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ū1nHead.Dakulaꞌ in ū sin bataꞌ-bata dayn ha kapagꞌanak kaniya.The child’s head has been big from its birth.6: The Parts of the Bodyūanderv.nA pillow.2nThe leader (of a group).Hi Abdul in ngān sin ū sin manga tau mangiꞌ ha gimba.Abdul is the name of the leader of the bandits in the interior.ūhanderv.nThe position associated with the human head, the chief, leader (of a group).
ū balaꞌadj(Of a person) quarrelsome, given to troublemaking.Ayaw kaw magsuuk ha tau yan sabab siya yan ū balaꞌ.Don’t go near that man because he is quarrelsome.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ dīhan sin tau ū balaꞌ.I don’t want a troublemaker to stay here with me.
ū istaꞌnThe favorite (in a family, as the child loved most by a parent or the family member loved most by all the others).Pasal sin lasa niya ha manga kamaasan niya, siya na bihaun in ū istaꞌ kanila.Because of his love for his elders, he is now their favorite.
ū-atay1nThe hollow part of the stomach just below the breastbone, pit of the stomach, solar plexus.Masakit in ū-atay niya.The pit of his stomach hurts.2vST pat -un.To be or feel angry, exasperated.Ū-atayun aku sin karupangan sin bataꞌ ini.The foolishness of this child exasperates me.Makaū-atay in pagpamuting mu ini.Your lying is exasperating.
ūan(from ū + -an₁)nA pillow.Diꞌ aku makatūg marayaw bang way ūan.I can’t sleep well if there’s no pillow.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To use a pillow, use (something) as a pillow.Makajari ūanan ku in bāg mu?May I use your bag as a pillow?
ubannGray hair (on an older person).Malaas na kaw saꞌ way pa uban mu.You’re already old, but you don’t have gray hair yet.adjubananHaving an abundance of gray hair.vST pat -un.To become gray-haired.Ubanun kaw bang kaw maas na.Your hair will become gray when you are old.Cf.lastung
ubatnMedicine, drug or other medicinal substance, cure, remedy.Subay awn ubat sin sakit atay ku.There must be a remedy for my heartache.Ubat langgang uhaw in tubig mahagpay.Cold water is the remedy for extreme thirstiness.vAR ag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To treat (someone) medically, cure (someone), remedy (something).Mahunit ubatan sin duktul in sakit mu.Your sickness is hard for a doctor to cure.nmangungubatA medicine man, curer.
*ubayvag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To lie side by side, lie beside (someone).Nagꞌubay da sila iban anak namuꞌ pagsūd ku.She was lying side by side with our child when I entered.Bang kaw magpatūg ha anak mu subay mu siya ubayun.When you put your child to sleep you have to lie down beside him.Iyuubayan ku in asawa ku magtūg.I always lie side by side with my wife when sleeping.
ubunCough.Inum kaw ubat bat kaulian in ubu mu.Take medicine so your cough will get better.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cough.Malugay na nagꞌubu in bataꞌ yan.That child has been coughing for quite a long time.
ubudnThe leaf bud or heart (of palm trees, used as a vegetable).Dihili aku ubud bang kamu magpilaꞌ niyug.Give me the leaf bud when you cut down a coconut tree.Cf.dabung
ubugvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To walk through, wade, ford (high grass, water, mud, or sand).Ayaw kaw magꞌubug pa pisak.Don’t wade into the mud.Ubugun niya in pisak.He will walk through the mud.OV SYN.panaw 1
ubul-ubul1nA big umbrella with tassels (used for a bride and bridegroom or for the corpse of a sultan or an affluent person).Ubul-ubul in hipagpayung ha manga pangantin.The bride and groom will have a big umbrella with tassels.Cf.payung
ubul-ubul2nA hole in the bottom of a boat (through which water can escape when the boat is brought up on land).
ubungnRidgepole.Ha unu in ubung sin bāy ini?Where is the ridgepole of this house?
ubusadj./advFinished, completed, done.Ubus na in pagtayp ku.My typing is finished.Ubus na siya kimaun.She has finished eating.vtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To finish, complete (something); exhaust or deplete (something).Subay ubusun mu in hinang mu ampa kaw makauwiꞌ.You should finish your work first and then you can go home.viST pat ma-; exp ka-…-an.To be or become finished, completed, exhausted, depleted; run out of (something).Naubus na in sīn.His money is exhausted.Laung nila ha lawm lima tahun kaubusan kitaniyu lana.They say that in five years we’ll run out of oil.OV SYN.talus2tangbus
ūdnWorm, grub, maggot.Awn ūd sin wanni ini.These mangoes have worms.vST pat -un.To be infested with worms or maggots.Ūrun sa yan in sapiꞌ yan bang tapuan pikut.That cow will get maggots if flies land on him.Iyuūd na in patay iruꞌ.That dead dog is infested with worms.Cf.kalugsassing
*udjiꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To verbally remind (someone about something), mention or bring up (something from the past).Ayaw naman kamu magꞌudjiꞌ sin manga bissara bakas limabay, bat kamu diꞌ makapagkālu.Don’t mention any more what was said in the past so that you will not quarrel.Subay na diꞌ udjiun in pagkālu natuꞌ tagnaꞌ.We should no longer bring up our former quarrel.Cf.sabbut*bangkil
udjuꞌnMockery, sarcasm.Pasal udjuꞌ in kiyapagkāluhan nila.Their quarrel sprang from the use of mockery.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To mock (something).Ayaw udjua in pangdaig bāy mu miskin.Don’t mock your poor neighbor.nmangungudjuꞌA mocker.Ayaw kaw mamagay ha mangungudjuꞌ yan.Don’t befriend that mocker.adjpangungudjuꞌProne to mock (something).Pangungudjuꞌ in babai yan.That woman is prone to mock people.
udjulvar.ujulnMisfortune, great sorrow (esp. caused by a death).Bang awn udjul niyu ayaw kamu maluman mangayuꞌ sin tabang ku.If you have a great sorrow don’t be embarrassed to ask for my help.vexp ka-…-an.To meet a misfortune or sorrow, be bereaved.Subay tumabang in manga pangdaig bāy bang awn kaudjulan.If people are bereaved, the neighbors should help.OV SYN.susa
udjut baran1nThe complete skin, the outer covering of the body.Mataud tuud lahud ha udjut baran niya kaagi sin inaꞌ niya naglubak.There are so many marks on the skin of his body caused by his mother’s whipping.Cf.ginhawa baran2adjAlone.Udjut baran ku ra in naghuhulaꞌ ha bāy ini.I’m alone living in this house.
*ūgvag mag-, -um-; ran ka-…-an.To value (something), love (someone), be reluctant to give (something that one values).Umūg na kaw dumihil sīn kāmuꞌ bang kaw dayahan na.You will be reluctant to give us money if you become rich.Kaūgan ku in singsing piyusakaꞌ kākuꞌ sin inaꞌ ku.I value the ring that mother gave me as an inheritance.adjmaūgReluctant (to give or loan something), selfish.Maūg aku magpabūs sin manga pamulawan ku.I am reluctant to loan out my gold jewelry.
ugabvar.hugabnThe hard inner shell of a coconut.Hipagdungul namuꞌ kāyu in ugab.We use coconut shells for fuel for the fire.niyug
ugamnSimple stomatitis (characterized by formation of tiny ulcers on the mucosa of the mouth).Diꞌ makakaun in bataꞌ marayaw sabab awn ugam niya.The child can’t eat well because he has stomatitis.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To be or become afflicted with stomatitis.Magtangis sadja in bataꞌ iyuugam.The child who has stomatitis just keeps crying.ugam pasuꞌcomp.vSevere stomatitis.
ugangannParent-in-law, son or daughter-in-law.Siya in ugangan ku usug.He is my father-in-law.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To be or come to be in an in-law relationship (with someone of the next higher or lower generation), take (someone) as a parent-in-law or daughter-in-law.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ magꞌugangan kaniya.I don’t want to be in an in-law relationship with him.Cf.bāiirasipagpiyamikitan*pikit 2
ugatnA vein, nerve, artery, fiber of the body, tendon.Naglalantup in ugat niya ha biꞌtis.The veins of his lower leg are prominent (lit. floating).