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silbātunA horn (of a jeep, etc.).Uy, matanug in silbātu niya.His horn is very loud.Cf.pītu
siliꞌnA metal container for boiling water, kettle.Pagpasuꞌ kaw tubig ha siliꞌ.Boil water in the kettle.
siliꞌ garingnA kind of kettle with an ivory handle (more common in olden days).In siliꞌ garing mawmu pagbutangan kahawa mapasuꞌ.The kettle with ivory handle is usually used as a container for hot coffee.
silikannA wheel or tire (of any vehicle).Miyustak in silikan sin jīp.The tire of the jeep blew out.
silugadjRareMuch, plenty, in abundance (also masilug).Silug in duguꞌ gimuwaꞌ kaniya.There was much blood that came out of her.Masilug in manggis ha tabuꞌ.Mangosteens are in abundance in the market.
silungvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To seek shelter or shade, shelter (something).Silung kaw bat kaw diꞌ mabasaꞌ sin ulan.You seek shelter so you won’t get wet.Hisilung ku in tahay bat diꞌ kaulanan.I’ll put the dried fish under shelter so it won’t be rained on.nsilungan/pagsilunganShelter, shade (of protection from rain or the heat of the sun).Minsan biyutang ha pagsilungan in manga diyakdakan kiyaulanan da.Though the washing was put in shelter it got rained on anyway.Cf.sindung
silutvar. ofsiꞌlutvTo squeeze through.
simayvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran ka-…-an.To move aside, give way, push (something) aside.Simay kamu! Yan na in manga luruk.Move aside! Here are the guests.Simayan in lamisahan asibiꞌ pa dugu yaun.Push aside the small table to that corner.nsimayanA place to move aside to.Cf.īgsibug
simbanWorship, homage (of Christian worship).In bisayaꞌ dugaing in pagsimba nila.The Catholics have a different way of worship.nsimbahanA Christian church.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For Christians) to worship.Magsimba sila ha simbahan.They worship at the church.OV SYN.sumba 1*pudji
simbugvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To add a smaller quantity (of liquid to a bigger quantity).Simbugi tubig haggut in tubig mapasuꞌ.Add a little cold water to the hot water.Cf.lamugay 1lamud 1
simbulnCrowdedness, lack of spaciousness.Mahunit kita makalabay bang bihaini in simbul sin labayan.It’s hard to pass by when the road is crowded like this.vST pat -um-.To become crowded, disorderly, not spacious.Sumimbul in dān bang mu hibutang in manga batu yan dī.The road will become crowded if you put those rocks here.vtag mag-; ran -an.To crowd (a place).Simbulan natuꞌ in dān supaya diꞌ magpakusug magparāgan in manga sasakatan.Let’s crowd the road so that the vehicles won’t travel fast.adjmasimbulCrowded, disorderly.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ matūg ha bilik masimbul.I don’t want to sleep in a crowded room.Cf.kiput
simpākvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For people) to separate, withdraw (from one another), go off in opposite directions; (for a road) to fork.Nagsimpāk kami didtu ha suliꞌpang.We went off in opposite directions at the intersection.Subay simpākun in duwa magbagay yan, landuꞌ in kajahulakaan.Those two friends should be separated because they are really cruel.Cf.butas
simpalvar. ofjimpalvTo excite fighting cocks by holding them in front of each other.
simpannA game similar to jacks (objects are placed on the back of the hand then tossed into the air and caught with the palm).vag mag-.To play this game.Masūb in manga bataꞌ babai magsimpan.The little girls are fond of playing jacks.
simpiꞌnAn earthen pan (esp. used for cooking cassava).In simpiꞌ marayaw pagsanglagan panggiꞌ.An earthenware frying pan is good for toasting cassava.Cf.kahaꞌ
*simpulvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To rebuke or reprimand (someone so as to rectify faults and to instill propriety and obedience), discipline (someone).Subay mu simpulun in anak mu sin hinang niya mangiꞌ.You should reprimand your child for her wrongdoing.Cf.hinduꞌamā
simpungnA broken part of the small end of a piece of wood (such as the sheath of a barong).Dihilan kākuꞌ in simpung taguban hi amaꞌ mu.Give me the broken part of the small end of the sheath of your father’s barong.Pikitun ta in simpung taguban sin puddang mu.Let us paste the broken part of the scabbard of your sword.viST pat ma-.For the small end (of a piece of wood) to break.Bukun malugay masimpung na in taguban barung mu yan.It won’t be long till that small end of the sheath of your barong breaks.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To break off (a small piece of something).Simpungun ku in duhul sin pūhan sin utak ini.I’ll break off the end of the handle of this bolo.
simpuwakvar.sampuwakvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To splash or dash (liquid) about or on (something).Paglabay sin tumubil ha dān taga tubig-tubig kiyasimpuwakan kami sin tubig.When the automobile passed on the road that had a little water we were dashed with water.In awtu ta bakas kiyasimpuwakan sin tubig.Our car was splashed with water.OV SYN.*sabulakCf.*pigsik 1
simud1nMouth.6: The Parts of the Bodyhigad simudcomp.nThe lip (the body part).2adjmasimud/simuranProne to gossip or tattle.Ayaw mu paglahasiyai in tau simuran.Don’t reveal secrets to someone prone to gossip.vrdp. ag mag-; pat hipag-.To gossip or tattle about (someone).Piyagsimud-simud nila in babai yan naburus.They were gossiping about that woman getting pregnant.Ayaw kaw maghinang mangiꞌ bat kaw diꞌ hipagsimud-simud.Don’t do anything bad or they’ll gossip about you.Cf.limutkiyakaun simudidiomadjStubborn, calloused to scolding (esp. used of children) (lit. a mouth is being eaten).
*simutvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To smell, sniff (something, usu. of animals).Simutun sin iruꞌ in basurahan.The dog will sniff the trash.Cf.hamut
sinrelThe grammatical marker of (1) non-focused subject; (2) non-focused definite direct object; (3) the genitive relationship.Kaunun sin kuting in istaꞌ.The/A cat will eat the fish./The fish will be eaten by the/a cat.Kimakaun in kābaw sin sagbut yaun.The carabao is eating that grass.Kiyawaꞌ niya in būk sin bataꞌ.He took the child’s book/the book of the child.
sīn1nMoney.In sīn yan, dīhil kaymu.That money was given to you.vag mag-, maka-.To make money.Makasīn kita bang jumatu in tiyanum ta ini.We can make money if these plants of ours thrive.vpat -un.To give (someone) money (instead of something else).Diꞌ na aku magdihil kaymu badjuꞌ saꞌ sīnun ku na sadja.I won’t give you clothes but I’ll just give you money.vran -an.(For someone) to have money taken away, be fined.Ayaw kaw mangamput babai bat kaw diꞌ kasīnan.Don’t touch a woman so you won’t be fined.2vrdp. ag mag-.To spend money (unnecessarily).Magsīn-sīn sadja kaw ha way kagunahan.You’re just spending money on unnecessary things.Cf.pilak 1pisitakanat-kanatkanat
SinaꞌnChinese.In Sinaꞌ ha Sūg amu in manga nagdaragang ha lawm sin daira.The Chinese in Jolo are the ones selling in town.Kamatauran sin Sinaꞌ maingat hadja magꞌusaha.The majority of Chinese are knowledgable in business.SYN.Lannang
sinagvar. ofsiꞌnagnBrightness, radiance.
sinaguliꞌnAny of a number of plants with small yellow mallow-like flowers.Bang magsumping in sinaguliꞌ, gumuwaꞌ tuud in lingkat niya.When the flowers from a sinaguliꞌ plant sprout, its beauty will really appear.5: Plants