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subu11nThe first of the five prayers of the day (a little before dawn).Cf.luhulasarmagrib 1aysa2nDawn, the time of the first prayer of the day.Subu na hatiku bat masawa na in hulaꞌ.It’s dawn now I think because it’s quite light outside.advsubu-subuVery early (in the morning).Subay subu-subu pa magbatiꞌ na kitaniyu kunsūm.It should be very early yet that we wake up tomorrow.SYN.lapit adlaw
subu21.1vag mag-, -um-.To boil over, (for a fire) to flare up.Pagꞌasag sin lana, simubu in kāyu. Apit masunug in bāy.When the oil spilled, the fire flared up. The house almost burned.Nagsubu na in tiyugnaꞌ.The cooked food is boiling over.Cf.bukalvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To put (a blade) into fire (to reshape it), fire (something in a forge).Subay subuhan in utak diꞌ mūk pa mananasal basiꞌ.The blunt bolo should be fired at the blacksmith.1.2nFlaring anger.In subu sin atay niya marayꞌ nakalanduꞌ na.The flaring anger of his heart is almost overwhelming now.vact mag-, -um-.(With atay or duguꞌ) to become very angry, have one’s anger flare up.Simubu in atay ku sin ngiꞌ sin bissara niya.I became very angry over the obnoxious words he said.Magsubu in duguꞌ ku bang ta kaw kakitaan.I get very angry when I see you.2vact mag-, -um-;(For something) to rise or float.vpat hi-.(For water) to float (something).Hisubu in binglud sin tubig pa taas.The water will float the bits of rice to the top (i.e., the rice will float on the water).
subuknThe fleshiness or body (of durian).Biyaꞌ ini da in subuk sin dūyan binī ku.The fleshiness of the durian I bought is like (the fleshiness of) this one.adjmasubuk(Of durian) fleshy.Masūb aku kumaun sin dūyan masubuk.I enjoy eating a fleshy durian.Cf.pukal
subul1nA young man (past the age of puberty but unmarried), bachelor.In manga subul namayaꞌ-mayaꞌ pa manga kabudjangan.The young men are courting the young ladies.vact magpa-, -um-; pat ma-.(For a young man) to attain puberty.Diꞌ pa kaw tūpun mamayaꞌ-mayaꞌ. Magpasubul naa kaw ampa kaw kabayaan.It’s not yet fitting for you to court. You should attain puberty first and then you will be wanted.2vag magpa-.(For a married man) to act like an unmarried man (including to dress stylishly).Magpasubul in bana mu ini bang siya ha panawan.Your husband really acts like an unmarried man when he’s out.
suchivar.sussisutsiadjClean, pure, undefiled, chaste (usu. in a religious sense); holy.Subay suchi in tubig hipagꞌayl.Water for ceremonial ablutions must be clean.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To purge, cleanse (as from impurities, guilt, sin or ceremonial defilement).Suchihun ta in baran bat diꞌ magsusun ha ulihan.We have to cleanse ourselves of our sin so we won’t have regrets at the end.
sūd11.1vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To enter, go inside (a place).Sūd kaw.Come in.Masūd sin mundu in kawman bang wayruun jaga.The town will be entered by outlaws if there are no guards.Siyūran saytan in tau yan.That man has been entered by (i.e., is possessed by) an evil spirit.Sūran sān sin tubig.The water will surely get inside that.vCV 1 pat hi-.To put (something) inside (something else).Sūran in bangbang pa lawm mital.Put the biscuits inside the tin can.1.2nA catch of fish (in a fish corral).Awn na sūd sin bungsud mu?Does your fish corral have any catch in it?vpat -un.To have a catch of fish (in a corral).Walaꞌ siyūd in bungsud nila.Their fish corral didn’t catch any fish.2nA business partner.vRC ag mag, -um-; goal -an.(For someone) to do business (with someone else).Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ magsūd iban sin pangustaw.I don’t like to do business with an embezzler.
sūd2nA fine-toothed comb for removing hair lice.vCH 1 act mag, mang-; pat -un.To comb (the hair) with such a comb (to remove hair lice).Sūrun ku in ū ku bat maīg in kutu.I’ll comb with a fine tooth comb to get rid of the lice.Cf.sudlay
sudda1nNature, character, conduct, manners (also kasuddahan).Awn tau marayaw, awn tau mangiꞌ in sudda niya.There are people whose nature is good, and those whose nature is bad.In tau marayaw kasuddahan mahabaꞌ umul.A person whose nature is good (i.e., is good-natured) lives long.In hambuuk babai marayaw in kasuddahan makarā kalagguan ha katān babai.A woman with good conduct brings pride to all women.Mangiꞌ kasuddahan sin tau yan ha pangdaig bāy niya.That person is bad-natured toward (i.e., unkind to) his neighbors.2vact mag-.To have a (bad) outcome or result.Bang in hinang ta mangiꞌ diꞌ magsudda pa marayaw.If our deeds are bad they will not have a good outcome.Nagsudda na in paglāng ku kaniya, bihaun yaun na siya ha uspital kiyadugsuan.My telling him had a result, he’s now in the hospital with a stab wound.OV SYN.baynat
sudjaranA prayer rug or mat.Cf.hamparan
sudlatvag mag-; pat hi-; goal -un.To poke or thrust (something) into (something else, as a finger into someone’s eye or a stick into mud or into a bee’s nest); point (something) at (someone’s) eye.Nasudlat in mata niya sin sagbut.His eyes were thrust into by grass.Sudlatun ku sa yan in mata mu mangirug kaw kākuꞌ.I’ll poke something into your eyes because you are making faces at me.Hisudlat ku in kahuy ini pa pisak.I’ll thrust the end of this stick into the mud.In bataꞌ-bataꞌ nagtangis nasudlat sin kahuy ha taykud.The girl cried because she was poked by a stick on her back.OV SYN.tugsuk 1Cf.suruk
sudlaynA comb.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To comb (one’s or someone’s) hair.Sudlaya kunuꞌ in buhuk mu.Comb your hair.Maingat aku manudlay sin buhuk ku.I know how to comb my hair.Cf.sūd2
sudlay lupaꞌnA harrow.Dāha na pa uma in sudlay lupaꞌ.Take the harrow to the field.
sudsud1nA name given to several sedges.In sudsud biyaꞌ da sin manga kayapuꞌ magtubuꞌ ha daig suba iban ha sapaꞌ.The sedge plants like the lettuce and the water lily grow on riverbanks and in swamps.5: Plants
sudsud2nAn indigenous confection made of pounded rice mixed with eggs, sugar and a little water and baked.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
sūgnA flow of water (esp. when strong or swift) in a definite direction, current.Diꞌ kita makapagbangkaꞌ adlaw yan sabab matigdaꞌ in sūg.We can’t go boating today because the current is swift.Ayaw kaw maglanguy ha dagat bihaun, gana-gana marā kaw sin sūg pa lawd.Don’t swim in the ocean now, you might be carried out to sea by the current.OV SYN.abalCf.lumbag
SūgUncertain whether from sūg above.1n(The island of) Jolo (not including the islands surrounding it).2nThe entire Tausug home area (including the islands surrounding Jolo Island).
suganThe sun.vact -um-; pat -un; ran -an.Agent can only be God.(For it) to be or become sunny, (for the sun) to shine or give off heat.Subay na sumuga ampa mu buwara in diyakdakan.When it gets sunny you hang the clothes outside.Bang mataud na in baldusa ha lawm paghulaꞌ, na sugahun na kita.When there are many wicked people in our place, it will be sunny (for a long time).Ayaw kaw magbuwad duun, diꞌ sān sugahan.Don’t dry anything there, it doesn’t get the sun.npanugaDry season, summertime.Ha waktu panuga landuꞌ mapasuꞌ.It’s very hot during the dry season.ugtu sugacomp.nNoontime.mataas sugacomp.nMidday.
suga-suga1adjEqual, the same.In duwa bataꞌbataꞌ suga-suga in lagguꞌ.The two boys are the same size.
suga-suga2nPrickly heat.vpat -un.To develop prickly heat.Daran paygua in bataꞌ-bataꞌ bat diꞌ suga-sugahun.Bathe the baby very often so it won’t develop prickly heat.
sugadvar. ofsugudnThe stinger of an insect.
sugalnPlaying cards.In sugal piyagpanayaman sin manga usug, binī ha Borneo.The playing cards that the boys are using to gamble with were bought in Borneo.vag mag-.To play or gamble with cards.Magsugal kitaniyu ha dūm haylaya.Let’s play cards on the eve of the festival.nmagsusugalA gambler.In magsusugal in guwaꞌ niya mangakkal.The end result of a gambler is that he cheats.npagsusugalanA gambling place.Mataud pagsusugalan didtu ha Manilaꞌ piyatambul sin parinta.Plenty of gambling places there in Manila have been closed by the government.
sugarulnA burglar, sneak thief.Ayaw kaw magpaingat ha kaibanan sin mataud in altaꞌ mu bang kaw diꞌ mabayaꞌ sūrun sin sugarul.Don’t tell others that you have much wealth if you don’t want a thief to enter your premises.Cf.panakaw*takaw
sugayavag mag-; pat -un.To splice (rope).Magsugaya pa aku sin lubid nabugtuꞌ kaina.I’ll splice the rope that was disconnected a while back.Sugayahun ku in lubid hawpuꞌ katān ampa humabaꞌ.I’ll splice all the short ropes so that the rope will become long.
*sughayvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To let loose or shake out (one’s) hair to dry.Ayaw kaw magsughay dayn dī, mabasaꞌ aku.Don’t shake out your hair here to dry, I’ll get wet.Subay pagsughayun in buhuk ampa masamut tumahay.One should let one’s hair loose to dry so that it will dry quickly.
*sugivAR ag mag-; ran -an.To trim (a wick).Nagsugi hi Indaꞌ sin sumbuhan sin lampu.Indaꞌ trimmed the wick of the lamp.Sugihan ku tiyuꞌ-tiyuꞌ in sumbuhan sin lansuk.I’ll trim a little the wick of this candle.