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sabdanSomething spoken by a prophet, a quotation from a prophet.Sabda sin Nabi Muhammad, subay in ummat Islam mamawgbug sin agama.Prophet Muhammad said that followers of Islam must uphold their religion.Cf.parmanlaung1
sabivag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To ask or invite (someone) to help (in a project, as render manual services).Sabi kaw kan Amina magdakdak.Ask Amina to help you do the washing.Hisiyu in masabi ta tumabang maghinang sin taytayan?Who can we ask to help us make the footbridge?OV SYN.abi-abidanginCf.*taabbitimbayt
sabil1nA person who died by committing parrang sabil.vag mag-; pat -un.To kill (someone, usu. a Christian or any non-Muslim) ritually (so as to avoid disgrace), run amok (due to disgrace to one’s honor or family).In nagsabil natimbak sin pulis.The person who ran amok was shot by the policeman.In Tausug magsabil bang masipug.A Tausug will kill ritually if he is put to shame.In bangsa Muslimin amu in namawgbug ha agama Islam mangaku minsan magsabil bang sila paagarun pa agama dugaing.Muslims who embrace Islam as a religion will take responsibility, even kill religiously if anyone attempts to convert them.OV SYN.bunuꞌCf.parrang2nA woman who died by fate on delivering a baby.
sabitgimb.saꞌbit1nA hook (anything used to snag something else).Ayad kaw, mahayt tuud in sabit yan.Be careful, that hook is very sharp.In sabit piyahinang ku bukun mahayt.The hook that I ordered to be made wasn’t sharp.viact -um-.(For something) to hook, catch, or snag (on something).Ayaw kaw lumamugay ha katauran tau supaya diꞌ makasabit in sanggut mu.Don’t go out into a crowd of people so that your sickle won’t catch (on someone).vtag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To use a hook (esp. for fishing).Manabit aku istaꞌ ha jambatan.I’ll hook fish at the wharf.Marayaw sabitan in manga istaꞌ nagbabaan-baan.It’s nice to hook fish when they are in schools.nsasabitA hook for snagging fish.Būsi aku sasabit, manabit aku istaꞌ ha jambatan.Let me borrow a hook for snagging fish, I’m going to the wharf to make a catch.Cf.bingit2vag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To cross (an object over a like object, e.g., one leg over the other, the ends of rope or thread, pieces of rattan, or grass used in weaving).In paglingkud sin tau yan siyasabit in siki ha taas bangkuꞌ.That fellow is sitting with his legs crossed on the bench.Piyapagsabit mu isab in duhul sin manga lubid hangkan nagumun.You let the ends of the ropes cross, that’s why they got tangled.Bang magꞌanyam baluy subay parayawun in pagsabit sin pangdan supaya diꞌ matastas.In weaving a mat the crossing of the blades of grass must be done well so it doesn’t unravel.OV SYN.anyam 1nsabitanA cloth belt.
sabitannA cloth money belt (usu. worn by older men along with loose-fitting cotton trousers).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To wear such a belt, use (something) as a belt.Magsabitan in kamatauran usug sabab mahaluy in pantalun nila.Most men wear a belt because their pants are loose.Cf.sinturun
sablay1vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To hang or drape (something, as a garment) to dry.Hisablay ku in habul ha tandawan.I’ll hang the sarong to dry on the window.OV SYN.gantungCf.*sagnat*pinting2nA long, loose, collarless blouse reaching below the hips with long, loose sleeves.Opens all the way down the front with a folded band finishing the edge. Usu. fastened with a fancy pin.vag mag-; pat -un.To wear such a blouse.Mabayaꞌ kaw magsablay?Do you want to wear a long-sleeved loose blouse?Cf.sambrabatawi
sābtannA coincidence.vact -um-, mag-; ran ka-…-an.To coincide, occur at the same time.Nagsābtan in adlaw kapagꞌanak kaniya iban sin adlaw kapagꞌanak isab ha bagay niya.His birthday coincides with that of his friend.Kasābtanan sadja aku dī ha bāy bang awn malawaꞌ.I’m always here in the house at the same time something gets lost.Cf.saꞌbu1
SabtuꞌnSaturday.Adlaw Sabtuꞌ in tabuꞌ subay kita tumagama.Saturday is market day and we should be prepared.Maluhay in dagangan bang adlaw Sabtuꞌ.Goods are cheaper on Saturday.Tambul in bangku bang Sabtuꞌ.The bank is closed on Saturday.adlaw
sabudvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To scatter, sow or broadcast (something, often seeds).Siyabud niya in gandum ha manga manuk.He scattered the kernels of corn to the chickens.Diꞌ maitung sin magꞌuuma in pāy siyabud niya.The farmer sowed so much rice he couldn’t count it.OV SYN.*tiluꞌ 1Cf.bakal
*sabulakvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To splash (a liquid) or toss and scatter (sand, mud, rice, etc. on something).Ayaw kamu magsabulak tubig, makabasaꞌ kāmuꞌ.Don’t splash water, you might wet us.Sabulakan ta kaw sin tubig bang kaw diꞌ mīg.I’ll splash water on you if you don’t go away.Nagsabulak sila bugas pagꞌingat nila buhiꞌ da kaw.They tossed some rice when they learned that you were alive.OV SYN.*pigsik 1
sabuli-buliadvForever.Sabuli-buli miskin kaw bang kaw diꞌ magtuyuꞌ magꞌusaha.You will be poor forever if you don’t strive to earn a living.OV SYN.saumul
sabunnSoap.Bī kaw sabun hipagdakdak ta.Buy some soap for our washing.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To use soap (as in taking a bath, washing the face, or washing clothes).Pagsabun kaw bang kaw mayguꞌ.Use soap when you take a bath.Sabunan ku in lima ku bang sūng magkaun.I’ll soap my hands when I’m about to eat.Makajari hipanabun ku in sabun mu ini?May I use your soap?
*sabunnal(from bunnal)vag mag-.To assert to be true, confess (a fault, crime, etc.).Magsabunnal aku sin dusa ku.I confess my fault.
*sādvran -an.(In the phrase sāri na) to never mind or pay no attention to (something).Minsan mu aku diꞌ matabang sāri na.Even if you can’t help never mind.pasādderv.vTo leave (something) alone, neglect, take no care of, or overlook (something).adjmapasādNeglectful.
saddiyaadjPrepared or equipped (to act or be used immediately), ready.Saddiya kami tumulak adlaw ini.We are ready to leave today.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To prepare (something), make (something) ready.Subay kamu magsaddiya na sin manga unu-unu dāhun niyu.You have to make ready the things you are going to bring.Saddiyaha niyu in katān kagunahan niya.Make ready everything that he needs.Cf.tagamasakap
sadja1var.hadja1advOnly.Kahapun ku sadja siya kītaꞌ.I saw him only yesterday.
sadja2var.hadja2advAlways, at all times.Nagkakalang sadja kaw.You are always singing.Matatarasaw sadja in bataꞌ ini.This boy is always late.OV SYN.daran
sadjaratun mantahanThe tree of life (one of the trees in heaven).Wayruun nakakitaꞌ sin sadjaratun mantaha.No one has seen the tree of life.
*sadlup1vag mag-, -um-.(For the sun) to set, make an apparent descent toward and below the horizon.Lisag pila sumadlup in suga?What time does the sun set?n(In the phrase sadlup suga) the time of setting (of the sun), (sun)set.Sadlup suga na in kauwiꞌ nila pa bāy.It was already sunset when they went back to their house.2nsadlupanThe direction in which sunset occurs, west.OV SYN.kiblatANT.subanganCf.magrib 3masriktaksinaꞌmaksinaꞌhangin
sadsadvar.sasadvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To feel or grope for (something), search (someone); locate (something) by touch.Siyadsad nila aku, sagawaꞌ way da kiyabaakan nila.They searched me, but they didn’t find anything.Siyadsaran sin sundalu in katān tau lumabay dayn ha taytayan.The soldiers searched everyone who passed on the bridge.Cf.*sanaw
sāgvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To break or cut off (a branch of a tree).Aku in sumāg sin sanga mampallam supaya bukun na masimbul in lawm ād.I will be the one to break off the mango tree limbs so that the area inside the wall will not be crowded.Cf.baliꞌ 1utud
sagawaꞌvar.saꞌsagaꞌsumagawaꞌrelBut, on the contrary (connects two contrasting clauses).Mabayaꞌ siya magad sagawaꞌ wayruun tau ha bāy niya.He wanted to come but there was no one at his house.
sagayꞌnSomeone (from a tribe in Borneo) hired to be a headhunter.In manga sagayꞌ masūb magpangutud ū.These headhunters like to decapitate heads.
sagbutnWeeds, trash.Lanui niyu in sagbut ha halaman bāy.Clean up the trash around the house.vtag mag-; ran -an.To scatter trash.Ayaw kamu magsagbut sin kātas ha bilik ku.Don’t scatter paper in my room.vST pat -un.To become weedy.Sagbutun in halaman sin bāy.The house yard will become weedy.adjmasagbutFull of weeds.Masagbut in halaman nila.Their yard is full of weeds.Cf.kaput2
sagdanA spell (resulting in sickness. The spell is caused by a dead person speaking or commenting on the living.)Kiyugdan siya sagda sin manga patay.He was afflicted by a spell caused by the dead.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For a dead person) to make (someone) sick (by casting a spell).Sagdahun kita sin tau miyatay bang kita mahibuk ha pagjagahan.The dead person will make us sick if we are noisy when watching (the corpse).Cf.saway