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siyamadvNine.Siyam da sila nakāꞌ magpulis ha daira sin Lupaꞌ Sūg.There were only nine of them taken as policemen in the town of Jolo.umbul
siyanglag(from -iy- + sanglag)nGrated cassava roasted (in a pan).Butangi kiyugut lahing in siyanglag.Add grated coconut to the roasted cassava.
siyapvag mag-; pat -un.RareTo prepare, equip.Magsiyap na asal aku sin manga darāhun ku tumulak.I’ll already prepare the things that I’m going to take on my trip.Siyapun ta na asal in manga kakaun ini bat marā pa piknik.Let’s prepare this food so we can bring it to the picnic.
siyuvar. ofhisiyupronWho? whom? (with ngān) what?
siyu-siyuvar. ofhisiyu-siyupronWhoever, anybody.
siyulvag mag-; pat -un.To fish with a fine net (in shallow water by pushing the net along the bottom as one walks).Subay natuꞌ siyulun in anak bangus ha lawm subaꞌ.We should fish for milkfish fry in the river with a fine net.nsisiyulA fine net.nmaniniyulOne who makes his living by fishing with a fine net.Cf.laya
siyumnA kiss.Usu. performed by pressing one’s cheek against the other person’s cheek and nuzzling the other person with the nose while giving a sniff. The lips do not meet. Used also to indicate any way of kissing.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To kiss (someone).Siyumun ta mān kaw bang kaw tumulak.I’ll be sure to kiss you when you sail.vRC ag mag-.(For people) to kiss (each other).In kiyasūran namuꞌ sīni magsiyum sadja.The movies we went to were just a lot of kissing.
siyuruꞌ(from -iy- + suruꞌ)nA sweet soup (made of various foods like mongo beans, sago, corn, or sweet potato mixed with coconut milk and sugar and eaten with a spoon).In paghinang niya sin siyuruꞌ masarap.The way he makes sweet soup (it) is delicious.SYN.sindul
sūꞌnLight (of a torch, candle, etc.).Way sūꞌ sin palitaan.The lamp has no light.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To light or kindle (something as a candle, lamp, or torch).Sūi in ilaw ha kusina.Light the lamp in the kitchen.Cf.ilawpalitaan
suꞌduyadj(Of trees, posts or anything upright) slanting, inclined.Suꞌduy na in kusina namuꞌ pasal sin hunus.Our kitchen is slanting now because of the typhoon.vact mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For trees or anything upright) to incline or slant.Palawma in pagꞌusuk sin hāg bat diꞌ sumuꞌduy.Stick the post deeply (into the ground) so it won’t slant.
suꞌgubnA container woven (from coconut leaves, esp. for lanzones, mangoes, and other small fruit).In manga buwahan biyutang ha suꞌgub piyagdagang ha tabuꞌ.The lanzones were put in a woven container and were sold at the market.SYN.japangtambusaꞌtampipiꞌ
*sualvRC ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To discuss, argue.Ayaw kamu magsual pasal agama bat way pagngiꞌ atay.Don’t argue about religion so there won’t be any misunderstanding.OV SYN.*lugatCf.jawab
*suapvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To bribe (someone).Subay suapun in saksiꞌ.We should bribe the witness.
sūbnA strong liking or fondness (for something, esp. a certain kind of food).Sibuꞌ da in sūb namuꞌ magkilaw mampallam.We both have the same strong liking for eating green mangoes.vST pat -um-.To develop a strong desire or liking (for something, esp. a certain kind of food).Lumugay sumūb da kaw kumaun dūyan.Eventually you will like to eat durian.vran -an.To like (to eat or do something), be very fond (of eating or doing something).Bang kaw makakinam sin siyanglag, sūban kaw.If you taste roasted grated cassava you’ll like it.Kasūban sin sanam in sukal.Ants are very fond of sugar.adjmasūbVery fond (of eating or doing something).Masūb siya magbassa sin būk biyaꞌ ha yan.She is very fond of reading that kind of book.Masūb aku magkaun timun.I am very fond of eating watermelon (i.e., I like it very much).Cf.tagisuwak
subaꞌ1nAn inlet, place where a river empties into the sea.Namayguꞌ iban nagdakdak badjuꞌ in manga tau ha subaꞌ.The people bathe and wash clothes in the inlet.Cf.sapaꞌ
subaꞌ2nSomething that one ridicules, looks down on, or treats with contempt in another which one does oneself later on.In subaꞌ iban kisas diꞌ marā matay.The thing a person looks down on in another he will do himself before he dies.vpat -un.To become or do the thing that one ridicules, looks down on or treats with contempt.Siyubaꞌ na kaw! Mangudjuꞌ kaw ha manga babai magpantalun, na bihaun magpantalun na kaw.So you’re doing what you ridiculed! You made fun of girls wearing pants, and now you’re wearing them yourself.SYN.kisas
subahatnA mistake.Bang awn subahat nahinang sin baran mu, subay kaw magtawbat pa Tuhan.When you have made a mistake you must ask forgiveness from God.In subahat nahinang mu nakabissara kaw pangkal pa Tuhan.Your mistake was in using bad words that profane God.Cf.subalipangkal
subalinA solemn promise, vow, pledge (esp. to God; should not be broken lest it bring a curse on the one who made it).vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To make a vow (not to do something).Bukun marayaw in magsubali.It’s not good to make a vow.Bang mu subalihan in anak mu bihān hāti niya diꞌ na kaw magꞌanak kaniya.If you make a vow like that to your son it means you won’t recognize or claim him as your son.Cf.janjiꞌnajal
subang1.1vact mag-, -um-.(For the moon) to rise.Sumubang na in bulan.The moon is now rising.1.2nsubanganThe waxing of the moon.ANT.kūpankūp 21.3nsubanganThe number of days (in the month since the new moon), a day.Pilangka-subangan pa ampa puasa?How many more days before the fast?2vpat pag-…-un.To be or become crazy, be mildly affected now and again by times of lunacy.Bang bihan miyamasuꞌ na sadja siya, siyubang na isab yan.If she’s that ill-tempered all the time, then she is crazy again.
subangan(from subang + -an₁)nThe direction east.In suga magguwaꞌ dayn ha subangan.The sun comes up in the east.SYN.masrikCf.maksinaꞌtaksinaꞌsadlupan*sadlup 2magrib 3hangin
subayadvMust, should, it is necessary or compulsory to.Subay kaw minum sin ubat ini bang kaw mabayaꞌ kaulian.You must take this medicine if you want to get better.Cf.wajib
*subbat1vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To spear or snag (a sea creature or a land animal) by a quick, darting motion.In bakakka maghulaꞌ ha taas kahuy masuuk pa dagat supaya siya manubbat istaꞌ.The kingfisher lives up in trees near the sea so that it will be easy for him to snag fish.2vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To chase (someone) with a weapon.Siyubbat sin jaga in sugarul sin utak.The guard chased the thief with a bolo.
subidpūꞌ equiv. oflubidvTo plait, twist (something).
sublivag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To take turns with (someone in doing something), take (someone’s) place, substitute for (someone), undertake (work) vacated (by someone else).Subli kaw kaniya magjaga ha manga bataꞌ.Take turns with her in watching the children.Hisiyu in sumubli kaniya?Who’ll take her place?Aku in nakasubli sin hinang niya.I took on the work that she vacated.Sublihan kaw sin manghud mu magjaga.Your younger brother will take your place in guarding.Cf.gantiꞌ
*subsubvact mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For something) to penetrate or be absorbed by (something else).Siyubsub sin kāyu in manga kabāyan.The fire penetrated the houses.OV SYN.*hūp 1