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sumbungnA report, complaint.vCV 2 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To make a charge (about something or against someone to a person in authority), report (something).Sumbung kaw ha pulis bat kaw diꞌ nila lingugun.Report them to the police so they won’t get you into any further trouble.Hisumbung ku in tau mangiꞌ pa parinta.I’ll report that bad person to the government.Sumbungan in bataꞌ yan pa inaꞌ niya. Mangiꞌ in hinang.You report that child to his mother. His actions are bad.Cf.puhunbaytaꞌ
sumilnUnwillingness to share, give something or help others; stinginess.Sibuꞌ da in sumil niya iban inaꞌ niya.His stinginess is the same as his mother’s.adjmasumilUnwilling to share, give something or help others.In tau masumil kulang in bagay.One who is unwilling to help others has few friends.Cf.ikutkuriputpaysiꞌ*bista
sumlutnThe act of complaining, expressing dislike, acting peevish.In sumlut sin bataꞌ yan pagdaakun!The complaining of that child if she is asked to help!vag mag-.To express dislike, complain, grumble.Diꞌ siya magsumlut sin hinang ha bāy.She doesn’t complain about household chores.adjmasumlutCross and complaining, peevish, crabby.Masumlut tuud in bataꞌ.That child is really peevish.
*sumpalvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To put a large amount of food (into the mouth) at once, to stuff (one’s mouth).Siyumpal ku in kakaun katān pa lawm simud ku.I stuffed all the food into my mouth.Cf.luun
sumpingnA flower, blossom.Dīhilan niya aku sumping rusal hibutang ha buhuk ku.He gave me a gardenia blossom to put in my hair.vact mag-.To bear flowers, bloom.Hangkarayꞌ da magsumping in manga jambangan bang biyubusugan tubig adlaw-adlaw iban bang kiyasusugahan.The flowers will bloom right away if they are watered every day and if they get sunshine.
sumping labanusnA kind of hantak (indigenous confection).7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
sumpit1nSquirting, spurting.Diꞌ aku makatahan umatud sin sumpit sin duguꞌ dayn ha paliꞌ niya.I can’t endure seeing the spurting of the blood from his wound.viact mag-, -um-.(For a liquid) to squirt, (for a gas) to escape rapidly.Makusug sumumpit in tubig ha giripu.The water is strongly squirting from the pipe.Simumpit in duguꞌ dayn ha paliꞌ niya.The blood squirted from his wound.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To blow (something out with force), spray (a liquid).Yaun hi Hasan nagsusumpit pinta sin pagbubutangan niya būk.Hasan is there spraying paint over his bookshelf.Sumpiti lassun in jambangan sayul mu.Spray insecticide over your vegetable garden.OV SYN.pangsut2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To shoot (something) with a blowgun.Sumpitun ta in manuk-manuk.We’ll shoot the bird with a blowgun.nsumpitanAn instrument used for blowing a pointed missile (bawang) with the aid of a wad of kapuk or cotton, blowgun.Looks like the handle of a spear, long, straight, and hollow. Made of bamboo or a material with the same texture as bamboo. Has a sight at the end away from the mouth opening. Usu. wrapped securely all over with tiny rattan cords.Maghinang kita sumpitan hipanumpit manuk-manuk.We will make a blowgun to shoot birds with.
sumpiyangnA long support or buttress (usu. bamboo, to prevent a kitchen, porch, house, or other structure from falling down).A person who plans on hosting a social gathering supports his house with a buttress to avoid accidents when there are a lot of guests present.In sumpiyang sin kusina nila patung bulaꞌ saꞌ bukun yaun makamdus.The buttress of their kitchen is an immature bamboo, but that is not durable.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To brace (a structure with such a support).Subay sumpiyangan in pantān bat diꞌ malubu.The porch should be braced so it won’t collapse.Cf.tukuagpanghāg
sumsumnBone marrow.Dī ha sumsum in duguꞌ paghinangun ha baran.It’s in the bone marrow where the blood is produced in the body.
*sumuvRC ag mag-.(For spouses or friends) to become tired of or bored with one another.Lumugay magꞌagad magsumu da sila.After being together for a long time they’ll become tired of one another.vST pat -un.To become sated or satiated, become bored with or tired of (something).Siyumu aku nagkaun tinapay adlaw-adlaw.I become tired of eating bread every day.Siyumu aku nagtagad kaymu.I got tired of waiting for you.adjmakasumuBoring, causing satiation.Makasumu magdungug sin kalangan yan.Listening to that song is boring.
*sunavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To remind (someone of something, as of an account or debt to be settled, a promise or agreement previously made).Sunaha siya sin utang niya.Remind her of her debt.Cf.ungsit
*sundakvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To strike upward (at something with an object), strike (at something) from below.Nagsundak aku butung kaina.I struck a young coconut upward a while back.Kabii nasundak sin banta niya in amaun mu.Last night your uncle was hit from below by his enemy.Kimāꞌ siya patung asibiꞌ piyagsundak kapaya.He got a small bamboo to strike at the papaya up in the tree.OV SYN.*tagbak
sundalnVulgarA prostitute, whore, harlot.In sundal maglawag usug bat makausaha sīn.A harlot looks for men so she can earn money.adjsundalanPromiscuous, behaving as a prostitute.In babai sundalan kamatauran niya nagdarā sakit.Most promiscuous women carry sickness.SYN.putaCf.mabais/baisanbaisbigaan/mabigaꞌbigaꞌ
sundaluTag.nA soldier, member of any branch of the armed services.In sundalu maingat tuud magmahil.The soldiers really know how to march.vag mag-; pat -un (short for papag-…-un).To become a soldier, make (someone) a soldier.Bang siya maubus magꞌiskul, magsundalu siya.When he finishes schooling, he will become a soldier.
sunduknA gravestone.In katān sin kubul awn hadja sunduk ha babaw niya.All graves have a gravestone at the top.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To put a marker on (a grave).Subay sundukan in kubul yan.That grave should have a grave marker put on it.
sundungadj(Of an old person, an object), slanted, tilted.Sundung na in kusina pa lawa pasal hawpuꞌ in hāg pa lawa.The kitchen is slanted to the left because the post at the left is short.vtag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To tilt or slant (something).Magsundung kami sin usuk bungsud adlaw ini.We’ll slant the post of the fishtrap today.vipat ma-.(For an old person or an object) to tilt or slant.Bang makusug in hangin masundung in kaniyugan.If there’s strong wind the coconut trees will slant.
sunnat1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To circumcise (by lightly scraping the clitoris).Sunnatun na in manga bataꞌ kunsūm bat sila suchi na pa Tuhan.The girls will be circumcised tomorrow so that they will be clean in God’s sight.npagsunnatA ritual for female circumcision.Awn pakil babai ha pagsunnat sin manga bataꞌ babai.There are women priests at the circumcision ritual of girls.Cf.islam 2
sunnat21adj(Of a religious duty) optional, not obligatory.ANT.wajib2nA short optional prayer in Arabic (performed before and/or after the ritual prayer [pagsambahayang]).In sunnat ha pagsambahayang, bukun da tuud isab wajib hinangun sagawaꞌ bang hinangun bukun da isab mangiꞌ.The optional prayer before or after the ritual prayer is not obligatory but if we do it it is not wrong.
sunsangadj(Of a fetus or baby in the womb) presenting itself with its feet at the head of the birth canal, in a breech position.Kahunitan magꞌanak in babai sunsang in bataꞌ ha lawm tiyan.A woman will have very hard labor if the baby in her womb comes out feet first.
sunsunvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To tighten the weaving (of nipa or coconut-leaf shingles or woven material such as a mat or basket).Sunsun kaw sin sayrap natuꞌ.Tighten the weaving of our coconut-leaf shingles.adjmasunsun(Of a weave) very tight.Masunsun in pagꞌanyam sin baluy mu.The weaving of your mat is very tight (i.e., it’s tightly woven).
suntaynA (medium-sized) brass tray.In suntay pagluluunan pagkaun bang awn pakaradjaan.The brass tray is to put food on at a special occasion.Cf.palangganabatunjangtalam
suntuannA pattern, sample, model.Maingat aku magtahiꞌ badjuꞌ bang awn suntuan.I know how to sew dresses if I have a pattern.OV SYN.suguCf.pilihan
suntuknA blow (as with the hand or fist).In suntuk niya kākuꞌ landuꞌ masakit.His blow really hurt me.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To box or sock (someone), hit (someone) with one’s fist.Suntuka siya ha taynga.Box him on his ears.Masuntuk ta kaw bang kaw diꞌ humundung magbichara.I’ll sock you if you don’t stop talking.Cf.*dukduk
*sunuꞌ1vag mag-, -um-.To be the next one that follows, come next.Siya in sumunuꞌ kākuꞌ.She comes next to me.Pagꞌīg sin Kastilaꞌ simunuꞌ in Milikan.After the Spaniards left the Americans came next.advrdp.In continued succession, one right after the other.Sunuꞌ-sunuꞌ nagdatung in manga bisita.The visitors came in one after the other.vrdp. act mag-.To come in succession, come one after another.Magsunuꞌ-sunuꞌ in kasusahan dumatung kanila.Their troubles come one after the other.SYN.sunud2vag mag-; goal -an.To add more (of something, esp. after what was there has been consumed).Sunui naa in kaunun nila.Give them more rice.Ayaw na sunui in kasusahan niya.Don’t add any more to her trouble.OV SYN.dugangganap
sunudvag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To be the next, follow (in succession), stay right behind (something).Sunud kaw kaniya.You follow him.Hisiyu in sumunud magbassa?Who will be the next to read?Sunurun ku sadja in maas yaun sampay pa lawm daira.I’ll stay right behind that old man as far as the town.OV SYN.uruladjmagsunudAdjoining each other, in succession.Ha manga anak niya hi Johnny kay Jeannie in magsunud.Of his children Johnny and Jeannie are the ones who are in succession (i.e., next to each other in age).vrdp. act mag-.To come in continuous waves or succession, one right after the other.Magsunud-sunud in kasusahan dimatung kaniya.His troubles came one after the other.SYN.*sunuꞌ 1