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*sugitvag mag-; goal ka-…-an.To look for and find (something).Kiyasugitan niya in hinug dūyan tiyatapuk ku.He looked for and found a ripe durian I had hidden.adjmasugitKeen in (searching and) finding things.Masugit in mata sin tau ini.This man’s eyes are keen in finding things.
sugit-sugit1nA mud dauber wasp.In sugit-sugit naglulupad sadja pakain-pakain ha paglāgan kakaun.The mud dauber wasp always flies everywhere in search of food.1: Birds and Flying Insects
sugit-sugit2nPaper nautilus, argonaut.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
sugpatnA continuation, fellow piece cut from the same whole.Kunsūm ku na bassahun in sugpat sin isturi ini.Tomorrow I’ll read the continuation of the story.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To give the continuation of, add (something to something else esp. of the same whole).Ayaw na kaw magsugpat sin bissara niya ha supaya diꞌ na maghabaꞌ in paglugat.Don’t add to what he said so the argument won’t be protracted.Subay sugpatan in badjuꞌ mu sabab mahawpuꞌ tuud.You should add on to your dress because it’s too short.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To join (things) together.Siyugpat nila na in basiꞌ tubig nabaliꞌ.They joined the broken water pipe together.
sugpiꞌvar. of*sagpiꞌvTo break (something) with force.
sugsugnRelation (usu. of kinship), relative.In bataꞌ yaun sugsug ku makaminsan.That boy is my relative of the first degree (i.e., first cousin).Unu in kasugsug mu kanda Ambuꞌ Asmaꞌ?What is your relationship to Asmaꞌ and her family?Biyaꞌ diin in lawak sin pagkasugsug niyu?What is the distance of your relationship (i.e., How closely are you related)?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.To tell how (people) are related.Aku na in sumugsug kaymu sin pasal ta.I will tell you how we are related.
sugsug tawbatnA forgiveness ritual (to solve a misunderstanding between members of a family).An atonement for wrongdoing or injury done by one member of a family to another. A public meeting is held with the priest praying for the parties involved to ask forgiveness for the offence. Most people who hold one slaughter a goat which is evidence that they are asking forgiveness.Bang mangayuꞌ kamaapan subay maingat sugsug tawbat.If you want to ask forgiveness you must know the forgiveness ritual.Paawnun ta in pagsugsug tawbat bat makapagdayaw in magtaymanghud.Let’s institute the atonement ritual so the siblings can be reconciled.
sugunRareA pattern, design.In pagsingud niya sin sugu nasāꞌ.His copying of the pattern was mistaken.OV SYN.suntuanvag mag-; pat -un.To make a pattern, copy the pattern (of something).Nagsugu na in mananahiꞌ sin badjuꞌ mu.The tailor has already made the pattern of your dress.Suguun ku marayaw in badjuꞌ ini.I’ll copy the pattern of this dress.
sugudvar.sugadnThe stinger of an insect (as a wasp or bee).Landuꞌ in bisa sin sugud lapinig.The stinger of a bee is very painful.vag magpang-; pat -un.(For an insect) to sting (someone).Kamayaꞌ kaw sugurun sin lapinig duun hān.Be careful, you will be stung by the bees there.OV SYN.kutkut
sugungadjArchaicTotally unwilling, very averse.Sugung siya bang pasūrun pa lawm langgal.He is totally unwilling to be taken into the mosque.vpat ma-.(With negative diꞌ) to yield.Diꞌ tuud siya masugung bang diꞌ hikarihil in kabayaan niya.He will not yield until he is given what he wants.
suhudnFavor, good fortune.Mangayuꞌ kitaniyu suhud pa Tuhan ha bang mayan malappas da dayn ha kangian.We will ask the favor from God that we be saved from harm.Pangayuꞌ kaw suhud pa Tuhan bang mayan paglanggalun ku in tau hiyājat ku.Ask God for the favor that I might meet the person I am looking for.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un, hi-.To pray fervently (to God only).Sumuhud aku pa Tuhan wayruun mangiꞌ dumatung kātuꞌ.I will pray fervently to God that no misfortune come to us.Suhurun ku pa Tuhan bang mān kaw makahadjiꞌ.I’ll pray fervently to God that you may be able to go on the pilgrimage to Mecca.
*suhuladvmasuhulSometimes, occasionally.Masuhul magdagsaꞌ in istaꞌ panit pa hunasan.Sometimes tuna fish come to the shallow water in schools.OV SYN.sūnunmahumu2
sujudvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To kneel with one’s forehead, hands, knees, and toes touching the mat or ground (in praying or showing reverential fear to God or to a very important human person); ask or plead (for something).In manga ummat nagsambahayang simujud pa Tuhan.The congregation praying are bowing down to God.Hisujud ku pa Tuhan bang mān kaw mura-murahan ha panaw mu yan.I will plead to God that you’ll be successful in your venture.npagsujudManner or way of bowing down.In pagsujud niya bukun maamu.His way of bowing down isn’t correct.Cf.rukuꞌ
sukanVomit (ejected matter from the stomach via the mouth).Taga suka in lantay. Ay naa kaw maggiik.There is vomit on the floor. Don’t step on it.vact mag-, -um-; ran -an.To vomit, throw up.Nagsuka siya pagꞌinum niya sin ubat.She vomited when she took the medicine.Diꞌ aku makainum sin ubat makasuka.I can’t take medicine which causes me to throw up.vST pat -un.To be afflicted with vomiting.Mangiꞌ in parasahan ku biyaꞌ aku sūng sukahun.I don’t feel well, it’s like I’m about to vomit.
suka-intawꞌnDysentery (characterized by vomiting, abdominal pain, loose stools and fever); cholera or other acute dysentery-type diseases.In sakit sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ suka-intawꞌ.The child’s sickness is dysentery.8: DiseasesvST pat mag-, -um-, -un.To be afflicted with dysentery.Piligru in tau yan magsuka-intawꞌ.There is danger that that man will get dysentery.
sukaꞌnVinegar.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To add vinegar to (something).Sukai kunuꞌ in tinuanan yan.Will you add some vinegar to the relish.
sukalnSugar.In sukal bihaun himalgaꞌ na.Sugar is now expensive.Bīhi kita sukal putiꞌ.Buy us refined sugar.Diꞌ aku makainum kahawa bang wayruun sukal.I can’t drink coffee without sugar.vag mag-; ran -an.To put sugar in or on (something).Sukalan ta in kahawa mu.We put sugar in your coffee.
sukangnProhibitions, things which must be avoided (such as certain foods or activities due to sickness or allergies).Unu in sukang sin sakit mu?What are the things that must be avoided because of your sickness?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To proscribe, forbid the practice or use of (something).Diꞌ mu makaun in katān pagkaun siyukang sin duktul.You can’t eat any food prohibited by the doctor.Cf.lāng
sukatnThat which one requests or demands, the bride price (required by the bride’s parents).Landuꞌ mataas in sukat sin maas sin babai.The woman’s parents asked an outrageously high bride price.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.To express one’s wants, ask for something; ask for or name (the bride price).Sukat kaw bang unu in kabayaan mu kaunun.Say what you would like to eat.Sukata in sīn hirihil niya kaymu.Ask for the money which he is giving you.Amaꞌ in sumukat sin ungsud.The father will be the one to name the bride price.Cf.banghadungsud1 pangayuꞌsukut
sukat kahukawadjExcessive dowry (intended to discourage a betrothal).In sukat kahukaw ini in hāti niya diꞌ kabayaan in usug.An excessive dowry means that the man is not wanted (i.e., not acceptable).
sukay1nFare (money for transportation), rent, tax.Kulang in sukay mu, Indaꞌ. Ganapi.Your fare is lacking, young lady. Add to it.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To pay a fare, rent, or tax.Sukay kaw sin bāy ha tapus bulan.Pay the house rent at the end of the month.Sumukay aku bāy ha Manilaꞌ ampa kamu pakariun.I’ll rent a house in Manila and then send for you.Cf.bayadbuwis
sukay2vAQ ag/goal mag-; pat -un.To look for (and kill) lice in the hair (one by one).Magsukay kita bat maīg in katul sin ū mu.Let’s look for lice so that your head will stop itching.Sukayun ku in ū mu.I’ll look for lice on your head.Cf.kutudunggutsūd2
sukiꞌnA regular customer or purchaser.In babai yan sukiꞌ ku hangkan siya dī magpamī kajinisan.That lady is my regular customer. That’s why she comes here to buy various things.vAQ ag/goal mag-; pat -un.To take (someone) as a regular customer.Sukia in bagay ku Lannang dagangi tahay.Take my Chinese friend as your regular customer in your dried fish business.
sukkaladjContrary to (one’s) desire or will.Sukkal ha atay ku in mabutas dayn kaymu.It’s contrary to my desires to be separated from you.Cf.satruꞌ
sukkiꞌ11nA game like checkers (usu. played when keeping the seven-day vigil over the dead).In sukkiꞌ pagpanayamun ha pagjagahan bang awn patay.The game like checkers is played when keeping watch when someone dies.vag mag-; pat -un.To play this game.Magsukkiꞌ siya bang awn umatu kaniya marayaw.He will play checkers if he has someone who knows how well enough to play against him.npagsukkianA board on which this game is played.In pagsukkian subay hitawꞌ bang ubus na hikapitu sin pagjaga.We should put the checkerboard away after the seventh day of the vigil.Cf.sungkaꞌ2nA prediction (based on a playing of this game [sense 1]).In sukkiꞌ sin manga maas niya bang siya makaasawa magkarayahan siya.The prediction of his parents was that when he married he would become rich.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To foretell (something by playing this game).Sukkiun naa sin manga kamaasan bang in guwaꞌ sin pagtiyaun sin duwa tau marayaw atawa mangiꞌ.The old folks will first foretell if the outcome of the marriage of the two people will be good or bad.