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sukkiꞌ2nA (short) bamboo water container.In habaꞌ sin sukkiꞌ hangka-lawas da patung.The length of the bamboo water container is only one section of bamboo.Cf.dagtung
sukluꞌnHiccup.Laung sin manga kamaasan, in hāti sin sukluꞌ sumulig pa in tau.The old people say that the meaning of a hiccup is that the person is still growing.vST pat mag-, -um-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To have or develop hiccups.Bang in tau sukluun subay siya minum tubig atawa diꞌ siya magnapas hangka-minit.If a person gets hiccups he should drink water or hold his breath for a minute.
sukmunA splinter (that remains in the flesh).Īgi in sukmu ha pād siki niya.Remove the splinter from the sole of his foot.vexp ka-…-an.To get a splinter (in one’s flesh).Kamayaꞌ kaw kasukmuhan in lima mu.Be careful, you’ll get a splinter in your hand.Cf.gituꞌtunuk
suknaꞌnA spoken wish for good or (usu.) bad to happen (to someone), curse.Awn suknaꞌ pa marayaw, awn isab pa mangiꞌ.There are curses for both good and bad.vAR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -an.To curse (someone), call imprecations upon (someone).Suknai in mundu nasaggaw.Curse the captured bandit.Siyuknaan ku siya.I cursed him.Cf.paninggad
suksukvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To bend down or crouch under a bigger object (as a table or house), crawl under (something) to get (something).Suksuk kaw ha sawm kantil bat niya kaw diꞌ kakitaan.Bend down underneath the bed so you won’t be seen.vCV 1 pat hi-.To put (something) under (another bigger object).Hisuksuk niya in mital ini ha sawm lamisahan.He will put the can under the table.
sukunAbout one-fourth of a meter.Bī kaw duwangka-mitru iban hangka-suku.You buy two meters and one-fourth.
sukuꞌnPart, portion, share.Ayaw mu pagkawaa in sukuꞌ ku.Don’t take my share.vAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.To take (something) as one’s share or part.Sukuun ku na in lupaꞌ ini kākuꞌ.I’ll take this land as my share.vag mag-, -um-; goal/ben -an.To apportion, give a share or part (to someone).Sukuan ta kamu hinang bat kamu diꞌ magbintu.I’ll assign you all a share of work so there won’t be any discussion.SYN.bahagiꞌ
sukudnLuck, fortune, destiny, fate.Way sukud ku magbisnis.I don’t have luck in business.Bukun pa sukud mu matay adlaw yadtu.It was not yet your fate to die that day.adjmasukud/sukuranLucky, fortunate.Masukud in tau bang kumugdan siya swipstik.A man is lucky if he wins the sweepstakes.vST ran -an.To be or become lucky.Sukuran kaw bang kaw makabāk sīn ha dān.You are lucky if you find money on the road.Cf.lidjikiꞌ
*sukudvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To take the measurement of (something, as cloth or a board).Sukura in hawakan niya.Measure his waist.nsukuranMeasurement, dimensions.Pila in sukuran sin habaꞌ sin lamisahan yaun?What is the length measurement of that table?Cf.tupung
saangend of thumb to end of
forefinger of spread hand
dangawend of thumb to end of middle
finger of spread hand
usuk batukilometer
sukul1nThree big stones (arranged to serve as a stove).In sukul diꞌ na kapagtugnaan. Mangiꞌ na.The three big stones can’t be used to cook on. They aren’t any good.Cf.dapulantungkuꞌabuhan
sukul2relSo that.Baytaꞌ kaw bunnal sukul diꞌ kaw pagꞌamahan.Tell the truth so that you won’t be scolded.OV SYN.supaya
*sukulvag mag-; goal pag-…-an.To thank (someone), express gratitude.Magsukul sin tabang mu kākuꞌ.Thanks for your help.Pagsukulan ku in natabang mu kāmuꞌ.I thank you for your help to us.
sukutnA demand for payment, demand from the spirits for an offering.Marayꞌ awn sukut dayn ha tampat hangkan da nasakit in anak mu.Perhaps there is a demand from the spirits and that is why your child is sick.vAQ ag/goal mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un.To demand the payment of an account or debt, dun; demand an offering (spoken of spirits who manifest their demand by causing the sickness of the individual being dunned).Diꞌ sa yan magbayad sin utang niya bang mu diꞌ sukutun.He will not pay his debt if you do not dun him.nmanunukutA collector of accounts, bill collector.Walaꞌ niya biyayaran in manunukut.He did not pay the bill collector.
sulaꞌnA pungent or spicy odor, acrid smell.Magluhaꞌ in mata ta sin sulaꞌ sin kakanaꞌ ini.Our eyes water with the acrid smell of this fabric.vexp ka-…-an.(For the eyes) to water due to a pungent, spicy, or acrid smell.Kiyasulaan in mata ku sin sibuyas.My eyes are watering from the pungent smell of the onions.adjmasulaꞌ(Of a smell) pungent, spicy, or acrid.Masulaꞌ dakuman in hamut sin liyutuꞌ mu.The smell of what you’re cooking is really spicy.Cf.bahuꞌ1 1
sulabnA blade (of a tool, weapon, etc.).Nagbunut sila lahing ha sulab badjaꞌ.They husked the coconut on the blade of the plow.
sulabaynA kind of indigenous confection made from flour and fried without oil.The dough is light. Eaten with a sauce.
*sulabayvRC ag mag-.(For people or things) to pass each other while moving in opposite directions; cross each other, intersect.Nagsulabay in jīp nila iban sin jīp iyaagaran namuꞌ.Their jeep and the jeep we were riding on passed each other.Nagsulabay in taguriꞌ nila.(The lines of) their kites crossed each other.Cf.aybuwas
suladvTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To go or climb up, ascend (as a steep mountain).Sulay kaw sulad sin būd Tumantangis.Try to climb up Mount Tumantangis.Sulara in būd Datuꞌ. Kāꞌ kaw amuꞌ.Climb up Mount Datu. Get a monkey.Cf.tukaddāg1 1
sulagnA piece, unit (of anything, as a strand of hair or grain of rice).Dihili ba aku hangka-sulag kātas mu yan.Give me one piece of your paper there.Kāi aku hangsulag buhuk niya.Get me a strand of her hair.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To divide (something) into pieces or units.Sulagun ku naa in manga buwahan ha tambusaꞌ ampa ta kamu dihilan.I’ll divide into units the lanzones in this basket first and then I’ll give you some.Siyusulag in pagdagang sin istaꞌ.The fish was sold divided into pieces (i.e., piece by piece).Cf.ulad
*sulakvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To reject, deny acceptance, refuse to take, repudiate.Mangiꞌ marayaw in dumatung kaymu tabuka. Ayaw mu sulakan, amuna in sukud mu.You should accept whatever comes to you, good or bad. Don’t reject it, it is your fate.
sulallavar.suwalallavipat ma-.To be turned upside down (head down, feet up).vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To turn (someone) over (so that the feet are up in the air), make (someone) fall so that his feet are up in the air.Sulallahun ku siya dayn ha taas sin lilingkuran niya.I’ll overturn him from his chair.OV SYN.dayaꞌ
sulangvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To oppose, contradict, antagonize, go against.Sulang kaw tuud kaniya. Makaīg sa kān ha hinang mu.Go ahead and antagonize him! You’ll be dismissed from your job.Sulanga in bichara niya.Contradict what he says.Sulanga in hinduꞌ niya kaymu bang bukun amu.Oppose his teaching to you if it’s not true.adjmasulangOf a contrary nature.Masulang in tau yaun.That fellow is contrary in nature.Cf.*saggaꞌ
sulang-salingadjDisarranged, in an untidy or disorderly condition, topsy-turvy.Sulang-saling in manga tamungun ha paradul mu.The clothes in your closet are topsy-turvy.vag mag-; pat -un.To disarrange, do (something) topsy-turvily.Ayaw mu sulang-salinga in manga būk yan.Don’t disarrange those books.Cf.lamugutlamugay 1pulak-paliksungkang-mangking
sulasinAn aromatic and pungent herb whose leaves are used for seasoning vegetable soup and boiled fish and for medicine.GENR.pamāpa5: Plants
sulatnA letter, document.Dāha in sulat ini pa Nasuli.Take this letter to Nasuli.Singuri in sulat ini.You copy this letter.Cf.kātasvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; hi-; goal -an.To write (something to someone), copy (something), write (something) down.Sulatan in bichara ku ini.Write what I say.Sulati in inaꞌ mu!You write to your mother!npagsusulatanAn object one writes on (a table, desk, etc.).nhipagsusulatWhat one writes with (a pen, pencil, etc.).