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sulayvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To try, attempt, test.Sulay kaw paguy bang ta kaw yan diꞌ lubakan.Try running away and see if I don’t spank you.Sulayi bang marayaw in ubat ini kaymu.Try to see if this medicine is good for you.Sulayan sin Tuhan in īman mu.God will test your faith.
sulaybus1vag mag-.For two brothers to marry two sisters.In duwa magtaymanghud nakaasawa isab pa duwa magtaymanghud. Hāti niya, nagsulaybus sila.The two brothers married the two sisters, so then they are cross in-laws.2vact mag-.(For the same or similar kind of item) to be interchanged (accidently).Bang awn hinang dakulaꞌ mahumu magsulaybus in pagꞌuliꞌ sin manga kapanyapan.If there is a big celebration, the returning of the utensils is often interchanged.OV SYN.*saliyu
sulbinTailbone.Marakmul in sulbi sin mangkuꞌ.The tailbone of the frigate mackerel is thick.
sulgaꞌvar.surgaꞌnHeaven.Laung sin manga pakil, in manga tau lillaꞌ pa Tuhan pagpatay nila madtu sila pa sulgaꞌ.The priests say that people surrendered to God, when they die, will go to heaven.ANT.narkaꞌ
suliꞌpangvar.sigpangsuligpangnAn intersection, crossing (of roads), confluence or dividing place (of rivers).Nagdugtul in duwa trak ha suliꞌpang pa Lagasan.The two buses collided at the intersection going to Lagasan.
sulignGrowth, increase in size.Nakuil in sulig sin bataꞌ ini kaagi sin sakit niya.The growth of this child is affected by her illness.vST pat mag-, -um-.To grow, increase in size, swell, rise.Butangi pasulig in apam bat sumulig.Put baking powder in the pancakes so they will rise.adjmasuligFast in growth.Masulig in patung tiyatanum ha daig bāy namuꞌ.The bamboo planted by our house is fast-growing.Cf.lagguꞌ 1pasuligderv.nBaking powder, yeast.
sulimbangvar.sulinbangnA chorus, a song in which the company joins the singer.Maluhay anarun in sulimbang sin kalangan.It is easy to learn the chorus of a song.
sulingnA flute, fife (usu. made of bamboo).Maluuy dungugun in suling bang malawm dūm na.The bamboo flute is pleasant to hear late at night.vag mag-, -um-; goal/ben -an.To play such an instrument.Ayaw kaw kunuꞌ magsuling sabab nalilingug pa in ū ku.Don’t play the bamboo flute because my head is dizzy.Cf.kulaingsawnay
suliyabnFlame, blaze.Simawa in hulaꞌ sin suliyab sin kāyu.The place became bright with the flame of the fire.vact mag-, -um-.To burst into flame.Ayaw asagi lana gās in kāyu bat diꞌ magsuliyab.Don’t pour kerosene on the fire or it will burst into flame.Cf.laga
sullitnA loincloth (to conceal nakedness).Sullit sadja in siyusulug sin bataꞌ yaun.That child is wearing only a loincloth.vag mag-, -um-.To wear a loincloth (to conceal nakedness).Nagsullit sadja in amaꞌ sin bataꞌ nagdā sin anak niya nahulug pa huspital.The father of the child was just wearing a loincloth when he was taking his son who fell to the hospital.
sulsivAR ag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To darn a hole or tear (in cloth).Sulsihi ba in pantalun ku.Darn the hole in my pants.npagsulsiDarning, manner of darning.In pagsulsi niya bukun marayaw.Her darning is not good.Cf.tupak
sultannA king, ruler of a Muslim state.In sultan nagdaak ha manga tindug niya palanuan in paglulumbaan nila.The king commanded his men to clean the racing place.vag mag-; pat -un.To rule as king, make (someone) a king.Hi Abdul in sultanun sin prisidinti.The president will make Abdul the king.
suluggimb.suꞌlugvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To wear or put on (an article of clothing or an accessory, as jewelry or a watch).Sulugan in badjuꞌ mu bilu.Wear your blue dress.Cf.*pakay 1
suluhannA mediator, messenger, third party, go-between.Aku in suluhan sin pagsulut nila.I acted as mediator in settling their problems.Cf.daraakundaakvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To have (someone) act as a messenger, third party or a go-between; do (something) through a third party.Bang awn kabayaan mu hibaytaꞌ kāku ayaw na kaw magsuluhan.If there’s something you want to tell me, don’t do it through a third party.Ikaw in suluhanun ku bang aku mamayaꞌ-mayaꞌ ha nars yaun.I’ll have you be my go-between when I court that nurse.
sulutadjIn mutual agreement or harmony with others.Sulut sila magtaymanghud.Those brothers are in accord with each other.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To placate, pacify, conciliate, settle (a disagreement).Subay sulutun mu in asawa mu bat kamu diꞌ magkālu.You have to placate your wife so as to avoid trouble.Suluta in manga nagkālu.Pacify the quarreling parties.Cf.*ūū
sumaanadvSometimes.Sumaan magkari hi Ibnu pa bāy namuꞌ.Sometimes Ibnu comes to our house.Sumaan in dagat taub, sumaan hunas.Sometimes the sea water is deep, sometimes it is shallow.
sumagawaꞌvar. ofsagawaꞌrelBut.
sumariyanInvestigation, interrogation, systematic inquiry.vAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To investigate, interrogate (someone).Mari in pulis magsumariya.The policeman will come to investigate.Kunsūm sumariyahun in saksiꞌ.The witness will be interrogated tomorrow.nmagsusumariyaAn interrogator, investigator.Cf.asubu*usihatpariksaꞌ
sumayang galuraꞌnA (legendary) creature half bird and half man.Ha lawm sin kata-kata, diyā sin sumayang galuraꞌ in bataꞌ-bataꞌ pa taas pugaran niya.According to the story, the bird-man brought the baby to its nest.
sumba1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To worship, pay homage.Way dugaing sumbahun ku dayn ha Tuhan.I worship no other (gods) but God.Cf.sambahayangnsumbahanA (Catholic or Protestant) church.In sumbahan sin manga Bisayaꞌ malagguꞌ.The Christian churches are big.Cf.simba2vag magpa-; ran pa-…-an.To cause (someone) to get sick (and die) by black magic.The practitioner draws the form of a person on paper, writes Arabic text on the paper, and either sticks the drawing with needles or nails it into wood.Hangkan in sakit niya yan mahunit kaulian pasal piyasumbahan siya.The reason that sickness of his is hard to cure is that he has been made ill by black magic.
sumbangnIncest, a killing between very closely related persons.In magbunuꞌ magtaymanghud sumbang.To kill one’s family is incest.viST pat ma-.To commit incest.Nasumbang hi Oedipus sabab iyasawa niya in inaꞌ niya iban piyatay niya in amaꞌ niya.Oedipus committed incest because he married his mother and killed his father.
sumbat1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To patch a hole (of a boat, floor, etc.; the patch must be the same shape as the hole).Magsumbat pa aku sin buslut ha bangkaꞌ ku.I’ll patch yet the hole of my outrigger canoe.Sumbat kaw sin bangkaꞌ mu supaya kapagꞌistaan.Patch the hole of your canoe so it can be used for fishing.Sumbatan ku in higad sin bangkaꞌ nabubuslut.I’ll patch the side of the canoe which has holes in it.OV SYN.tupak2vAR ag mag-, um-; ran -an.To fill (a tooth).Dintis in magsumbat sin lungag ha ipun ku.The dentist will be the one to fill the hole in my tooth.
sumbayꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To slaughter (animals) for eating (by cutting the throat while uttering appropriate Arabic phrases to assure ceremonial cleanness of the animal), behead (a person).Sumbayꞌ kaw duwa sapiꞌ.Slaughter two cows.Siyumbayꞌ sin Jipun in amaꞌ niya.His father was beheaded by the Japanese.nsiyumbayꞌMeat (beef, etc.).Kulang in siyumbayꞌ ha tabuꞌ.There isn’t much meat at the market.Cf.patay 1
sumbingadjJagged, dented, notched, nicked (as of the edges of cutting tools); harelipped.Ayaw mu panghilapan mampallam in laring sumbing.Don’t slice the mango with a knife that is nicked.Sumbing in tau yan hangkan diꞌ siya magkatawa.That person is harelipped. That’s why he doesn’t laugh.8: DiseasesvST pat ma-.To become nicked.Masumbing in laring bang hitigbas pa batu.A knife will get nicked if you strike it on a stone.Cf.tibiꞌ
sumbuhannA wick (as of a candle, oil lamp, or cigarette lighter).In sumbuhan sin ilaw mahabaꞌ.The lamp has a long wick.