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sayulnA vegetable.Diꞌ kumaun sayul in manga bataꞌ.Children don’t eat vegetables.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To use or cook (something) as a vegetable.Magsayul aku kangkung adlaw ini.I’ll use that kangkong as a vegetable today.
sayumanadjCapable of remaining silent and uncomplaining (esp. of a child, even though he’s sick, hungry, angry, tired, sleepy, etc.).Kaingatan mu sadja in bataꞌ sayuman awn nanamun bang siya mamuras.You can only detect an uncomplaining child having an ache or an abnormal feeling when he turns pale.
sāyungnThe projecting front brim of a cap (used for shading the eyes from the sun), visor.Bī kaw saruk amu in awn sāyung niya.Buy a hat, the kind with a visor.
Shafarvar. ofSappalnThe second month of the Muslim calendar.
nA sheikh, a title given to some of the early Arab missionaries and their descendants.Bang kita maghadjiꞌ subay awn agaran .If we make a pilgrimage we should have a sheikh to go with us.
siꞌdik1vact mag-, -um-.To slant, slope, incline.Simiꞌdik in baran niya sabab sin diyarā niya mabuggat.His body slants due to the heavy load he is carrying.
siꞌdik2var. ofsiddikvTo believe completely.
siꞌgubviST pat -un.To burp or belch.Biyaꞌ aku sūng siꞌgubun pasal sin kansub ku.It’s like I’m about to burp because I’m so full.vtCV 1 ag mag-; pat hi-.To expel (air from the stomach), burp (something) up.Siꞌguban in hangin ha lawm tiyan mu bat diꞌ sumakit.Burp up the air from your stomach so that you won’t be sick.
siꞌlutvar.silutvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To squeeze through, force a way through a crowd, squeeze in (between people or things, as in finding a seat on a passenger jeep).Siꞌlut kaw madtu bat kaw makabī bugas.Squeeze through so you can buy rice.Kitaa bang kaw makasiꞌlut ha buliꞌ sin jīp.See if you can squeeze in at the rear of the jeep.OV SYN.litlitCf.siplit
siꞌnagvar.sinag1nBrightness, glory, radiance.Way na makaliyu dayn sin siꞌnag sin suga.There is nothing that can compare with the brightness of the sun.vact -um-, mag-.To become bright, shine.Subay na sumiꞌnag in suga ampa natuꞌ hilanjal in panaw natuꞌ.When the sun becomes bright then we will proceed with our journey.adjmasiꞌnagBright, radiant, shiny (as of heavenly bodies, fire, or lightning).Masiꞌnag tuud in palitaan yan.That lamp is very bright.Cf.silawsawa*inggatidlapsinglabsilaksahaya2nrdp.A thin, light stick of pyrotechnic material which burns with a bright spark, sparkler.vrdp. ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To light sparklers.Magsiꞌnag-siꞌnag in manga bataꞌ bang marayꞌ na haylaya.The children light sparklers when it’s almost the time of the festival.
siꞌpunvar. ofsippunnNose mucous.
sīb1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To peep, peek; look in on (something) briefly.Sīb kaw dayn ha tandawan.Peep through the window.Sība bang siya yan ha lawm bilik.Take a peek in her room (and see) if she’s there.Cf.atud2vran ka-…-an.To find out through observation (some negative or undesirable aspects of someone’s character).Kiyasīban ku sin panipu in tau yan.I’ve found out through observation that that man is deceitful.
sibahatvag mag-; pat -un.To mention, hint, name (something).Nagsibahat siya sin gastu niya.He mentioned his expenses.Pagsibahatun sin manga tau in hinang marayaw nahinang sin manga tau miyatay na.People usually mention the good deeds done by those who are already dead.Nasibahat niya in ngān mu kāina.He mentioned your name a while ago.In kapanyapan sībahat niya bukun kākuꞌ.The things that he mentioned are not mine.OV SYN.sabbut
sibaynAn extension (of a house).Asibiꞌ in bāy ini subay hinangan sibay.The house is small; we have to build an extension.
sibiꞌ-sibiꞌ(from asibiꞌ)adjSmall.In babai biyaytaꞌ ku kaymu sibiꞌ-sibiꞌ da in baran.The woman I told you about has a small body (i.e., is petite).OV SYN.nikiꞌ-nikiꞌanak-anak
sibilyanEng.nAn ordinary person (as opposed to a person who is a member of a special group, as a civilian as opposed to a soldier or a rebel, or someone who is not a government employee).
sibitnA claw (of a crab, etc.).In sibit sin kagang bang makasibit masakit.If a crab clutches with his claw it hurts.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To clutch (with or as with a claw).Kamayaꞌ kaw. Masibit kaw sin kagang.Be careful. You might be clutched by the crab.
sibuꞌadjSame, equal, alike, identical.Sibuꞌ in dagbus nila.They look identical.Sibuꞌ in badjuꞌ nila.Their dresses are alike.viact mag-, -um-.To be alike or equal, be like (something).Diꞌ magsibuꞌ in pagdā niya ha manga dayahan iban miskin.His treatment of the rich and the poor is unequal.Pagtuyuꞌ kaw bang kaw mabayaꞌ sumibuꞌ kaniya.Work hard if you want to be like her.Papagsibua in dagbus sin badjuꞌ nila.Make their dresses alike.vtran -an.To copy, imitate, or equal (something).Diꞌ kasibuan in dayaw sin hinangan niya.(No one) can equal the good quality of her work.OV SYN.saliꞌ
sibugvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran ka-…-an.To move a short distance, move (something) a short distance.Sibug kaw bat siya makalingkud.Move a little so she can sit.Sibugan in bangkuꞌ mu.Move your bench over.Cf.simay
sibuyas1nThe onion plant.Allium cepa5: Plants2nAn onion.Pagkīluhun in sibuyas ha tabuꞌ.Onions are weighed by the kilo at the market.
siddikvar.siꞌdik2vag mag-, -um-; ran pag-…-an.To believe completely or firmly in (something).Magsiddik aku sin siya putingan.I completely believe that he is a liar.Magsiddik na kaw kākuꞌ?Do you now believe firmly in me?Pagsiddikan ku na in ingat sin tau taga pangadjiꞌ.I firmly believe in the skills of a person with education.
siddipnAn ancient money value.
sidsidvar. ofsaydsidnSplit bamboo or rattan woven into sheets (used for walling).
siganA cigarette.Dāha in manga siga ini pa tinda.Take these cigarettes to the store.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To smoke (a cigarette).Unu in sigahun mu bang kaw ubus kumaun?What do you smoke when you finish eating?Sigahun ku na minsan pasaw na in siga ini.I’ll smoke this cigarette even though it’s stale.Sigahan ta ampa kita diꞌ karuun.Let’s smoke so we won’t get sleepy.npaninigaA chain smoker.In inaꞌ ku paniniga tuud.My mother is really a chain smoker.
sigaꞌintj(An exclamation used in driving away animals) go away! get out!Sigaꞌ, kuting!Go away, cat!vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To drive away (animals).Sigaa in manga kambing ha halaman ta.Drive away the goats from our yard.Cf.bugaw1 1