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ugbusnSprout (of a plant).Ayaw pagkawaa in ugbus sin kangkung.Don’t get the kangkong sprouts.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To sprout.Masuuk na magꞌugbus in panggiꞌ bagun.The sweet potatoes are about to sprout.vran -an.To remove the new shoots (from a plant).Ugbusan ku in lara, supaya awn masayul ta.I’ll remove the new shoots from the peppers so that we can have vegetables.Cf.bukulsahaꞌpangtusan
ugisnAn albino person.Landuꞌ in puti sin pais sin ugis.The skin of an albino person is overly white.
ugtu suganNoontime, midday (when the sun is at its zenith).Ugtu suga na kami nakapagkaun.We had our lunch at noontime.Cf.mataas suga 1
ugudnImpetigo, other open sores (characterized by the appearance of a number of small pus-filled blisters on the skin).Tampuli in ugud mu bat diꞌ tapuan pikut.Cover your sores so the flies won’t light on them.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To become infected with sores.Ugurun kaw bang kaw magpanayam ha pisak yan.You’ll get sores if you play in the mud.adjmaugudCovered with sores.Maugud in bataꞌ-bataꞌ ha bāy yan.The children in that house are covered with sores.
ugud lugaynDermatitis, scabies, etc.Malugay magꞌuli in ugud lugay.It takes a long time to get better from scabies.8: Diseases
uhaꞌnCrumbs.Īgi in uhaꞌ ha lāy.Scrape the crumbs off the plate.vST ag mag-; ran -an.To leave lots of crumbs (after eating).Ayaw mu usala in pinggan uhaan.Don’t use a bowl that has lots of crumbs left on it.Cf.kapintuwaꞌ
ūhaꞌvar.ūhayintjHey there! (an exclamation of greeting).Uhaꞌ maunu-unu kamu?Hey there! How are you?
ūhan(from ū + -an₁)1nThe position associated with the human head; tip, top, or front part (of something).Biyutang niya ha ūhan in kitab.He placed the religious book at the head.Tiyawꞌ ku in sīn ha ūhan kantil.I keep the money at the head of the bed.vag mag-, -um-.To have (one’s) head or the front (of something) facing (a certain way).Bang kita matūg, marayaw bang kita magꞌūhan pa subangan.When we sleep, it’s good if we have our heads to the east.2nThe chief or leader (of a group).vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To act as head or chief (of a group).Ikaw in magꞌūhan ha manga bataꞌ iskul ini.You’ll be the head of this group of students.npagꞌūhananLeadership, headship.OV SYN.nakuraꞌ
uhawnThirst.Yari in tubig hipagꞌubat sin uhaw mu.Here’s water to quench your thirst.vpat -un.To be or become thirsty.Iyuhaw aku.I am thirsty.SYN.langgang
ujulvar. ofudjulnMisfortune, sorrow.
ūk1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut, penetrate, prick (with a blade, pointed instrument, or teeth).Diꞌ makaūk in laring niya.This knife canꞌt cut.Diꞌ siya ūkun sin pungluꞌ.He isn’t penetrated by (i.e., is invulnerable to) bullets.2adj./advmaūk(With atud), intent(ly) and piercing(ly).Maytaꞌ maūk in pangatud mu kākuꞌ?Why do you look piercingly at me?Cf.patung2*pandang
ukab1adjOpen, about to open.Ukab in tandawan.The windows are open.Ukab in tinda?Is the store open?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To open (something).Ukaba in lawang.Open the door.OV SYN.*ukaynuukabAn opener (for bottles, cans, etc.).Dāha in uukab mital yan mari.Bring that can opener here.2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For a class, business, etc.) to begin, to begin (such).Kuꞌnu magꞌukab in iskul?When does school start?
*ukamvag mang-; pat -un; ran pang-…-an.Iyukam is not used. No difference in meaning between -un and pang-…-an.To charm (a person or animal) so that he/it becomes very weak and (usu.) sleeps soundly (or if awake, becomes unable to speak).Maingat in sugarul mangukam, hangkan nakasūd pa lawm bāy way kiyasayuhan.The thief knows how to charm people to sleep soundly, that’s why he got into the house without being detected.Piyangukaman sin sugarul in jaga, hangkan natakaw in altaꞌ ha buriga.The thief charmed the guard to sleep soundly, that’s why the goods in the warehouse were stolen.
*ukatvar.uknat1vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To remove (something from something else to which it was previously joined).Ukata in digpiꞌ bakas ku liyansang ha dingding.Remove the board that I nailed to the wall.viST pat -um-, ma-.(For something sticking on something else) to come off, get separated or detached.Naukat in pād sin tawmpaꞌ niya.The sole of her shoe came off.OV SYN.aknit2vag mag-, -um-.To part company, cease to associate with, withdraw, secede, separate.Ukat na kaw dayn ha manga panun mu.Separate yourself from your buddies.Imukat na aku dayn ha parhimpunan.I parted from the organization.Mabayaꞌ in manga Muslim umukat dayn ha hulaꞌ Pilipinas.The Muslims want to secede from the Republic of the Philippines.Cf.butas
*ukayvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To open and examine (something, as a container or drawer), open (something for inspection).Ukayun sa yan in pamutus mu ha jambatan.Your baggage will be opened and examined at the wharf.Subay ukayan asal in saub sin manga labban sabab bisitahun sin sundalu.The covers of the cardboard boxes should be opened beforehand because the soldiers will search them.OV SYN.ukab 1
ukkilnCarving.Malingkat in ukkil sin sunduk yaun.The carving on that grave marker is beautiful.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To carve or engrave a design (on something).Samal in maingat magꞌukkil sakayan.Samas are the ones who know how to carve designs on canoes.nmagꞌuukkilA carver.
*ukumvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To keep (something) in one’s possession, (for someone) to be under (one’s) authority or sovereignty, (for someone) to live with (someone else).Ayaw na kaw magꞌukum sin unu-unu bukun kaymu.Don’t keep in your possession anything that doesn’t belong to you.In balu nagꞌukum iban sin manga piyamikitan niya.The widow is living with her in-laws.Ukuman ku in manga piyamikitan ku dī kākuꞌ.I’ll let my in-laws live with me.In hulaꞌ Pilipinas bakas iyuukuman sin bangsa Kastilaꞌ ha lawm tūnggatus tahun.The Philippines was under the sovereignty of the Spanish nation for three hundred years.nukumanPossession.Ha lawm ukuman niya in katān altaꞌ kiyabīn sin amaꞌ niya.All the property his father left is in his possession.
ukum miliknHousehold, domain, dominion.In katān bataꞌ way pa paghulaꞌ, ha lawm ukum milik pa sin maas nila.All unmarried children are still in their parents’ household.In katān tau marayaw ha lawm ukum milik sin Tuhan.All good people are within God’s dominion.
ukuynWeakness (due to sickness).Simūng na in ukuy sin tau ini.This man’s weakness is increasing.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become weak.Kaꞌnu imukuy in bataꞌ ini?When did this child become weak?adjmaukuyWeak (due to sickness).Maukuy in bataꞌ in karā pa uspital.The child was weak when brought to the hospital.OV SYN.lammalunuk 1.1lukmayCf.*lupay
ulꞌulnThrobbing, continuous pain.Diꞌ ku kasandalan in ulꞌul sin paliꞌ ku.I can’t stand the throbbing pain in my wound.vact mag-, -um-.To throb with pain.Magꞌulꞌul na in hubag bang marayꞌ na mustak.A boil throbs with pain when it’s about to burst.adjmaulꞌulThrobbingly painful.Maulꞌul in paliꞌ ku.My wound is throbbingly painful.
ula-ulaadj(Just) kidding, deceiving or fooling playfully, having no purpose or intention in mind, not serious.Ayaw kaw magkahagad sin muwiꞌ na siya. Ula-ula niya sa yan.Don’t believe that he’s going home. He’s just kidding.Ula-ula sadja in bayaꞌ niya tumabang kaymu.His desire to help you is not serious (i.e., he doesn’t really mean to help).Ayaw kaw kumatawa sabab bukun ula-ula in bissara niya sin bunuun niya kaw.Don’t laugh because he’s not kidding when he said he’ll kill you.Bukun ula-ula in pakaradjaan pagꞌiyanun ‘hunger strike’ piyaawn sin manga mastal ha Manilaꞌ.The thing called hunger strike staged by the teachers in Manila is a serious matter.Cf.langug
uladnA piece, unit (of something flat, as sheet metal, leaves [esp. tobacco], paper, or cardboard).Bīhi aku hangka-ulad tabakuꞌ.Buy me a piece of compressed tobacco leaf.OV SYN.sulag
*ulakvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To shout, scream, shriek, shout for (someone).Imulak siya pagkitaꞌ niya ha sugarul.She screamed when she saw the burglar.Ulakan ku in bataꞌ ha bangkaꞌ.I’ll shout for the child in the canoe.OV SYN.silawakgasudulangtulik
ulakannA shuttle (in weaving).Diꞌ kita makapaghablun bang way ulakan.We cannot weave if there is no shuttle.
ulalangnPubic hair, pubes.In bataꞌ-bataꞌ wayruun pa ulalang.A child has no pubic hair yet.vST pat -un.To develop pubic hair.Ulalangun in tau bang sumangput na.One will develop pubic hair when he/she reaches the age of puberty.OV SYN.bahibubulbul