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*sipaknA part or half of something, a split section.Pilangka-sipak in binī mu?How many split sections did you buy?vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (something) in two (lengthwise), split (something) into halves.Sipakun ku in tinapay ha duwa bataꞌ.I’ll split the bread into halves for the two children.Cf.biak*tuisutud
sipat1.1nA physical sense, natural power or faculty (of a person).Tausug distinguish 4 senses: pangitaꞌ sight, pangdungug hearing, nanam taste, and panghamut smell.Bang in tau maas na, kulang na in sipat niya.When a person is old his senses fail him.1.2vpat ma-, hika-.To imagine; describe, express, explain (usu. with negative diꞌ).Diꞌ hikasipat in lingkat sin dayang-dayang.The beauty of the princess is indescribable.Masipat mu in pagbagay ta biyaꞌ magtaymanghud.Can you imagine the kind of friendship we have? It’s like we are siblings.In taud sin pamulawan sin sultan diꞌ hikasipat in daya niya.The king has plenty of jewelry, his wealth is inexpressible.2nType; manifestation, evidence; appearance; attribute, quality; work (noun).Diꞌ mapandang sin mānusiyaꞌ in sipat sin Tuhan.People can’t see God’s appearance.Hambuuk sipat sin Tuhan amu na in maytaꞌ diꞌ maghundung in siꞌnag sin suga iban sawa sin bulan.It is a manifestation of God that (lit. why) the rays of the sun and the shining of the moon never stop.Hi Apuꞌ Adam iban hi Sitti Hawa sipat sin Tuhan sabab limabay sila dayn ha lima sin Tuhan.Adam and Eve are a work of God because they passed through God’s hands.Diꞌ hikatugilaꞌ in sipat sin Tuhan.We cannot explain God’s attributes.
sipiadvStealthily, treacherously.Sipi kaw dāgan bang siya walaꞌ nagꞌaatud.Run stealthily when he is not looking.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To spy on (someone), double-cross (someone), spy out (something).Simipi in pilisu maguy.The prisoner is spying to escape.Sipihi bang hawnu niya hitawꞌ in pilak niya.Spy out where she keeps her money.Sipihan ta in adlaw pagbalik niya.We’ll spy out the day he returns.Cf.jaga
sipiꞌnA hand (of bananas).Namī hi inaꞌ hangka-sipiꞌ sayng.Mother bought a hand of bananas.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (a stalk of bananas) into hands.Sipiun ta na in bulig sayng ini ampa ta hiragang pa tabuꞌ.We’ll cut this stalk of bananas into hands and then sell them at the market.Cf.bulig
sipit1nA peg, clothespin, hairpin.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To catch (something) between two fingers, pincers, etc.; pinch (something); clip (something, as a paper clip clips paper, a clothespin clothes, or a hairpin hair).Magsipit siya sin buhuk niya bang manaw.She clips her hair when she is going for a walk.Aray! nasipit in lima ku sin kagang.Ouch! my hand was pinched by the crab.Pagsipitan niya in ilung niya manga hangka-jām.He used to clip his nose for an hour.Cf.gipit 1kibitsibitnrdp.An earwig.2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To carry (something) under the arm.Sīsipit niya in pitakaꞌ.She’s carrying her pocketbook under her arm.
sipit ulangnPelvic bone.Bang dumugtul in sipit ulang sin tau pa manga digpiꞌ atawa basiꞌ, agun punungun in tau.If the pelvic bone of a person bumps against a board or metal the person will almost faint.
sipit-sipitnEarwig.In sakit sin kutkut sin sipit-sipit ini kasandalan minsan bataꞌ-bataꞌ.The pain of the bite of an earwig is bearable even by a child.4: Animals, Non-flying
siplitvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To thrust or insert (something) into a crevice (as into a crack in the wall).Sīplit niya in jawm ha lutang sin dingding.She thrust the needle into the crack of the wall.Hisiplit ku na ha dingding in sulat mu.I’ll insert your letter into the wall.Siplitan ta sīn in inbilup.We’ll insert money into the envelope.
sippunvar.siꞌpunsipunn(Nose) mucous.In tandaꞌ sin iyuulapay kaw awn sippun ha lawm ilung mu.The evidence that you have a cold is that there is mucous in your nose.viST pat -un.To develop a stuffy nose.Bang adlaw-adlaw iyuulanan in tau in guwaꞌ niya sippunun siya.If a person is rained on every day, in the end he will develop a stuffy nose.vtag mag-, mang-.To throw away nose mucous.adjsippunanHaving a stuffy nose.Diꞌ siya makanapas marayaw sabab sippunan siya.He can’t breathe well because he has a stuffy nose.OV SYN.tayꞌ ilungcomp.tayꞌCf.*sungaulapay
sipsipvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wedge (something) between (two other things), put a wedge or shim (into something).Magsipsip aku muna sin buslut sin atup ampa kita manaw.I’ll wedge something between the holes in the roof first then we will go out.Subay sipsipan in manga atup bat diꞌ magtūꞌ bang ulan.We have to put wedges in the roof so that it will not leak when it rains.
sipugnShame, dishonor, disgrace; humiliation; shyness.Sipug in makamatay ha Tausug.It is shame that kills a Tausug.Way sipug sin tau diꞌ magpamayad utang.A person who doesn’t pay his debt has no shame.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To shame, dishonor or disgrace (someone); make (someone) ashamed; humiliate or be humiliated; be shy.Ayaw mu siya sipuga ha katauran tau.Don’t shame him in the presence of many people.Biyaꞌ kaw ini manipug kākuꞌ.It is as if you’re putting me to shame.Simipug aku sin bissara mu.I was humilated by what you said.Mabayaꞌ da aku matay dayn sin sipugun sin pagkahi ku.I’d rather die than be put to shame by my fellow men.vpat hika-.To be ashamed of (something).Subay ta diꞌ hikasipug bang awn sallaꞌ ta.We should not be ashamed if we have a defect.Hikasipug mu aku?Are you ashamed of me?ANT.sanglit 1adjmasipugEmbarrassed, ashamed, shy.Masipug siya kumalang ha mayran.She is too shy to sing in public places.OV SYN.malumanlumanadjmakasipugShameful, dishonorable, disgraceful.Makasipug ha Tausug in diꞌ mangatu.It is shameful for a Tausug not to contend (with his opponent).adjbayngsipugunShy, reserved, reticent.Bayngsipugun in budjang yan.That young lady is reserved.Cf.hinaꞌbiasajayb 1
siputnA screw.Nalawaꞌ in siput sin makina.The screw of the machine is lost.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To screw, turn (something), turn on or off (a faucet, radio, gas stove, etc.).Ayaw mu pasāri in bataꞌ magsiput sin dapulan.Don’t just leave a child to turn the handle on a stove.Ayaw mu pakusuga in pagsiput mu sin pansul bat diꞌ mabaliꞌ.Don’t force the turning off of the faucet so that it will not break.kulang siputidiomadjPeculiar, eccentric, irrational, unbalanced, having a screw loose.
siratal mustakimAr.nA bridge in the hereafter (in Muslim tradition over which the righteous pass safely, but from which transgressors will fall onto a sharp blade below); the way of the righteous, correct path of religion.Wajib kitaniyu imingat sin siratal mustakim.It is obligatory that we know the correct path of religion.
sirikadj(Of a person) dirty, unclean.In tau diꞌ magpamawppuꞌ sirik.A person who does not cleanse himself with water after urinating or defecating is unclean.OV SYN.sammal
sirik munapiknAn unbeliever (in Islam).Ayaw paasawaha in anak mu sin sirik munapik.Don’t let your son marry an unbeliever.adjUnbelieving (in Islam).
sirilmaꞌsunvag mag-.Archaic(For the leaders of a community [banuwa]) to meet and confer (about something).Ubus nagsirilmaꞌsun piya masjid nagtipun.After conferring they gathered at the mosque.Cf.isun
sisiknScales (of fish, etc.).Matugas in sisik sin istaꞌ ini.The scales of this fish are hard.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To remove the scales (from a fish).Sisiki in istaꞌ.Remove the scales from the fish.adjmasisikScaly, having many scales.Masisik in istaꞌ ini.This fish is scaly.
sittavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To speak longingly of (someone one remembers).Magsitta sadja in manga maas niya kaniya.Her parents are always speaking longingly of her.Pagsittahun ku sadja in tunang ku.I always speak longingly of my sweetheart.Cf.sintaꞌ
Sitti1nA title given to a woman born of a datu and a commoner mother.Cf.putliꞌ 12nA feminine name.Sitti in tagnaan sin ngān babai ha Sūg.Sitti is the beginning of the name of some women in Jolo.
siubnA sheet, blanket, covering.Haunu mu biyutang in siub?Where did you put the blanket?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wrap or cover (someone with a blanket, etc.).Siubi in bataꞌ-bataꞌ sin habul.Wrap the baby with a blanket.Cf.habultadjung
siyapron(Third person sg. topic pronoun) he, she, it, to him, to her, to it, him, her.Malingkat siya.She is pretty.Ibani siya pa tabuꞌ.Accompany him to the market.Dihili siya kindi.Give her candy.
sīyanA chair.Limingkud siya ha sīya.He sat on the chair.SYN.bangkuꞌlingkuranlingkud
*siya-siyaviST pat ma-.To be neglected, be abandoned in a helpless state.Nasiya-siya in manga bataꞌ sabab way maas nila.The children were neglected because they didn’t have any parents.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To neglect, abandon (something).Ayaw mu siya-siyaha in manga bataꞌ īipat mu.Don’t neglect the children you care for.Cf.pasādderv.*sād
siyabit(from -iy- + sabit)adj(Of bamboo walling, the cloth called pīs) woven.In dingding sin bāy, bulaꞌ siyabit.The wall of the house is woven split bamboo.In pīs siyabit, amu na in tandaꞌ sin kamaasan.A woven square cloth is a symbol of the old heritage.
siyaladjOn one’s own if harmed, responsible for injury to oneself.Siyal in kugdanan sin batu.Whoever is hit by a stone, it’s his own responsibility.vtag mag-; pat -un.To penalize (someone), hold (someone) responsible (for something).Siyalun sin sundalu in tau umatu ha parinta.The soldiers will penalize people who resist the government.viST pat ma-.To run a risk at one’s own responsibility.Masiyal kaw bang kaw madtu saꞌbu nagbubunuꞌ.You’ll run a risk at your own responsibility if you go there while the shooting is going on.Cf.*taksil