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tampan maruMoney or gold, aside from the bride price, given to a prospective bride’s parent in the case of elopement or abduction so as to avoid trouble on the part of the girl’s parent.SYN.tambang
tampangnA mature unripe coconut split in half.
tamparasanBluntly-spoken words (embarrassing to someone).Subay diꞌ paguwaan sin manga babai in tamparasa nila.A lady shouldn’t utter bluntly-spoken words.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To say (something) outright which offends or embarrasses (someone), speak plainly.Aku in tumamparasa kaniya mamaytaꞌ sin ngiꞌ niya.I’ll be the one to speak plainly to him about his faults.Tamparasahun niya sadja in apuꞌ niya.He always says things to his grandfather that embarrass him.
tampatnShrine, the grave of a prophet or a person believed to be descended from the prophet Muhammad.Subay diꞌ pagbakay-bakayun in manga tampat.The shrines should not be spoken of lightly.Cf.kubulliyang
tampayaꞌvar. oflampayaꞌadj(Of a person’s face) broad, open, round; (of an earthenware plate) large.
tampilnA religious ceremony the first night of the fast of Ramadan (people have a special meal in their homes).Cf.*puasa
tampipiꞌnA (double telescoping) basket made of coconut leaves.Hinang kaw tampipiꞌ pagluunan ta buwahan.Make a coconut leaf basket for the lanzones.vCH 2 ag mag-; pat -un.To form (coconut leaves) into a basket.Tampipiun ta in dahun niyug.We will make the coconut leaves into a basket.Cf.tambusaꞌjapang
tampiyasvact/pat mag-; ran ka-…-an.(For rain) to beat in (on someone).Magtampiyas in ulan bang mahangin.The rain beats in when it is windy.Ayaw kaw maglingkud ha tandawan, katampiyasan kaw sin ulan.Don’t sit near the window, the rain will beat in on you.Hangin in makatampiyas sin ulan.The wind causes the rain to beat in.Cf.angbi
tampulnA dressing (as bandages applied to a wound), covering (as of a leak in a roof or hole in a wall).Ayaw īgi in tampul sin paliꞌ mu.Don’t take the dressing off your wound.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To dress (a wound), cover (a leak or hole).Tampuli in paliꞌ mu bat diꞌ tapuan pikut.Dress your wound so that the flies will not get on it.
tampung1nIncisor teeth, front teeth.Masipug siya kumatawa sabab way tampung sin ipun niya.He is ashamed to laugh because he has no more incisor teeth.Piyahublutan niya in tampung niya ha dintis.He had his incisor teeth extracted by the dentist.Cf.ipun
tampung2var. of*sampungvTo close or stop (something) up.
tamugimb.taꞌmunRice cooked in a (small) woven coconut-leaf basket (often carried as provisions [lutuꞌ] on journeys).Magkugdan tuud in tamu iban satti.Rice cooked in a woven coconut-leaf basket goes well with kabobs.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cook rice in a woven coconut-leaf basket.Kāꞌ kaw madtu lukay magtamu kitaniyu.Go and get some coconut leaves, we will cook rice in a woven coconut-leaf basket.Cf.junay
tamuning1nPlacenta.In tamuning hipagbutang ha baung, hipuun sin abu ampa hikubul atawa hihulug ha giꞌtung lawd.The placenta is placed in a cleaned-out coconut shell, filled with ashes and then buried or thrown into the middle of the ocean.2nSomething worthless or of very little value.Bang siya bunuun sin banta niya, hambuuk tamuning da sa yan.If his enemy kills him, (it’s all right), he’s only a worthless thing.
*tamungvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To wear clothes.Subay kaw magtamung marayaw.You should wear good clothes.OV SYN.*pakay 1ntamungunClothes.In manga tamungun ha bubuwaran tahay na.The clothes on the clothesline are already dry.npanamungCostume, manner of dressing.Subay panamung Sūg in tamungun niyu ha pagpanayam-nayaman.You should wear Tausug costumes for the play.Cf.badjuꞌ
tamusgimb.taꞌmusvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To suck out juice (from a ripe fruit [usu. mampallam, wanni, or bawnuꞌ] or candy).Mabayaꞌ tuud aku magtamus mampallam hinug.I really love to suck juice out of a ripe mango.Tamusun ku na sadja in mampallam hinug ini.I’ll just suck out the juice from this ripe mango.OV SYN.supsup 1
*tanakvtCV 2 ag -um-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To drop (something purposely).Hitanak ku in panyuꞌ ha daig niya.I’ll drop my handkerchief near him.Tanaki buhangin in liyalabayan mu.Drop sand on the way you pass.viST pat ma-.(For something) to drop or fall.Natanak in sīn ku ha dān.My money dropped on the road.Cf.hulug 1
tanam1nA feeling of comfort or discomfort.Mangiꞌ tanam ku ha badjuꞌ ini.I don’t feel comfortable in this dress.vpat -um-.To feel comfortable.Diꞌ aku makatanam ha bāy ini.I don’t feel comfortable in this house.adjmatanam(Of a dress, house, etc.) comfortable, suitable; (of a tool or piece of equipment) easy to use or work with.Matanam in Lupaꞌ Sūg paghulaan.Jolo is a comfortable place to live.
tanam2adjReady, prepared.Tanam sila asal bang gumubat in manga banta.They are prepared for the attack of their enemy.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To prepare, get ready or all set (for something, as a battle or an attack).Tanamun ku in manga pakukus.I’ll get the bladed weapons ready.Cf.sakap
tandaꞌnA mark, sign, symbol.In tandaꞌ sin bangsa amuna in panji.The flag is the symbol that represents the nation.Cf.indan
*tandakvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To stamp one’s feet.Ayaw kaw magtandak awn natutūg.Don’t stamp your feet, there’s somebody sleeping.Hitandak niya in siki niya.He will stamp his feet.Cf.lakud-lakudtikdag
tandawvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look through an opening or window (as from a house, bus, or airplane).Tandaw kaw bat mu aku kakitaan.Look through the opening so you can see me.Tiyandaw niya in kappal timulak.She looked out at the ship sailing away.ntandawan/panandawanA window.Timandaw siya dayn ha tandawan.She looked out of the window.Cf.hundaw 1
tandingvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look at (something) carefully, examine, inspect, scrutinize (something).Tandinga in sīn yan, gana-gana paltik.Look at that money carefully, it might be imitation.OV SYN.patung2liling
tanduꞌnA headland, cape, promontory, point of land jutting out into a body of water.In lansa nakaabut na pa tanduꞌ.The launch has reached the promontory.
tandugnA severe chill (from a sickness, often malaria).Mataud tau nasakit tandug ha Sulari sabab landuꞌ mahilam.Many people on Sulari are sick with malarial chill because there are so many mosquitoes.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To develop a chill.Tandugun sa kān bang kaw diꞌ minum ubat.You’ll get chills if you don’t take medicine.Magjugjug in baran sin tau yan sabab tiyatandug.That fellow’s body is shaking because he has malarial chills.
tanduknA horn (of cattle, sheep, etc.).Asibiꞌ pa in tanduk sin sapiꞌ yaun.The horns of that cow are still small.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To butt, gore (something) with the horns.Kamayaꞌ kaw tandukun kaw sin kābaw.Be careful, the carabao might gore you with his horns.