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tuudadvReally, truly, honestly (an intensifier).Bunnal tuud in baytaꞌ mu?Are you really telling the truth?Walaꞌ tuud aku nakakawaꞌ sin sīn mu.Honestly, I didn’t take your money.vpat/aux -un.To do (something) intentionally, deliberately or earnestly.Tiyuud ku walaꞌ miyagad kanila.I deliberately (decided) not to go along with them.Ayaw kaw magꞌamā walaꞌ ku tiyuud.Don’t be angry, I didn’t do it intentionally.Bang ku tuurun mamī pamulawan makabī sadja aku.If I really intend to buy gold jewelry, I can afford to buy it.adjmatuud/matutuudReal, honest, true, genuine, sincere (in one’s desire or aim).Bukun matutuud in bayaꞌ niya kaymu.Her interest in you is not genuine.
tuungnA case, crate or box (of either slats or solid materials for packing things to be shipped or stored).Butangan in manga kassaꞌ yan ha lawm tuung.Put those jars in the crate.
tuwaꞌnScraps (of discarded food).Dihilan in tuwaꞌ pa iruꞌ.Give the scraps to the dog.Cf.kapinuhaꞌ
tuwadvag mag-, -um-.To bend over with the buttocks raised.Tuwad kaw bat ku kahugasan in buliꞌ mu.Bend over so I can wash your bottom.
tuwalnThe base of the spine.In tuwal duhul sin tangkal.The base of the spine is the end of the spinal cord.In tuwal amuna in tubuan ikug.The base of the spine is where the tail is about to grow.Asal in sakit bang tumubuꞌ ha tuwal malugay yan kaulian.It’s always like that, if you hurt the base of your spine it takes a long time to heal.Cf.ikug 1.1tumbung
TuwannSir, Ma’am mister, lady (a title of respect for a religious person or member of the royalty).Tuwan in pagtawag namuꞌ sin guru namuꞌ ha madrasa.We called our teacher of Islamic studies Tuwan.
tuwangvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To pour (a liquid from one container to another).Tuwangi aku hangka-basu kahawa.Pour me a glass of coffee.Hituwang ku in tubig pa basu.I’ll pour the water into a glass.Tuwang na kaw tī.Pour yourself (a cup) of tea.OV SYN.*asag 1busug 1
tuwiꞌintjI forgot (indicates that the speaker had forgotten to say something and has just remembered to say it), I mean (indicates that what the speaker said previously was incorrect).A huun nākari tuwiꞌ hi Galad.Oh I forgot, Galad came by.Ay huun tuwiꞌ, awn piyarihil kaymu sin bagay mu hambuuk labban.Oh yes, I just remembered, your friend asked me to give you one box.Hangpuꞌ tagduwa in halgaꞌ. Hangpuꞌ tagtū tuwiꞌ.The price is twelve (pesos). Thirteen, I mean.
tūy1nThe (fleshy) tail (of a chicken).Diꞌ aku magkaun sin tūy sin manuk.I don’t eat chicken tails.OV SYN.igut 1
tūy2adjDirect.Tūy na in panaw niya, diꞌ na siya humapit pa bāy.His going will be direct (i.e., he’ll go directly), he won’t stop at the house.vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-, -un; ran -an.To go (somewhere) directly, make (one’s journey) direct, proceed (with something).Walaꞌ siya himapit dayn dī, timūy siya minuwiꞌ.He didn’t stop by here, he went home directly.Tūyan na in panaw mu ayaw na kaw maglingiꞌ.Proceed with your journey; don’t turn your head.Tūyun niya in pagꞌiskul niya.He will proceed with his studies.ntūyanA place to which (one) will go directly.Bāy sin mastal ku in tūyan ta ha lawm daira.My teacher’s house is where we’ll go directly in town.
tuyuꞌnZeal, earnestness.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To be earnest, zealous in doing something; strive hard (for something).Tuyuꞌ kaw magꞌiskul bat tumaas in pangadjiꞌ mu.Be earnest in your studies so that you’ll obtain a higher education.Bang mu pagtuyuan tuud makawaꞌ in kabayaan mu makawaꞌ mu sadja.If you strive hard to get what you want you’ll get it.adjmatuyuꞌSeriously interested and enthusiastic (in doing something so as to obtain something desired), earnest, zealous.In tau matuyuꞌ ha hinang niya marayaw in sūngun niya.A man who is serious and enthusiastic about his work has a good prospect.Bang kaw matuyuꞌ mamayaꞌ-mayaꞌ kaniya maasawa mu siya.If you’re earnest in courting her, you’ll eventually marry her.OV SYN.tugul