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sunugnA burned area, a fire.Malagguꞌ tuud in sunug bat naubus in ha lawm Tiyanggi.The fire was really big because it burned up Jolo town.Bahuꞌ sunug in hinang mu pagkaun.Your cooking has the smell of a fire (i.e., smells burned).adjBurned.Sunug in tiyugnaꞌ.The rice is burned.vtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To burn (something).Ayaw mu sunuga in kātas yan.Don’t burn those papers.viST pat ma-.To be burned.Masunug in lima ta bang kita kumamput pa kurinti.Our hands will be burned if we touch a live electric wire.Cf.daꞌpugangpudtutung
sūnunnOccasionally.Sūnun magkadtu kami pa bāy nila.Occasionally we go to their house.OV SYN.masuhul*suhul
sūng1.1vag -um-, mag-; ran -an.To go, head or move (toward a place), come near.Sūng mu yan pakain?Where are you headed/off to?Sūng kaw madtu bat siya makalingkud.Move over so she can sit.Sūng kaw mari kākuꞌ.Come closer to me.Pasūnga in bangkuꞌ yan pa unahan.Move that chair up front.Diꞌ mabayaꞌ in sundalu sūngan minsan hisiyu.The soldier doesn’t want anybody to come near.Cf.harap 1tudju 1sibugsūng-sibugcomp.vTo move to and fro.1.2nsusūngunFuture.Ha susūngun maabut kawhaan pilak in hangka-kilu bugas.In the future a kilo of rice will reach twenty pesos.nkasūnganProspects, future, potential condition (of something), progress to be made; outcome.In tau lisuan way kasūngan niya.A lazy person makes no progress (in life).advAt the point of, on the verge of, nearly, about to.Sūng ta kaw tawagun.I was about to call you.Sūng na siya timbakun sin pulis.The policeman was at the point of shooting him.Cf.apitambayaꞌagun2vact -um-.To increase in amount, degree or intensity.Simūng in sakit niya.Her sickness is becoming serious.Sumūng in halgaꞌ sin bugas.The price of rice will increase.Simūng na in lasa niya ha bataꞌ.Her love for the child has deepened.Sumūng in lingkat mu bang marayaw in panamung-tamung mu.Your beauty will increase (i.e., be enhanced) if you’re dressed well.Simūng in pagbisnis niya.His business is expanding.Magsusūng in kalingugan sin hulaꞌ ta.The trouble in our country is increasing.Cf.taudduhunlagguꞌ 1
sūng-sibug1vag mag-, -um-.(For people, animals, squid, etc.) to move to and fro.Ayaw kaw magsūng-sibug duun ha yan bat mu aku diꞌ kagiikan.Don’t move to and fro or else you will step on me.2vact mag-.(For one’s thinking) to be undecided, vacillate.Nagsūng-sibug in pikilan niya mamī bāy.He was undecided about buying a house.
*sungavCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To blow or clean (the nose).Sungahan in sippun mu.Blow your nose.Kasungahan ku sadja in sumping ha tandawan.I’ll just blow my nose onto the flowers in the window.
sungabnA cave.Ha sarsila sin manga kamaasan, mataud kabaakan altaꞌ ha sungab sin būd Dahuꞌ.In the stories of the older people there is much wealth to be found in the caves of Mount Dahuꞌ.
sungad1.1nThe snout (of a pig, rat, etc.), long mouth (of a fish).In sungad babuy makabugaꞌ aturun.A pig’s snout is fearful to look at.1.2nVulgar(A person’s) mouth.2adjsungaranTalkative (esp. one who reveals secrets or gossips, thus causing people to quarrel).Sungaran isab in babai ini.This woman is talkative.Cf.masimud/simuransimud 2
sungawvar. ofsingawnA leak of air.
sunggu-sunggunA nosebleed, nasal hemorrhage.In sunggu-sunggu sin bataꞌ landuꞌ matigdaꞌ.The child’s nosebleed was very profuse.vact mag-.For the nose to bleed.Magsunggu-sunggu kaw kunuꞌ bang kaw kumaun sin istaꞌ yan.They say your nose will bleed if you eat that fish.vST pat -un.To be afflicted with nosebleed.Awn tau bang kasugahan landuꞌ sunggu-sungguhun.There are people who get severe nosebleeds if they are in the sun too long.
sungitvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To put (food) into (one’s or someone’s) mouth (either by hand or with a spoon), feed (someone).Sungit kaw kaunun.Put rice into your mouth.Sungiti mistang in bataꞌ.Feed the child gruel.OV SYN.kaun 1
sungkanRosin (for violin bows).In sungka pagꞌusalun hipagpahid ha gugutgut sin biyula.Rosin is used for spreading on the bow of a violin.
sungkaꞌnAn indoor game (usu. played by two people) on a wooden block (shaped like a boat and having shallow holes along the sides where shells, pebbles, or any counters are dropped by each player).In sungkaꞌ hambuuk panayam-nayam sin kamaasan.Sungkaꞌ is a game from olden times.Matagi in manga bataꞌ magpanayam sungkaꞌ.The children are fond of playing the indoor game on a wooden block.vag mag-.To play such a game.Mabayaꞌ magsungkaꞌ in manga bataꞌ.The children want to play the indoor game on a wooden block.
sungkang-mangkingadjTopsy-turvy.Sungkang-mangking in lawm bilik niya.The inside of her room is all topsy-turvy.SYN.gumun-buta/gumun-liluꞌcomp.gumun
sungkitvag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To pick (something unreachable with the arm, esp. fruit) with a stick (or similar object).Magsungkit kitaniyu buwahan ha kabbun niyu.Let’s pick lanzones with a pole on your land.Sungkitun ku muna in biyabas yan ampa kita manaw.I’ll pick that guava with a pole first, then we will go.Sungkitan ku hi Indaꞌ mampallam hinug.I’ll pick sweet mangoes for Inda with a pole.nsusungkitA stick used for picking something.Cf.*kuhit
sungngiꞌvar.singngiꞌvag mag-; goal -an.To whine (to someone), approach (someone) in a tearless crying manner (in order to complain, demand something or gain love and sympathy).Esp. practiced by children.Pasungngiun ku siya muna ampa ku dihilan sīn.I’ll make him whine first before I give him money.Sungngian niya sadja in inaꞌ niya bang awn kabayaan niya bīhun.She always whines to her mother when there’s something she wants to buy.
SungsungnChina.Mataud tau Sungsung naghuhulaꞌ dī ha Pilipinas.There are so many people from China living in the Philippines.In manga Lannang dī bang maas na mabayaꞌ na muwiꞌ pa Sungsung.The Chinese here when they are already old they want to go home to China.
sungutnAsthma.Bang awn sungut sin tau mahunit siya makanapas.If a person has asthma, it is hard to breathe.vpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To contract or be afflicted with asthma.Siyusungut in bataꞌ hangkan diꞌ siya manjari hapusun.The child is afflicted with asthma; that’s why she can’t do strenuous things.Cf.hapus-napas
sūpanA unit of dry measure (of cereal grains [as rice] varying from very small up to about 1/4 of a gantang), cup, chupa.Tugnaꞌ kaw duwangka-sūpa bugas.You cook two cups of rice.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To measure (grains) by cup units.Sūpahun ta kaymu in pūtan.I’ll measure the sticky rice for you by cups.nsūpahanAny container used as a measurement for this measure.Mital gatas in sūpahan nila.A milk can is their cup measure.OV SYN.pansing 1Cf.gantangGENR.tupungantupung
supaꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To chew or masticate (something).Supaa marayaw in kakaun mu.Chew your food very well.Mahunit supaun bang in sapiꞌ matugas.If the beef is tough it’s hard to chew.Hipagsupaꞌ ku in ipun ha duhul.I’ll use my front teeth for chewing.
supannRareRespect, dignity, modesty.In supan sin hambuuk tau diꞌ mabī sin pilak.The respect of a person can’t be bought by money.Sabab sin supan ha tau yaun, walaꞌ niya tiyaykuran in hulaꞌ niya minsan pa kamatay.Because of the dignity in that person, he did not betray his country even until death.Cf.martabbat
supayarelIn order that, so that.Dihili aku hangibu pilak supaya diꞌ ku hibaytaꞌ in kabunnalan.Give me a thousand pesos so that I won’t tell the truth.Cf.sukul2
suplitnYaws (on the soles of the feet or between the toes).Pakitaan pa duktur in suplit ha siki mu.Show the doctor the yaws on your feet.Cf.upāng8: Diseases
supluꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To insert (an object into a hole just large enough or fitted for it).Supluan in bungbung utak ini pa pūhan niya.Insert the shank of this bolo into its handle.Cf.luunsūd1 1.1
suppaknPunishment, repayment (of a perceived wrong) by behavior in kind (e.g., neglecting, abandoning or disregarding someone).Among the family, the purpose is to make the offender realize his mistake.In kajīl kaniya yan hambuuk sa yan suppak sin inaꞌ niya ha pasal sin kasāan niya nakalanduꞌ.His imprisonment is a punishment by his mother for the grievous mistake he has committed.In suppak sin bataꞌ malangug, mawmu kasakitan.The punishment for a naughty child is that he often gets hurt.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To repay (in kind for a bad deed done to someone), punish (someone for a perceived wrong done).In anak niya mangiꞌ kasuddahan suppakan niya diꞌ pakaunun.She punishes her bad-natured child by not feeding him.In hinang mangiꞌ suppakan pa mangiꞌ, in hinang marayaw tungbasan pa marayaw.Bad deeds are repaid with bad, and good deeds are rewarded with good.Siyuppakan siya sin maas niya sabab diꞌ siya kapagkaagihan.He was punished by his parents because he is hard to control.Cf.tungbas
*suppulvipat ma-.(For the mouth) to be or become full (of something); (for a jeepney, a room) to be crowded, dense, stuffy.Nasuppul sin kakaun in simud niya.His mouth is full of food.Cf.hipuꞌvtag mag-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To stuff (something into something else).Maytaꞌ mu isab siyuppulan sin dagmay mu in malita ku?Why did you stuff your rags into my suitcase?Cf.dasuk