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salindangnA pattern of cloth.Yari na in salindang ha paghinang sin badjuꞌ ku.Here is the pattern of cloth for making my polo shirt.Hawnu in salindang sin pantalun mu?Where is the pattern of cloth for your pants?
salingkatnA small rice basket (made of coconut leaves, used to contain rice when traveling or at feasts).Makaibug-ibug isab in salingkat hīnang hi Babuꞌ.The small rice basket made by Aunt is really cute.Butangan niyu na in salingkat ha lamisahan bat magkaun na.Put the small rice basket on the table because we are going to eat now.
salipnA hereditary title given to someone who claims descent from Prophet Muhammad.The title is passed through a father but not through a mother. Salip are regarded as possessing some divine influence.Cf.habibtampat
*saliyuviRC act mag-.To become interchanged, mixed up, switched.Nagsaliyu in sinilas namuꞌ sabab hangka-lupa.Our rubber slippers got mixed up because they look alike.vtCH 1 pat -un.Often prefixed with papag-.To cause (things) to become interchanged temporarily, switch (things).Papagsaliyuhun ta in gigisgis nila.Let’s switch their toothbrushes.SYN.*sayluCf.sambiꞌaybuwas
sallaꞌnSomething that mars the appearance, character, structure (of something); fault, imperfection, defect, flaw.In katān mānusiyaꞌ awn sallaꞌ niya.All people have imperfections.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To point out as a fault, defect, or flaw.Wayruun sallaun ku sin addat sin tau ini.There is nothing that I can point out as a flaw in this man’s character.Cf.sāꞌ 1.1
salsilavar.sarsilatarsilanA genealogical story imbued with significant events (esp. about the nobility), genealogy.Ha salsila sin kamaasan awn kampung mu ha Manilaꞌ.In the genealogy of the older people you have relatives in Manila.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.To relate such a story.Salsilahun ku kaniyu in pangkat sin manga sultan ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.I’ll relate to you the lineage of the sultans of Sulu.Salsilahan ta kamu sin pagsabil hi Jikiri.I’ll tell you about the suicide death of Jikiri.Cf.usulan*usulkissakata-kata
saltunvar.sartunnDissolved earth (drunk to cleanse the body after having eaten food which is haram or drunk liquor).vag mag-; pat -un.To cleanse (the body by drinking dissolved earth).Nagsaltun siya sin baran niya supaya siya makalamud magpuasa.She cleansed her body so that she could join in fasting.
*saluvact mag-; pat ma-; ran ka-…-an.To make a mistake, do (the wrong thing) unintentionally, (do something) by mistake.Kamayaꞌ kaw. Masalu kaw magꞌitung.Be careful. You might make a mistake in counting.Maapa aku. Kiyasaluhan ta kaw nasuntuk.Please forgive me. I socked you by mistake.Cf.lawng1sāꞌ 1.1
saluꞌadj(Of roosters) multi-colored.Manuk saluꞌ in dimaug ha pagbulangan.It was a multi-colored chicken that won at the cockfight.Cf.lintikanbuttikanmanas
salugayrelWhile, at the time when, as long as.Ha salugay ta buhiꞌ subay kita himinang sin daakan sin Tuhan.As long as we are alive we should do as God commands.Way pagkaun ku jatu salugay mu walaꞌ dī.I have no appetite to eat when you are not here.OV SYN.bābā
salupa(from lupa₂)vag magpa-.To take on (one’s) appearance or form.Nagpasalupa mānusiyaꞌ in malāikat.The angel took on the appearance of a human being.vpat pa-…-unTo make (something) look like (something else).Pasalupahun natuꞌ duktur in pakayan taniyu.Let’s make our clothes look like doctors’.Cf.sibuꞌ
saluraTag.nA salute.In hāti sin salura pagꞌaddat ha mataas kātuꞌ.The meaning of a salute is to respect those who are over us.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To salute.Magsalura aku bang ku pagkakitaan pataasun in panjiꞌ natuꞌ.I salute when I see our flag being raised.
salusunArchaicA pirate.Diꞌ kaīgan salusu in lawm hulaꞌ namuꞌ.Our place is frequented by pirates.
*salusuvAQ ag/goal mag-; pat -un.RareTo search, go about looking for (something).Diꞌ ku hundungan salusuhun in nakakawaꞌ sin altaꞌ ku.I will not stop looking for the one who took my property.Cf.urullawag 1
Sama lawdnBadjaw.Mataud Sama lawd magdaragang panagatun ha tabuꞌ.There are so many Badjaws selling seafoods at the market.
sama-samaadv./adjAll together, all equal.Sama-sama kitaniyu maghinang.We will work all together.Sama-sama in habaꞌ sin digpiꞌ.The boards are all of equal length.vaux mag-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To do (something) all together or simultaneously.Sama-samahun ta in pagꞌutud sin manga parang.Let’s do simultaneously the cutting of the grass.Cf.sibuꞌ
SamalnSama (the ethnic group in the Sulu Archipelago other than the Tausug).Cf.Sama lawd
samantāraꞌrelBut because, but since.Mabayaꞌ siya matun pa bāy niyu, samantāraꞌ yari na kaw dī, diꞌ na siya lumaus.She wants to go to your house, but since you are now here she won’t go.Diꞌ na aku mabayaꞌ kaniya, samantāraꞌ nalugus aku amuna in kapagtiyaun namuꞌ.I did not fall in love with him, but because I was forced to I married him.OV SYN.sabab
sambagnA written answer, reply.Wayruun pa sambag sin sulat ku.There is no answer yet to my letter.vCV 3 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; pat/inst hi-.To answer, reply; answer back.Unu in hisambag mu?What will you answer back?Cf.jawabsambung1
sambahayangnThe (Muslim five-times-daily) prayer, formal worship of religions other than Islam.Baꞌtal in sambahayang mu bang kaw kaintawꞌan sin pinit ha saꞌbu kaw nagsasambahayang.Your prayer is invalid if a lizard happens to defecate on you while you are praying.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To worship, pray (the Muslim five-times-daily prayer).In Muslim magsambahayang makalima hangka-adlaw.A Muslim prays five times a day.Cf.sumba 1duwaapangarap
sambalnA sauce made from tiny shrimp preserved in brine (baling) and tomatoes.Masarap in sambal bang butangan lara.Baling and tomato sauce is delicious when it has chili peppers.Marayaw in nanam sin sambal sin satti.The baling and tomato sauce of the kabobs has a nice taste.
sambalaninA white winged horse (believed by some to carry venerated persons, especially those who have died for religious reasons, to heaven).In tau matay sabil makapanguraꞌ ha sambalani.People who die in ritualized suicide fighting a personal holy war will be able to ride a white winged horse into heaven.Cf.kuraꞌ 1burrak
samban1vact mag-, -um-, mang-; goal kiya-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂.To meet (someone) on the way.Nagsamban kami iban hi Utuꞌ ha daig tabuꞌ.I met Sonny near the market place.Kiyasambanan ku siya ha giꞌtungan sin dān.I met him in the middle of the road.OV SYN.bāk
samban2vag mag-; pat -un.To plow (a field) for the first time (usually three plowings are done).Sambana na in palipat ta, Utuꞌ.Plow our field for the first time, Son.Cf.ararubungkal1 badjaꞌ*badlis
sambatnSomething said.Unu in sambat niya?What did he say?vag mag-, -um-; none -an.Frequently unaffixed. Used as a quote formula.To say.Sambat hi Abdul maluhay hibissara sagawaꞌ mahunit hinangun.Abdul says it’s easy to say (that) but hard to do (it).Sambatan nila diꞌ sila mugaꞌ ha parinta.They say they’re not afraid of the government.Cf.laung1 bichara 1