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sigayvag mag-, -um-; pat -un. [short for pasigayun].To move a little, move aside, push one’s way through a crowd.Sumigay aku pa unahan mu tiyuꞌ-tiyuꞌ.I’ll move to your front a little.Sigay ba kaw matun masigpit tuud yan.Will you move a little there, its very crowded.Sigay kaw dayn hayan wayruun da lamud mu.You move away from there, anyway you have no business there.Sigay naa kaw aku isab in sumubli.Move a little, I have to take over also.Piyasigay sin pulis in manga tau ha giꞌtung dān.The police drove away the people who were in the middle of the road.OV SYN.sibugīg
sigi-sigiadvGoing on in rapid succession, happening over and over again, repeated often, continually.Sigi-sigi in pagtimbak.There’s a continual shooting.Sigi-sigi in pagpangayuꞌ niya sīn.She continually asks for money.Cf.daranmawmu
siglaꞌvar.sidlaꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To hasten, hurry, speed up; do something quickly, speedily, promptly.Siglaꞌ kaw bat kita diꞌ hikabīn.Hurry up so we won’t be left behind.Siglaun ta in hinang ta ampa kita makauwiꞌ muna.Let’s speed up our work so that we can go home first.adj./advmasiglaꞌPrompt(ly), quick(ly).Masiglaꞌ siya umingat sin hinang.She’s quick to learn the work.OV SYN.amutCf.samutbiskaysapat
sigpangvar. ofsuliꞌpangnAn intersection, confluence.
sigpit1nTightness (as of clothing or shoes).Bang bihān in sigpit sin badjuꞌ yan, diꞌ sumarang kaniya.If such is the tightness of that dress (i.e., If that dress is that tight), it won’t fit her.vST pat -um-, mag-.(For clothing or shoes) to become tight, (for people) to be or become crowded.Simigpit in badjuꞌ ini kākuꞌ.This dress has become tight for me.Magsigpit na in manga tau ha lawm jīp bang ganapan in pasahiru.The people will be crowded in the jeep if any more passengers get in.adjmasigpit(Of clothing or shoes) tight.Masigpit in tawmpaꞌ yan kākuꞌ.Those shoes are tight for me.2nDifficulty, hardship.Siyandalan niya minsan unu in sigpit sin pagꞌiskul ha supaya siya makatalus.He endured whatever difficulty arose in his schooling in order to finish.viST pat mag-, -um-.(For earning a living, one’s situation) to become difficult, (for people) to get in difficulty, (for one’s mind) to get in a dilemma.Sumigpit in kabuhianan niyu bang kaw maīg dayn ha hinang.Your living will become difficult if you leave your job.Bang way sīn mu, sumigpit in pamikil mu.If you don’t have money, your mind gets in a dilemma.vtran -an.To tighten (something, fig.); make (something) difficult (for someone).Sigpitan ku na in pagdihil balanjaꞌ pa magꞌuuma.I’ll tighten up the giving of expense money to the farmers (i.e., give them less).nkasigpitanA difficult situation, difficult circumstances.Bang kaw ha lawm kasigpitan, pangayuꞌ kaw tabang ha Tuhan.If you’re in a difficult situation, ask for God’s help.adjmasigpitIn difficulty, hard pressed, perplexed, in a dilemma, at one’s wit’s end; (of earning a living) difficult.Masigpit in pamikil ku pasal sin parakalaꞌ yan.I’m at my wit’s end over that problem.Masigpit in pagꞌusaha bihaun.Business is difficult nowadays.Cf.hunit 1
sigputvag mag-, -um-; non-agent -an.To jump back (to safety).Sigput kaw dayn ha yan makutkut kaw sin lahipan.You jump back from there or else you will be bitten by the centipede.Nagsigput in manga tau paglabay sin tangki.The people jumped back when the tank passed by.Subay ta sigputan dayn dī supaya kita diꞌ kakitaan.We should jump back from here so we won’t be seen.Piyasigput ku in manga bagay ku pagdatung sin kuntara.I told my friends to jump for safety when the enemy came.Nagsigputan in manga tau pagdungug nila sin timbak.The people jumped for safety when they heard the gunshot.OV SYN.*tangkis 1
*sihaꞌvag -um-.To diverge from, deviate, depart (from a certain path, practice, custom or tradition, viewpoint, etc.).Simihaꞌ siya dayn ha kiyapagꞌisunan sin parhimpunan nila.He departed from that which had been agreed upon by their organization.vag mag-; pat -un.To move or drive (something away).Subay sihaun in baanan sapiꞌ pa taas būd.The herd of cows should be driven to the top of the hill.vipat ma-.To move or be moved away (from a place), be scattered.Nasihaꞌ in manga tau ha lawm tabuꞌ sabab awn miyatay natimbak.The people in the market were scattered because someone was shot and killed.Cf.butaskandī
*sihilvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.(For the representative [or rarely, the parents] of a young man) to make a proposal of marriage (to the parents of a prospective bride).The first stage in pagpangasawa.Nagsihil in manga tau maas pa bāy sin babai amu in kabayaan asawahun sin nagdaak kanila.The elders went to the house of the girl whom the one who sent them wants to marry to make a proposal of marriage.Piyasihilan hi Ambran kabii.Ambran received a proposal for marriage last night. (Someone came to ask whether Ambran could be given to them in marriage [a proposal request]).
*sihudvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To move (something) with one’s foot, kick (something).Sihura ba pa higad in labban yan.Please move that carton with your feet to the side.Nagsihud hadja in manga bataꞌ nagkālu.The children were kicking as they fought.Sihurun ku in bangkuꞌ ini bang aku dugalan.I’ll kick this chair if I get angry.
sikadvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran ka-…-an.To stretch out the legs (in reclining or relaxing).Sikaran in siki mu bat marayaw parasahan mu.Stretch out your legs so you’ll feel more comfortable.Cf.*hutadhunat
sikān(from siki + -an₁)nThe direction or place where the feet are placed while lying down, foot (of a bed or mat).In sikān sin kulangan niya siyanam.The foot of his bed is full of ants.ANT.ūhanderv.ū
siki1nFoot.6: The Parts of the BodyvTV ag mag-; pat -un.To walk, go by foot, hike.Magsiki sadja aku pa Parang.I’ll just walk to Parang.Sikihun ku hadja dayn ha Tiyanggi pa Taglibi.I’ll hike from Jolo to Taglibi.2nA foot (the measurement; either the standard foot or the length of a person’s foot).sukud1
siki itiknA confection made from pounded rice, melted eggs, and white sugar, cooked in an open cave that has fire on top of and under the cover.Hangkan in bangbang ini ngiyanan siki itik sabab in lupa niya biyaꞌ siki itik.The reason why this biscuit is called foot of a duck because the shape is like the foot of a duck.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
*sikmuꞌvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To nudge (someone with the elbow).Sikmua bat kaw asipun.Nudge him so you’ll get his attention.
siksaꞌvar.tiksaꞌnSevere punishment.vtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To punish (someone) severely (either physically or mentally; primarily of God, but also used of people).Siksaun kamu bang kamu diꞌ mamaytaꞌ sin bunnal.You’ll be punished severely if you don’t tell the truth.vipat ma-.To go through some great difficulty, suffering, or anguish.Nasiksaꞌ sila sin timpu bunuꞌ.They suffered greatly during the war.nkasiksaanPunishment, great difficulty or suffering, anguish.Bang kita ampunun sin Tuhan lappas kita dayn ha kasiksaan.If we are forgiven by God we are saved from punishment.Cf.binasabinsanaꞌ
sikunElbow.In pali-palihan sin kamaasan bang awn hipagdihil ta ha tau ampa ta kāun magbalik makahaluꞌ siku.The belief of the old people is that if one gives something to someone and then takes it back, his elbow will rot.6: The Parts of the Body
sikuꞌnA curve in the road.Agak-agak kaw magparāgan ha sikuꞌ sin dān.Drive slowly at the curve in the road.nsikuꞌ-sikuꞌThe wavy edge (of a kris).Landuꞌ in dayaw sin kahinang sin sikuꞌ-sikuꞌ sin kalis ini.The wavy edge of this kris is well done.
sikupvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To encircle (fish with a net).Sīkup nila sin pukut in baanan istaꞌ.They encircled the school of fish with a net.OV SYN.likus 1
*sikutvpat pa-…-un.To put or make (things) closer together (in distance).Ayaw pasikuta in pagbutang sin manga tambuku.Don’t put the buttons closer together.Piyasikut in pagbutang sin manga lambang sin hagdan.The placing of the rungs of the ladder was made closer together.advmasikut(Of objects in a row) close together, (of pregnancies) at close intervals.Masikut in pagbutang sin manga bulaꞌ sin taytayan yan.The placing of the split bamboo of that footbridge is close together.Masikut siya magꞌanak.She gives birth at close intervals.ANT.lahanglawakCf.suukkiput
silapron(Third person pl. topic pronoun) they, them, to them.Sila in manga bagay ku.They are my friends.Bagayun ku sila.I’ll make them my friends.Kiyarihilan na sila bangbang.Cookies have already been given to them.
*silahagviST pat ma-, magka-.(For people or animals) to be scattered or dispersed.Nasilahag in manga bataꞌ nagdāgan pagkitaꞌ nila ha tau nahihilu.The children were scattered at a run when they saw the drunk man.Nagkasilahag in tau nagpaguy amu in waktu pagbunuꞌ.The people who fled at the time of the fighting are scattered.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To scatter or disperse (people or animals).Subay silahagun naa in manga tau ampa kita makalabay.We have to disperse the people first, then we can pass through.SYN.kanatCf.puhagpulak-palik
silaknRays (of light which give off heat, primarily of sunlight).Kiyapasuan aku sin silak sin suga.I was made hot by the rays of the sun.adjmasilakShining with an uncomfortably bright light, (of a color) very bright.vact mag-, -um-; ran ka-…-an.To shine or be shined upon.Sumilak in suga bang mahinaat.The sun begins to shine in the morning.Marayaw bang in tiyanum kasilakan sin suga.It’s good if the sun can shine on the plants.Cf.singlabsiꞌnag 1silawsawa*inggatidlap
silangvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To distinguish, discern.Silanga in mangiꞌ iban marayaw.Discern what is right and what is wrong.Diꞌ ku masilang in dagbus sin kambal.I can’t distinguish the faces of the twins.Cf.*pinigpīꞌ 1kilā 1.1
silawnBrightness, brilliance (as of sunlight or other light that gives forth intense brightness).Nakalanduꞌ in silaw sin palitaan yan.The brilliance of that light is just too much.vST pat -um-.To become very bright or brilliant.Sumilaw in siꞌnag sin suga bang kumugdan pa dagat.The radiance of the sun becomes very bright when it hits the sea.adjmasilawVery bright, brilliant.Masilaw in suga.The sun is bright.OV SYN.siꞌnag 1Cf.sawa
silawaknA loud, sharp, piercing cry or sound (as of a person in terror or pain); scream.Diyungug mu in silawak sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ?Did you hear the child’s scream?vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To scream, shriek.Silawak kaw bang awn kakitaan mu tau mari.Scream if you see anyone coming.Silawaki siya bat niya kaw karungugan.Scream at him so he’ll hear you.Cf.*ulakulanggasudtulik