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sāngnA period or interval (when a bird stops laying eggs or a woman stops menstruating).Hangka-bulan da in sāng sin manuk yan magꞌiklug.The interval when that hen doesn’t lay eggs is only one month.vact -um-, mag-.(For menstruation or hens’ laying of eggs) to stop (for a period of time).Simāng in pagduguꞌ hi Sitti hangka-bulan na.Sitti’s menstruation has stopped for one month.Magsāng in manuk magꞌiklug.Chickens periodically stop laying eggs.
sanganA bough (of a tree), branch (of a tree, road, river, etc.).Harap pakain in sanga sin subaꞌ yan?In what direction does that branch of the river go?vact mag, -um-.To separate into branches, go off in another direction, diverge; (for a tree) to develop branches.Malugay magsanga in kahuy yan.It’s taking a long time for that tree to develop branches.adjsangahan/masangaHaving many branches.Uturi niyu in kahuy sangahan yaun.Cut down that tree with many branches.Cf.saꞌpan
sangalvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To open (a mouth) forcibly (usu. done to children).Sangala in simud sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ.Force the mouth of the child to open.Sangalun ta in simud sin kambing bat makainum sukaꞌ.Let’s force the mouth of the goat open so that it can drink the vinegar.Cf.bangaꞌ
sangatadvIn a supreme degree, preeminently, superlatively, incomparably.Hambuuk-buuk Tuhan in sangat kawasa ha unu-unu katān.It’s only God who is preeminently powerful in all things.vST pat -um-, ma-.To become serious, grave, worse, severe, (as of illness).Subay na simangat in sakit sin bataꞌ ampa diyā pa uspital.They did not bring the child to the hospital until her illness became grave.adjmasangatIntense, very serious, becoming worse (esp. of a sick or physically injured person).Masangat na in sakit niya.His illness is very serious now.OV SYN.pangsanCf.landuꞌkaruk
sāngat1vact mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For an object) to land (on something high), put (something on top of something high).Nakasāngat in taguriꞌ ha taas kahuy.The kite landed on top of the tree.Tuurun ku pasāngatun in tambu-tambu niya pa taas niyug.I’ll purposely make her balloon land on top of the coconut tree.OV SYN.*sagnat2vact -um-; ran ka-…-an.(For one’s mind) to reach (something), (for someone) to pass (a test) or obtain (employment).Hinangun ku na in unu-unu kasāngatan sin pikilan ku.I’ll do whatever my mind can reach (i.e., I can think of).
sangayvag mag-; pat hi-.Does not occur with pa₂.To name (a child) after (someone else).Piyagsangay niya in anak niya ha magulang nila miyatay.He named his child after their deceased brother.
*sangbaadjmasangba(Of the shoulders) broad.Masangba in abaga niya.His shoulders are broad.Cf.lakbang
sangbawnA crab trap.Mataud kagang nakāꞌ sin sangbaw nila.They caught many crabs in their crab trap.Cf.bubu1 liꞌtag
sangbayvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To hold (a baby) with both hands at the armpits and rock (it) up and down (to play with it).Masūb siya magsangbay bataꞌ-bataꞌ.He is fond of holding a baby at the armpits and rocking it up and down.Sangbayun ku in anak sin magulang ku.I’ll hold my sister’s baby at the armpits and rock it up and down.
sangdan1adjMore than enough, abundant.Sangdan kami ha tubig.We have an abundant supply of water.Cf.ballabi-labihanlabi
sangdan2vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.Usu. with another verb.To continue, go on (doing something).Sangdan kaw kumaun bungang-kahuy.You go on eating fruit.Simangdan siya nagkaun sin ginisan lugay niya ha Sūg.She continued eating everything while she was in Jolo.Siyangdanan nila in bungang-kahuy tiyatawꞌ ku.They continued (eating) the fruit I set aside.
*sangdulvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To give in charge, entrust, commit (something to someone).Sangdulan na pa mayul in parkalaꞌ yan.You entrust that case to the mayor.Sangdulan na pa Tuhan in unu-unu kasusahan mu.Commit to God whatever problem you have.Cf.*sarahakan
*sanggavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To spread out and cup (the hands) with the palms up (in a supplicating position).Siyasangga sin imam in lima niya.The priest spread out and cupped his hands with the palms up.
*sanggul1viact -um-.To collide slightly (with something), bump.Nakasanggul in ū niya pa lawang.He bumped his head on the door.vtpat -un.To bump (something into something else).Sanggulun ku sān pa hāg in ū mu!I’ll bump your head on the post!Cf.*dugtul
*sanggul2vAR ag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To trim the comb (of a rooster).Sangguli naa in manuk ini.Will you trim the comb of my rooster.Cf.*utud
*sanggul3vag mag-.To arm wrestle.Diꞌ aku makakusug magsanggul iban ikaw.I’m not strong enough to arm wrestle with you.
sanggunnPenitence.Sanggun in pagtawag ha tau mangayuꞌ kaampunan pa Tuhan pasal sin dusa niya.Penitence refers to a person’s asking forgiveness from God for his sin.
*sanggup1vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To threaten (someone) seriously.Siyanggupan niya patayun in tau nanipug kaniya.He seriously threatened to kill the man who shamed him.OV SYN.*antup2vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To make an affirmation (never to do something again), yield or relent (esp. after having a bad or painful experience) with a promise not to repeat an action.Diꞌ sumanggup in bataꞌ ini minsan mu unuhun.This child won’t relent no matter what you do to him.Nakasanggup aku diꞌ maghinang kanila magbalik.I’ve firmly asserted never to work for them again.In pilisu simanggup diꞌ na manakaw magbalik.The prisoner affirmed he never would steal again.Cf.luga
sanggut1nA sickle, curved blade on a long handle.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.With -un, stress is on the cutting; with -an, on the thing cut.To cut (something) with a sickle or curved blade on a long handle.Sanggutun ta in bunga sin niyug.We will cut the coconuts with a long-handled curved blade.2vag magpang-; pat pang-…-un.To take by trickery, fraud, or smooth talk; swindle.Magpananggut siya altaꞌ sin tau.He swindles people out of their wealth.OV SYN.kustawkulliꞌ 1
sanghaynA kind of thin silk cloth.Malingkat in sanghay binī niya ha bartil.The thin silk cloth she bought at the barter trade market is beautiful.Marayaw hinangun badjuꞌ hipagtutūg in sanghay.Thin silk cloth is good to use as a nightdress.
*sangka1vag mag-. ran -an.To be worried, sad, sorry (about something).Magsangka sadja siya sabab way na magpaiskul kaniya.He is worried because there’s no one to put him through school.In piyagsangkahan ku sin nasakit kaw.I’m sorry that you are sick.OV SYN.susa2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To complain or protest against, object to (something).Nagsangka siya pa Tuhan sin bukun siya maingat.He is complaining against God for not being intelligent.Subay kita diꞌ sumangka sin kabayaan sin Tuhan.We should not protest against the will of God.Diꞌ aku makasangka ha kabayaan sin maas ku.I cannot object to my parents’ wishes.Cf.*saggaꞌsulang*sulak*mupārik
sangkaꞌ1.1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For a driven, pointed object such as a nail or the handle point of a bolo) to reach a limit or an end point; drive (such an object) to a limit.Nagsangkaꞌ siya pūhan pa utak.He is driving the bolo into its handle (lit. the handle onto the bolo).1.2vact -um-.To reach or be at the limit or highest degree (of something).Simangkaꞌ in limuꞌ sin gulaꞌ.The sweetness of the honey is of the highest degree.Simangkaꞌ mayan in hapdiꞌ niya nanakaw siya.When his hunger reached the limit he was forced to steal.2vact -um-.(For something) to hit or strike (something else).Nakasangkaꞌ in lima niya pa lawang.His hands hit the door.OV SYN.*dugtul
sangkadadjToo full, stuffed beyond normal capacity, (of solid objects that can hold no more, also of a stomach, mockingly).Sangkad na in tiyan niya.Her stomach is too full.Sangkad na in labban sin manga badjuꞌ.The box is stuffed with clothes.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To fill (something with something else) beyond its normal capacity, fill to excess, stuff too full.Sangkarun ta sin lupaꞌ in mital ini.Let’s fill this can to excess with soil.adjmasangkadFilled beyond normal capacity, stuffed too full.Magkangiꞌ in malita bang masangkad sin badjuꞌ.The suitcase will be ruined if it’s stuffed too full with clothes.Cf.hipuꞌdasuklasay 1
sangkakalanThe trumpet (believed to be sounded on the day of judgment).Huyupun na in sangkakala bang makiyamat na in dunya.The trumpet will be sounded when the end of the world comes.
sangkalannA (kitchen) chopping board.In sangkalan amu in pagsisipakan istaꞌ.A chopping board is what we split fish on.SYN.angdulan*angdul