kaw dumāg niyug.Bring this dried abaca fiber loop when you climb coconut trees.
sayng1nThe banana plant.Musa spp.5: Plants2nBanana (the fruit).In sayng bang amanun landuꞌ marayaw.If bananas are boiled they are very delicious.In sayng tudluꞌ mahabaꞌ dayn sin ginisan sin sayng ha Sūg.The forefinger banana is longer than the other kinds of bananas in Sulu.
sayngsingnThe production of branches or shoots.Kitaun ta bang marayaw da in sayngsing sin sayng.Let’s see if the production of shoots of the banana tree is good (i.e. if there are plenty of shoots).vag mag-, -um-.(For a plant) to produce many shoots or branches.Bang magsayngsing na in tubu subay natuꞌ na yan pilaun in puunan.When the sugar cane produces many shoots we should cut down its stalk.adjmasayngsingAbundant in branches or shoots.Masayngsing in kahuy yaun.That tree is abundant in branches.
saypantuhugnIndian snowberry (a medicinal tree).5: Plants
*saypuwavag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning betweeen -un and -an.To compute (something) with an abacus.Saypuwahun da sān sin Lannang bang pila in hibayad mu.The Chinese will compute with an abacus how much you are going to pay.Cf.itung 1*bista
sayrapnMatting woven from coconut leaves (esp. used for roof or walls of houses in the rural areas).Sayrap in atup sin bāy namuꞌ.The roof of our house is coconut-leaf matting.Cf.kadjangniyug
sayrullanA residence certificate (proof of payment of residence tax).Subay awn pattaꞌ bang kaw magbayad sayrulla.You have to have a picture when you pay for your residence certificate.Cf.buwis
saysignMovement in any direction.vag mag-; ran -an.To move in different directions.In manuk usug saysig pa tuu pa lawa bang makakitaꞌ atu niya.The rooster moves from right to left and vice-versa when it sees its opponent.SYN.hibalmalinsa*linsa
*saytEng.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To bring (something) into the sights of a rifle, aim at (something).Sayta siya dayn ha buliꞌ kahuy yan.Aim at him from under that tree.SYN.kital
saytan1nAn evil spirit, demonic being.Nasasat siya sin saytan.He was seduced by an evil spirit.Siyūd sin saytan in tau yan.That person is possessed by an evil spirit.vpat -un.To be possessed by evil spirits, act in a fiendish manner, be haunted by an evil spirit.Saytanun sa yan bang niya kaingatan biyunuꞌ in taymanghud niya.He will become fiendish if he knows that his brother was murdered.adjmasaytanHaunted by evil spirits.Masaytan in bāy bang way tau niya.The house will be haunted by evil spirits if there is no one living there.Cf.lutawbalbalan2n(cap.) In the Holy Koran, the power of evil that tempted man from a higher to lower state; Satan.His name has the root idea of perversity and enmity.Nasasat sin Saytan hi Apuꞌ Hawa.Grandmother Eve was tempted by Satan.Cf.Ibilis
sayuadjConscious, aware.Bukun siya sayu sin hīhinang niya.She is not aware of what she’s doing.vST pat mag-, -um-.To be or become conscious; be or become aware (of something).In tau piyunung masi walaꞌ nakasayu.The man that fainted is still unconscious.Pasayuhun ta kaw sin maana sin bichara niya.I’ll clarify to you the meaning of what he said.Cf.hāti