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sambiꞌvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To exchange, change (something) for something else or some more (of the same commodity), borrow (something and replace it with a like item).Sumambiꞌ aku sīn kaniya.I’ll borrow money from her.Diꞌ makajari magsambiꞌ ha tinda yan.You can’t exchange things in that store.Hipagsambiꞌ ku badjuꞌ in manuk ini.I’ll give this chicken for a dress.Huun, sambian ku badjuꞌ in manuk mu yan!Yes, I’ll accept your chicken in exchange for this dress.Cf.*saylugantiꞌbūs
sambilrelUntil, including, and also.Sambil bihaun way aku nakatabuk sulat.I have not received any letter until now.Nasaggaw hi Abdul sambil tū tau niya.Abdul was arrested and also three of his followers.Bīhi aku badjuꞌ sambil tawmpaꞌ.Buy me a dress and shoes too.Cf.sampay 1iban 1
sambilannA game of cards, blackjack, lucky nine.vag mag-.To play this game.Magsambilan kitaniyu dūm tahun baꞌgu.Let’s play blackjack New Year’s Eve.npagsambilanA place where this game is played.Dimaug hi Abdul ha pagsambilan kābii ha pagjagahan.Abdul won at the blackjack table last night at the vigil.Cf.sugal
sambranA loose, short-sleeved blouse (reaching a little below the waist, usu. bordered with lace on the sleeves and on the front opening).In kakanaꞌ lanay hipatahiꞌ ku sambra.I will have the silk cloth sewn into a loose, short-sleeved blouse.Cf.sablay 2
sambu1nHealth (of people or plants).Makakūg-kūg isab in sambu sin manga anak nila.The health of their children makes (me) glad.vST pat -um-.(For people or plants) to become healthy or vigorous, thrive.Sumambu da isab in tiyanum bang daran biyubusugan.Plants will thrive if they are watered often.adjmasambuHealthy, vigorous, thriving.Aturun hadja, masambu in paltubuhan sin kahuy ini.You can tell by looking at this tree that it is healthy.2nProsperity (of a business or livelihood venture).vST pat ma-.(For a business or livelihood) to prosper, improve.Bihaun simambu na sila ha pagkabuhianan.As of now their livelihood is improving.adjmasambu(Of a business or livelihood) prosperous.Masambu in pagꞌusaha nila.Their business is prosperous.
sambulaannA hawk.Diyaꞌgit sin sambulaan in anak manuk.The hawk dived for the baby chick.1: Birds and Flying Insects
sambulawanadjStriped with yellow (of plants such as corn, sugar cane, and bamboo [patung1]).Mataud ginis sin tiyanum sambulawan biyaꞌ na sin gandum iban tubu.There are many kinds of yellow-striped plants like corn and sugar cane.
sambulayangnA (Tausug) flag (placed on top of a miniature ceremonial palace).Hukuti in sambulayang ha taas sin māligay.Fasten the flag at the top of the miniature ceremonial palace.
sambung1nAn oral reply, answer, response, retort in speech.Unu in sambung mu pagsumariya kaymu sin pulis?What was your answer when the police questioned you?vCV 3 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To reply, answer, respond, retort.Sambung kaw sin bichara niya.You answer what he said.OV SYN.sambag
sambung2nA waistband (of Tausug style loose pants, made of white cloth).Subay kakanaꞌ putiꞌ in sambung sin sawwal.The waistband of the pajama-like trousers should be of white cloth.
*sambung-laungvag mag-; goal -an.To exchange words, ideas, or opinions.Mabayaꞌ kami magsambung-laung iban kamu.We would like to exchange opinions with you.OV SYN.pagliyu-lapal*liyu-lapalCf.*lugat*sual
*sambutvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To catch (something, as a ball or falling object).Sambuta in bula tīluꞌ niya.Catch the ball that he threw.Cf.*tabuk
samin1nMirror, glass.Nabagbag in samin.The mirror broke.vag mag-, -um-.To look into a mirror.Mabayaꞌ kaw sumamin ha samin ku?Would you like to look into my mirror?Diꞌ niya aku pasaminun.She won’t let me look into the mirror.2vag mag-.To wear eyeglasses.Pagsamin kaw sin samin mata ku.Wear my eyeglasses.
samin-matanEyeglasses.In papagan sin samin-mata niya bulawan.The frames of her glasses are made of gold.vag mag-.To wear glasses.Bang kita malaas na, subay kita magsamin-mata bat marayaw in pangitaꞌ.When we’re old, we should wear glasses so that our sight will be good (i.e., we can see well).Cf.upat mata
samlangvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To refute, disagree with in argument, contradict.Ayaw kaw magsamlang sin bissara hi amaꞌ mu bat kaw diꞌ pagꞌamāhan.Don’t contradict what your father says so he won’t get mad at you.Samlanga in bissara ku bang kaw walaꞌ kiyaamuhan.You may refute what I say if you don’t agree with it.Hangkan ku siyamlang in bissara niya pasal walaꞌ aku kiyasulutan sin pamung niya.The reason I contradicted what he said is that I am not pleased with his statement.
sammaladjPowerless, ineffective, futile (as of magic power); (of people, places, or things) ritually unclean.Way na pūs bang sammal na in ilmuꞌ.There’s no use if your magic power is powerless.vST pat ma-.To become powerless, ineffective, futile; become ritually unclean.Masammal in pagkaislam mu bang kaw kumaun babuy.Your being a Muslim will become ineffective if you eat pork.In ilmuꞌ niya nasammal ha pasal sin pagkaun niya babuy.His sorceries became ineffective because he had eaten pork.Cf.baꞌtal 1
*sampaꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To disjoint (a dressed chicken).Sampaa na in manuk bang ubus na huꞌhuan.Disjoint the chicken when it’s already dressed.
sampaknA slap.In sampak niya kākuꞌ landuꞌ masakit.It really hurt when she slapped me.Cf.taplingbaga2 vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To slap (something with an open hand).Siyampak niya in bataꞌ.She slapped the child.
sampalnMeasles.Ayaw pahangini bang awn sampal sin bataꞌ.Don’t let the child get in the wind if she has measles.8: Diseasesvpat -un.To have or become afflicted with measles.Dugainga bilik in bataꞌ siyampal bat diꞌ sampalun in kaibanan.Put the children with measles in a separate room so that the others won’t catch it.
sampangvTV ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To meet or receive (someone arriving).Sampangun ta pa landing in manga tau naghadjiꞌ.Let’s meet the pilgrims at the airport.Cf.bāknpasampangA gift (brought by a traveller returning from a trip).Nagdarā pasampang pa manga kampung in manga naghadjiꞌ.The pilgrims are bringing gifts for their relatives.
sampay1advUntil, till, unto.Way siya nakabayad utang sampay bihaun.She hasn’t paid her debt till now.2vag mag-, -um-.To reach or arrive at (a place).Walaꞌ kami nakasampay pa Makka.We didn’t reach Mecca.pasampayderv.nA message.vTo send or deliver a message.
sampigLu.dampig1viact mag-, -um-.To come up against (something, as of a boat at a dock).Pasampiga in lansa pa jambatan.Cause the launch to go up against the pier.OV SYN.*dagsaꞌ 1vtpat hi-; ran -an.To put (something) up against (something else), put one’s side against (something).Hisampig ku in manga bangkuꞌ pa dingding.I will put the chairs up against the wall.Siyampig in lansa pa higad hunasan.The launch was put up against (i.e., drifted to) the shore where the tide was out.Sampigan ku in dingding ini.I’ll put my side against this wall.nsampiganThe place where something comes up against.Cf.sandig2adj(Of a person living in a place) having come from somewhere else.Hangkan siya ngiyanan tau sampig pasal sin dayn ha hulaꞌ dugaing siya.That’s why he’s called a person from somewhere else because he’s from a different place.
*sampigayvag mag-, -um-, mag-…-an; ran ka-…-an.To stagger, walk with slow, unsteady, uncertain steps and with a jolting motion (as of a tipsy or dizzy person).Magsampigay siya bang siya nahihilu.He staggers when he is drunk.npagsampigayThe act of walking in such a manner.Narugtul niya in hāg ha pagsampigay niya.In his staggering he bumped into the post.
sampinitnWild raspberries.Maymuꞌ in bunga sin sampinit.Wild raspberries’ fruit is sweet.Masūb in manga Milikan magkaun bunga sampinit.Americans are fond of eating wild raspberry fruit.5: Plants
sampulnRice cooked with coconut milk and turmeric.The rice cooked thus is pressed into a bowl or cup, which is then overturned on a plate and surrounded by egg halves or pieces of roasted chicken. It is offered to the ancestors in a kāja or duwaa pa taas ceremony, offered to spirits, used at weddings, and used formerly to feed important people.vag mag-.To cook this food.Daaka siya magsampul.Ask her to cook rice with coconut milk and turmeric.