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*sagdavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To chide, restrain so as to correct (as wrong behavior); advise (someone about correct behavior).Sagdaha kunuꞌ in addat sin anak mu.Will you correct your son’s behavior!
*saggaꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.To disagree with, oppose, resist, be at odds with.Saggai bang kawaun in anak mu.You resist him if he tries to get your child.vRC ag mag-.(For people) to quarrel, resist (one another).Ayaw kaw magsaggaꞌ iban taymanghud mu.Don’t you and your sister quarrel.npagsaggaanThe reason for a quarrel or disagreement, thing disagreed about.Cf.kālu
saggawvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To seize, catch (something as a bird or an escapee); arrest (someone).Saggaw kaw manuk ha pagal.Catch a chicken in the pen.Saggawa in sugarul!Arrest the thief!Cf.*sambut
sagidgimb.saꞌgidvag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To brush against, come in contact (with something).Ayaw kaw sumagid pa dingding bat kaw diꞌ mahipuꞌ sin pinta.Don’t brush against the wall or you’ll be covered with paint.Kiyasagiran aku sin iruꞌ bakas dayn ha pisak.I was brushed against by a dog who had come from the mud.Cf.daig 1*lidlid
*saginavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To greet, welcome (someone).Saginaha in manga luruk.Greet the guests.
sagingsingnA whizzing sound or movement (as of a propeller or bullet).In sagingsing sin pungluꞌ pagkarungugan namuꞌ ha daig bāy.We can hear the whizzing sound of the bullets near the house.vact mag-, -um-.To make a whizzing sound or movement.Magsagingsing in jaga-jaga sin ariplanu.The propeller of an airplane makes a whizzing sound.Cf.kugaskaskulanas
sagitsitadjA crackling sound.In sagitsit diyungug ku gūma sin tarak.The crackling sound I heard is the tire of a truck.vact mag-, -um-.To emit a crackling sound.Magsagitsit sa yan bang mu sunugun.If you burn that it will make a crackling sound.Cf.sagutsut
*sagnatvtag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To hang (something) on (something else).Ayaw kaw magsagnat sin badjuꞌ mu hāin-hāin sadja.Don’t hang your clothes just anywhere.Sagnatan na in ambung duun.Just hang the basket there.viact -um-.(For something) to get caught or entangled (on something).Simagnat in buktun sin badjuꞌ niya ha lansang.Her sleeve got caught on a nail.Cf.gantung*pinting
*sagpiꞌvar.sugpiꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To break (something) with force.Sagpia in batang kahuy yan.Break that branch.Bang bihān in paglubak mu masagpiꞌ in bataꞌ yan.If you beat that child that way, you’ll break his body.OV SYN.sagsagCf.baliꞌ 1
sagsagvtag mag-; pat -un.To break (something) off, destroy or damage (something).Sagsagun sa yan sin manga sapiꞌ in tiyanum mu.The cows will destroy your plants.vipat ma-.(For something) to break off.In sanga kahuy nasagsag kiyugdan sin hangin makusug.The branches of the tree broke off because of the strong wind.Cf.baliꞌ 1
sagutadjTangled, intertwisted, intertwined (as of thread or string); (of hair) tousled.Sagut in salban ini.This thread is tangled.Sagut in buhuk niya.Her hair is tousled.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To tangle, intertwine, intertwist (something).Ayaw mu saguta in hapun yan.Don’t tangle that nylon string.adjsagut-managut(Of a house, room, etc.) disorderly, messy, untidy.Sagut-managut in upis niya.His office is messy.Cf.gumun
sagutsutnA sound produced by parts touching or rubbing together.In sagutsut sin silikan sin tarak bang magtuy magpahundung makabugaꞌ.The sound produced by the tires of a truck that stops suddenly is frightening.vact mag-, -um-.For something to produce such a sound.Magsagutsut in ha lawm sin lilus mu.Parts rubbing together are producing a sound in your watch.
sahaꞌnA sprout, young shoot, sucker of certain plants (banana, abaca, coconut, bamboo, etc.).Dihili aku sahaꞌ sin sayng mu.Give me a young shoot from your banana plant.vact mag-, -um-.To sprout young shoots, suckers.Magsahaꞌ na in sayng yan.That banana plant will soon have young shoots.vran -an.To remove such shoots (from a plant).Sahaan ku in lanut supaya bukun masimbul.I’ll remove the shoots from the abaca plants so that they won’t be crowded.Cf.pangtusan
sahābatnRareA companion, associate or follower of a prophet, datu or sultan.Biyawgbugan hi Nabi Muhammad sin manga sahābat niya.Muhammad’s followers upheld him.Cf.iban 2panun
sahadatnThe Muslim statement of faith, the Muslim creed (I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet).Bang in manga Muslim magsambahayang subay sadja sabbutun in sahadat.When Muslims pray they should always say the statement of faith.
sahasaꞌnMushroom coral.In sahasaꞌ pagkabākan ha kalawman sin dagat.You can find mushroom coral in the depths of the sea.
sahawatnLust, desire for sex.Biyaꞌ sahawat in atud kaymu sin tau yaun.That man seemed to look at you with a desire for sex.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To look sharply (at someone) with the desire to indulge in sex.Mangiꞌ pagsahawatan in babai taga bana.It’s wrong to look sharply at a married woman with the desire for sex.OV SYN.bais
sahawinA remark, comment, criticism.Awn sahawi pa mangiꞌ awn pa marayaw.There is constructive and destructive criticism.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To make a remark, criticism, or comment (on someone’s behavior, deeds, work, etc.).Sahawiha in hinang ku bang kaw walaꞌ kiyaamuhan.Make a comment on my work if it doesn’t please you.
sahayanRays of light, glossiness, brightness of light.Luwal sahaya in kītaꞌ hi Nabi Musa ha būd Tursinaꞌ.Moses only saw the brightness of light on Mount Sinai.vag mag-, -um-.To shine, be radiant or bright with light, be conspicuous; stand out, excel.Magsahaya dakuman in lingkat sin babai yan.That woman shines with her beauty.adjmasahayaShiny, bright, glossy, emitting rays of light.Masahaya in pamayhuan niya sabab makūg in atay niya.Her face is shiny because her heart is filled with joy.Cf.idlap*inggatsiꞌnag 1sawa
sahiliꞌadjA ruffian, rowdy, bully.Way mabayaꞌ ha tau sahiliꞌ.Nobody likes a bully.Cf.jilakaꞌ
sahinggaLu.hingga11relAs long as.Sahingga diꞌ maubus in hinang mu ayaw kaw mīg.As long as your work isn’t finished don’t leave.OV SYN.salugay2advBesides.Sahingga dayn ha yan, way na.Besides that there is nothing.
sahulvar.sahurnA night meal (during the period of fasting in the month of Ramadan).Kaun kaw mataud bang sahul.Eat plenty at the night meal.vag mag-, -um-.To eat such a meal.Lisag tū aku magsahul.I eat the nighttime meal at three o’clock.Cf.biyukaꞌderv.bukaꞌ1
sailnA melancholy song sung to the tune of a plaintive chant (luguꞌ).Cf.luguꞌbaat
sainagunnIntense desire, want, wish.Sainagun ku muwiꞌ na kabii.My intense desire was (i.e., I wanted very much) to go home last night.
saisnA groom (one in charge of horses).