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tamak1nA stain, spot, speck (on a garment, usu. caused by the sap or juice of fruits, vegetables, or leaves).Diꞌ na maīg in tamak sin badjuꞌ.The stain on your dress can’t be removed.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To become stained, spotted, blemished.Ayaw butangan in dahun yan ha badjuꞌ niya bat diꞌ katamakan.Don’t put that leaf on his clothes so that they won’t be stained.OV SYN.tagimtimCf.baluba 12nA stain or blemish (on one’s name or reputation).Awn tamak sin ngān nila.Their name has a stain.vran -an.(For one’s name or reputation) to be stained.Bang kaw manakaw katamakan in ngān mu.If you steal your name will be stained.OV SYN.bukis
tamak-tawktuknDisgrace, stain of character.In pagkustaw niya sin sīn parinta nakarihil tamak-tawktuk ha mawmaas niya.His embezzlement of the government’s money brought disgrace to his family.OV SYN.bukis
tamanangadj(Of people or animals) barren, sterile.Hisiyu ha duwa magtiyaun in tamanang?Who is the sterile one of the married couple?vST pat mag-, ma-.To become sterile.Gana-gana matamanang kaw bang kaw daran magꞌinum kuka-kula.You might become sterile if you continuously drink coca-cola.
tambaꞌnA lair (of a crocodile).Bakas mataud tambaꞌ buwaya ha Tawi-Tawi.Before there were plenty of crocodile lairs in Tawi-Tawi.
tambakvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To level (a low place), fill in (ground); pile stones (often over a grave).Magtambak kami batu ha lugal namuꞌ bat diꞌ magpisak.We will fill in the ground in our place with gravel so that it will not be muddy.Tambakun na muna dī in batu hipaglamud ha simintu.We will pile first the gravel here to be mixed with the cement.Tiyambakan nila magbalik in lupaꞌ nabī nila.They again filled in the land which they bought.
tambannIndian sardine.Masarap in tamban ligangun sabab malapuk.Indian sardine is delicious when fried because it is crispy.Kamayaꞌ kaw magkaun tamban sabab mabukug.Be careful in eating Indian sardines because they have plenty of bones.2: Fish and Swimming Marine Creatures
tambangnA pledge in the form of money or jewelry (given to the parents of a stolen woman by the man who has eloped with or kidnapped her, so as to avert trouble).Subay hiparā in tambang pa maas sin babai bat diꞌ maglingug.The money (as a pledge) must be sent to the girl’s parents so that there won’t be trouble.SYN.tampan maru
tambayangannA variety of edible bivalve shellfish.Managat kitaniyu tambayangan.Let’s look for edible bivalve shellfish.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
tambiluknA sea worm (that lives on trees, logs, and sides of wooden ships).Mataud tuud tambiluk naghuhulaꞌ ha kahuy ha kīd sin lansa.There are so many sea worms living on the wooden sides of the launch.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
*tambinvag mag-; ran pag-…-an.(For two or more people) to carry (something) in between them (by any method).Pagtambini niyu in tubig ini.You carry this can filled with water between you.
tambis1nA tree that produces the fruit in sense 2.Eugenia aquea5: Plants2nThe bell-shaped edible fruit of this tree (some taste sweet, some sour).Masarap in tambis pula tublakan tawyu.The red bell-shaped edible fruit is delicious when you dip it in soy sauce.
tambu-tambunA balloon.In tambu-tambu kiyagiikan ku, miyustak.The balloon that I stepped on burst.Huyupa in tambu-tambu ha bataꞌ-bataꞌ bat diꞌ tumangis.Blow up the balloon for the child so she won’t cry.Malagguꞌ tuud in tambu-tambu nakalupad ha kumkuman hi Utuꞌ.The balloon that flew up from Sonny’s hand was very big.
tambuꞌnA decorated room for unmarried girls in the family.The walls are lined with silk and satin cloth decorated with multicolored pieces of cloth and furnished with a decorative cloth ceiling (lūhul). The bed has a thick non-transparent net (kulambuꞌ) so that the girls can’t be seen.Maingat hi inaꞌ magtahiꞌ tambuꞌ.My mother knows how to sew a decorated room.Ayaw mu bugitan in pīs-pīs yan, hinangun hi inaꞌ tambuꞌ.Don’t throw away those pieces of cut cloth, Mother will make them into a decorated room for Indaꞌ.
tambuknCorpulence, fatness, obesity, plumpness, chubbiness.Makakūg-kūg in tambuk sin bataꞌ ini.The child’s chubbiness is nice to see.vST pat -um-.To become stout, fat, corpulent, plump, chubby, fleshy.Kaun kaw mataud bat kaw tumambuk.Eat plenty so you will become fat.adjmatambukStout, fat, corpulent, plump, chubby, fleshy.Bukun matambuk in manuk nabī ku.The chicken I bought is not fleshy.OV SYN.tabaꞌ
tambukunAn (ordinary) button, a gold button used on a traditional tight-fitting blouse.Sanguni tambuku in badjuꞌ mu masigpit.Fasten buttons on your form-fitting dress.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To button (something, as a dress).Tambukuha ba in badjuꞌ ku.Will you button up my dress.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To put buttons on (a garment), (for a garment) to have buttons.In badjuꞌ sin manga sultan nakauna tiyatambukuhan bulawan.The shirts of the kings in olden times had gold buttons.
tambul1adjClosed.Tambul in kaupis-upisan bang adlaw Ahad.All the offices are closed on Sundays.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To close (something, as a door, lid, road, opening, store or office); turn off (a light, an engine, etc.).Tambula in lawang.Close the door.2adjUnlucky.Tambul in suratan mu, Indaꞌ. Diꞌ kaw mahinang mastal ha adlaw susūngun.Your fate is unlucky, Indaꞌ. You won’t become a teacher in the future.
tambul būdnThe moon when it is just beginning to wane.Cf.damlag
tambuliꞌ1nChambered nautilus.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.2nA trumpet (the shell of the above used as a trumpet).Tambuliꞌ in paghuyupun bang awn pagtipun-tipun ha lawm kawman.The trumpet is blown when there is a meeting in the community.
tambusaꞌnA round basket (for carrying fruit, esp. mangoes and lanzones, made of woven coconut leaves, usu. made new to transport fruit and then discarded).SYN.japang
tamingnA shield, covering for protection (as from rain, lightning, sun, a blow, or prying eyes).Butangan ta taming in piyaglilingkuran ta bat kita diꞌ kapasuan suga.Let’s put up a shield for our seat so that we won’t be hit by the sun.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To provide (something) with a cover, shield.Tamingi in samin, awn kilat.Cover the mirror, for there’s lightning.Cf.*tampan 1
tammatadj(Of a song, message, poem, etc.) ended.Tammat na in kalangan hipuꞌ sin kaluluuyan.The music that was full of sweetness is ended.Cf.ubustangbusvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To graduate (from one’s studies of the Holy Koran).Tumammat na kaw dayn ha Kuraan bang kaw makabassa na dayn ha tagnaan sampay pa kahinapusan sin Kuraan.You may graduate from your studies of the Koran if you can read from the beginning to the end of it.Cf.tangbus
tampakadvIn the direction of, toward.In bāy namuꞌ tampak pa unahan sin tabuꞌ.Our house is toward the front of the market.SYN.tampal 1
*tāmpakvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To say (something) frankly in the presence of the one concerned, talk face to face (with someone).Minsan kami magtāmpak diꞌ ku da payluhan in bissara.I won’t deny what I said even if we talk face to face.OV SYN.tampal 2Cf.alup 1mata taynga 1
tampal1advIn the direction of, toward.Tampal pa subangan sin masjid in bāy namuꞌ.Our house is toward the east side of the mosque.SYN.tampakadjmatampalFree from obstruction, clear, obvious, plain.Matampal mari pa bāy nila in jambatan.The wharf is clearly seen from their house.Matampal in ngiꞌ sin tau yan.That man’s faults are obvious.vact/pat -um-.To be toward, in the direction of, or facing (something).Patampala mari ha ini in pagbutang mu sin pattaꞌ.When you place the picture make it face this way.OV SYN.dapit 12vag mag-; goal -un.To come face to face (with someone), speak directly (to someone).Pagtampal kamu ha supaya kaingatan bang hisiyu in nagputing.Come face to face with each other so you will know who is lying.OV SYN.*tāmpakalup 1balharapderv.harap
*tampan1nA covering (for protection from rain, sun, a blow, prying eyes and the like).Butangi tampan in lawang bilik mu.Put some covering at the door of your room.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cover (something).Tampani in bayhuꞌ mu bat kaw diꞌ kakitaan.Cover your face so you won’t be seen.Cf.*libuntapuktamingvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To block (a missile.)Bang kaw sampakun subay mu tampanun.When you are slapped you should block it.2vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cover for, give an excuse for (someone’s fault or defect).Tiyatampanan sin inaꞌ in dusa sin anak niya.The mother is covering the fault of her child.