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*sampungvar.tampung2vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.With -un, one’s hand is used. With -an, some object is used.To close or stop (something) up (as the mouth with a hand).Sampunga in simud niya bat diꞌ makasilawak.Put your hand over his mouth so he can’t shout.Cf.*tampan 1*tabun
sampurnaꞌnCompletion, perfection, fulfillment; acceptance.vag mag-; -um-; pat -un.To accept (something).In mahardikaꞌ pangayuun sin imaatu ha parinta diꞌ masampurnaꞌ sin prisidinti.The insurgents’ request for independence will not be accepted by the President.Nasampurnaꞌ sin Tuhan in sambahayang ku.God accepted my prayer.Cf.*makbul
sampuwakvar. ofsimpuwakvTo splash or dash (liquid) about.
samuꞌnsamuꞌ-samuꞌImpurity of reputation, bad mark on (one’s) reputation (as to morality).Way samuꞌ-samuꞌ sin piil palangay hi Jul.There is not a bad mark on Jul’s reputation.Way samuꞌ-samuꞌ sin tunang mu yan.Your fiancee has a pure reputation.OV SYN.tamak 2
sāmudvag mag-; ran -an.To join, combine, intermingle, associate with.Magsāmud na kitaniyu sin pagmawlud natuꞌ.Let’s combine our mawlud celebration.Ayaw kaw magsāmud iban sin manga kapir.Don’t associate with the infidels.Cf.lamud 1
samutvag -um-.To hasten; hurry; be fast, quick, speedy; (do something) quickly, speedily.Samut kaw bat kita diꞌ abutan ulan.Hurry up so we won’t be overtaken by the rain.Pasamuta in paglutuꞌ mu bat hiyapdiꞌ na sila.Make your cooking of the food quick (i.e., cook it quickly), for they’re hungry.advmasamutSoon, promptly, quickly (used with ha).Dumatung da sila ha masamut.They’ll arrive soon.Parāhan in sīn ha masamut.Send the money promptly.OV SYN.amutkasay 1Cf.sapatbiskaysiglaꞌ
samuwaadj./advSame, equal(ly).Subay samuwa in pagdihil mu sīn ha manga anak mu.You should give the same amount of money to your children.Bukun samuwa in pagbahagiꞌ sin altaꞌ ha manga anak sin miyatay.The late father did not divide his wealth equally between his children.Cf.sama-sama
sanamnAn ant.vST pat -un.To get ants (in something), attract ants.Sanamun in sukal ha lāy.The sugar on the plate will get ants in it.adjmasanamOccupied or filled with ants.Masanam tuud in bāy ini.This house is full of ants.Cf.alanggaꞌapipilaꞌ4: Animals, Non-flying
*sanawvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To feel for (something with the hands esp. to find out something), grope for (something).Nagsanaw siya sin labayan sabab way ilaw.He groped for the passage, for there was no light.Sanawa kākuꞌ in bulpin ku.Feel for my ball pen for me.Cf.sadsad
sandaꞌnPledge, that which is pawned, security.Lukata niyu in manga sandaꞌ niyu bulan ini.Redeem what you’ve pawned this month.vCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To pawn or mortgage (something).Sandaan in singsing ku bang way sīn mu.Pawn my ring if you don’t have the money.Mastal in kiyasandaan sin singsing ku.I pawned my ring to a teacher.ANT.*lukatnpagsasandaanA pawnshop, pawnbroker.Cf.padjak
sandalnEndurance, resistance, perseverance (as in pain, difficulty, or hardship).Way makasibuꞌ sin sandal sin tau yan.No one can equal that man’s endurance.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To endure, resist, persevere, hold on, bear up (under pain, grief, loss, or any suffering).Sandali in sakit.Endure the pain.Makasandal kaw maghulaꞌ dī?Could you endure living here?adjmasandalAble to endure, resist, persevere, bear up.Masandal siya dumā kasusahan.She is able to bear up under her trouble.SYN.tatasOV SYN.sabal1
sandatvar.sindatadj(Of clothing) narrow, tight (also masandat).In pantalun ini sandat kaymu.These pants are tight for you.vST pat mag-, -um-.(For clothing) to be or become too tight.In kakanaꞌ maung, bang karakdakan na sumandat.When denim cloth is laundered (the garment) becomes too tight.
sandigvag mag, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To lean against (something).Ayaw kaw sumandig kākuꞌ.Don’t lean against me.Sandig kaw ha simintu.Lean against the cement.Hisandig ku in taykud ku pa kahuy.I’ll lean my back against the tree.nsandiganA place leaned against.Cf.sampig 1
sandilnA concubine, paramour of a sultan or datu.Mataud sandil sin sultan.The king has many concubines.Cf.kirida
sandungvact mag-, -um; ran ka-…-an.To visualize, remember, think of, picture, or imagine (someone not present); (for someone not present or a spirit) to come into (one’s) mind or appear in (one’s) imagination.Bang magsandung in anak ku ha Manilaꞌ sayinggan aku kimitaꞌ sin pattaꞌ niya.When my son in Manila comes into my mind instantly I look at his picture.Bang magsandung in tunang ku ha atay ku magpakatangis aku.Sometimes I could cry when my lover appears in my imagination.Bang aku in kasandungan sin laylatul in pangayuun ku kaniya, mahinang aku tau balkanan.If a Muslim saint appears in my imagination I’ll ask that I may become a wealthy person.OV SYN.sitta*tumtum 1magꞌapas lambungidiomlambungCf.panyataꞌ
saninSago palm.Marayaw hinangun atup bāy in sani sabab bukun mapasuꞌ.Sago palm (leaves) are good for roofing a house because they are not hot.Metroxylon sagu5: Plants
sanittiyaadjReligious (spoken of one who prays five times a day).Bukun sanittiya in tau magsambahayang Jumaat sadja.A person who prays only on Fridays is not religious.vag mag-.To pray five times a day.Wajib in Muslim magsanittiya.It is obligatory for a Muslim to pray five times a day.
sanjataꞌnFirearms, deadly weapons.Mataud sanjataꞌ diyā sin sundalu pa Lupaꞌ Sūg.The soldiers took many firearms with them to Jolo.vag mag-; pat -un; goal -an.To carry firearms, arm (someone) with firearms.Pagsanjataꞌ kaw bang kamu manaw pa gimba.Carry your firearms when you go into the interior.Sanjataan sin parinta in manga kunsiyal.The government will arm the councilmen with firearms.Cf.almassinapangpistulmusilkanyunispil
*sannyangvST pat mag-, -um-.To come into a state of pleasure, comfort, ease, luxury, peace.Bang mataud in kasusahan mu diꞌ sumannyang in pamikil mu.When you have many problems your thoughts won’t become peaceful.nkasannyanganComfort, ease, luxury, peace (either physical, mental, or emotional).Wayruun kasannyangan sin hulaꞌ bang nagbubunuꞌ sadja.A land has no peace when there’s continuous fighting.adjmasannyangCharacterized by comfort and ease, luxury, peace.Masannyang in tau mataud pilak niya.A person with plenty of money has comfort and ease.
sannyawanPanties, underwear (including young children’s panties).Kulaha in manga sannyawa yan.Bleach those panties.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To wear panties or underpants, use (something) as panties.Ayaw kaw magsannyawa sin yan.Don’t wear those panties.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To put panties or underwear on (someone, esp. a child).Sannyawahi in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.Put panties on the child.Cf.kansisilyu
santannSugared coconut milk with cooked rice (a confection).Masarap in santan bang lamuran dūyan.Sugared coconut milk with cooked rice is really good mixed with durian.Cf.gataꞌputti
santapvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For a member of the royalty) to eat.Diꞌ mabayaꞌ sumantap in anak datuꞌ.The son of the datu doesn’t want to eat.Piyasantap ha sultan iban dayang-dayang in kakaun way saliꞌ in lanab.The king and princess were offered food to eat that was unmatched in taste.OV SYN.kaun 1
santikvAR ag mag-, mang-, -um-; ran -an.To strike (a match).Santiki in bagid.Strike the match.
santiliꞌnA beggar (someone esp. an old man who comes to one’s house and asks blessing from God for the family and in return is given rice or money).Dihili upat sūpa bugas in santiliꞌ.Give the beggar four cup-measures of rice.vag mag-, mang-, -um-; ran -an.To beg from (people).Makasipug in manantiliꞌ ha tau.It is a shame to beg from people.Santilian sin maas yan minsan tau miskin.That old man begs even from poor people.Cf.limus
*santukvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.(For a part of the body, usu. the head) to strike or bump (something), strike or knock (a part of the body on something).Simantuk in ū niya ha lawang.His head bumped on the door.Santukan in ū niya pa dingding.Knock his head on the wall.Cf.banggul