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ulamaꞌAr.nA scholar in Islam, an authority on Muslim religion and laws.In tau ulamaꞌ tantu landuꞌ in ingat.A scholar in Islam is really intelligent.In manga ulamaꞌ hipagparā pa hulaꞌ dugaing magꞌanad.Scholars in Islam are sent abroad to learn.
ulannRain.Makusug in ulan kabii.The rain was heavy last night.vnone mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To rain.Sawk kamu tubig bang umulan.Haul water if it rains.Sūng na ulanun in paghulaꞌ ta.Our locality is about to be rained on.Marayꞌ sila yadtu ulanan sabab way kasilungan nila.They will probably be rained on because they have no shelter.OV SYN.tūk-tūkbunuk-bunukCf.andahawadjpangulan(Of a time of year) rainy.Timpu pangulan bihaun.It’s rainy season now.ulan-dautcomp.nHeavy rain.magpaulan sin asin/paulanan in asinidiomnTo let (one’s) past misdeeds or problems be known (esp. those that could cause gossip), hang out (one’s) dirty linen (lit. to rain on the salt). See asin, magpaulan sin/paulanan in
ulan-dautnHeavy rain.vnone mag-.To rain heavily, pour.Nagꞌulan-daut kabii, hangkan walaꞌ kami nākari.It was raining heavily last night, and so we didn’t come.
ulangnYell.Diyurungug sampay mari in ulang niya.His yell could be heard even here.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To yell at (someone).Ayaw mu aku ulangi. Bukun aku bisu.Don’t yell at me. I’m not deaf.OV SYN.gasud*ulak
ulangignAn echo.Walaꞌ ku diyungug in ulangig.I didn’t hear the echo.vnone mag-, -um-.To echo.Magꞌulangig bang kaw umulak ha lawm gulangan.If you shout in the jungle it will echo.adjmaulangigEchoic.Maulangig in tingug sin agung.The sound of the gong is echoic.Cf.katingugkagingkul
UlangkayaꞌnA title given to a minor official during the time of the Sultanate.Hi Bapaꞌ Samman in hīnang Ulangkayaꞌ sin sultan.Uncle Samman is the one who was made officer of the king.Cf.Maharadja
ulapaynA common cold, catarrh, any disorder with runny nose symptoms.Sīsippun in tau taga ulapay.A person with a cold has a runny nose.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To have a cold, catarrh, develop a cold.Ayaw kaw magpaulan gana-gana ulapayun kaw.Don’t go out in the rain, you will catch cold.Cf.sippun
ulapidnRheumatism.Hilugi sin ubat ini in biꞌtis mu bang awn ulapid mu.Put this medicine on your leg if you have rheumatism.vST pat -un.To develop rheumatism.Ayaw pagbasaa daran in siki mu bang kaw iyuulapid.If you have rheumatism don’t keep your foot in water.SYN.rayuma
uldinEng.nAn order, command (of government officials, etc., but not royalty).Tagaran ta in uldin sin kapitan.We’ll wait for the captain’s order.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To give an order, command.Nagꞌuldin in mayul sin hipaīg in katān kabāyan dī.The mayor ordered the demolition of all the houses here.OV SYN.tita*manda
uliꞌvact -um-.(For an illness or wound) to heal.Diꞌ umuliꞌ in paliꞌ bang mu diꞌ ubatan.The wound will not heal if you don’t apply medicine on it.Pauliun niya in sakit mu.He’ll cure your sickness (i.e., make it heal).vran ka-…-an.To be restored to health, get well again (from an illness).Subay kaw minum ubat bat kaw kaulian.You’ve got to take medicine so you’ll get well again.OV SYN.*dayaw 1
*uliꞌvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To return, give back (something).Hiuliꞌ ku mān in būk ha piyagkawaan ku.I’ll return the book to where I got it.Diꞌ manjari magꞌuliꞌ ha tinda.You can’t return what you’ve bought to the store.Cf.balik
ulihan(from huli + -an₁)var.hulihannBehind (as of someone following in a line), last (of a series of things), rear (as in a bus).Ha ulihan ku siya limingkud.He sat behind me.Cf.taykud 1duhul
ulihimnA phonograph.Masūb in tau gimba dumungug ulihim.The people from the interior are fond of listening to the phonograph.In ulihim tagnaꞌ awn pagtabiran.A phonograph in olden times had a winder.
ulinvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To touch (something) with the hand.Ayaw mu aku ulini.Don’t touch me.Bang mu yan ulinan mustak.If you touch that it will explode.Cf.kaput1 1.1gunggung1
ulumadj(In the phrase pula ulum [q.v.]) dark (red).Cf.unguꞌ
ulungnPity, compassion; love.Way ulung niya ha pagkahi niya.He has no compassion for his fellow men.vag mag-, -um-; goal ka-…-an.To pity or have compassion (on someone), love (someone).Kaulungan ta in pagkahi ta.Let us have compassion on our fellow men.adjmaulungHaving pity, feeling compassion; having love.Maulung aku kaniya.I pity him.SYN.luuy2
-um-1verbal affixifx(With non-agentive [ST] stems) to enter into the state described by the stem, become whatever the stem is; (for that state) to increase in degree, ______ -en.Tumugas in simintu.The cement will harden.Kumamdus in hukut bang dublihun.The string will become stronger if it’s doubled.2verbal affixifx(With agentive stems) signifies that the agent is in grammatical focus and that the action is a one-time act.Minum aku tubig.I’ll drink water.Kimawas sila dayn ha taas tarak.They jumped down from the truck.
*ūmvag mang-, mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For fowl) to cover and warm eggs for hatching, sit, brood.Nangungūm in inaꞌ manuk.The mother hen is brooding.Cf.*pusaꞌ
umanA (cultivated) field or farm, rice field.Ubus na iyaararu in uma nila.Their fields are already plowed.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cultivate a field, farm.Mabayaꞌ pa aku magꞌuma dayn sin magꞌistaꞌ.I would rather farm than fish.nmagꞌuumaA farmer.Nagꞌani na pāy in manga magꞌuuma.The farmers are harvesting rice.Cf.lupupalipat 2
umagadnCourage, bravery, spirit, nerve.Kiyakawaan aku umagad ha pagbunuan.I lost my courage during the fight.vST pat -un; ran -an.To lose one’s courage, spirit, bravery, nerve.Umagarun kaw bang kaw mākitaꞌ tau miyamatay.You’ll lose your nerve if you see dead bodies.Ayaw pagbugaa in bataꞌ bat diꞌ kaumagaran.Don’t scare the children so they won’t lose their courage.Iyuumagad in tau yaun sabab nākitaꞌ siya lutaw kabii.That fellow has lost his nerve because he saw a dead man’s evil ghost last night.Cf.isug
umagakadj(Of animals) female.Bī kaw manuk umagak.Buy a female chicken.OV SYN.babaiCf.mandangan 1
umawadjDumb, mute.Diꞌ sa yan makabissara sabab umaw.He cannot speak for he is dumb.Cf.kalluꞌ8: Diseasesvpat ma-.To become dumb or mute.Mangiꞌ in magꞌumaw-umaw minsan kita maingat magbissara, lumugay maumaw na kita tuud.It’s bad to act like a dumb person when we know how to speak; later on we will really become dumb.vpat -un.To make (someone) dumb or mute.Bang aku dugalan kaymu, umawun ta kaw.If I get angry at you I’ll make you dumb.
umbavar.humbavag mag-, -um-.To show oneself suddenly (out of a door, window, etc.), appear suddenly.Kiyublaan kami pagꞌumba niya dayn ha lawang.We were startled when he suddenly appeared at the door.Cf.hundaw 1
*umbakvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.Often rdp.To pump (kerosene, gasoline, oil, or water with a small pump).Aku in nagꞌumbak sin gasulin dayn ha baril pa mital.I was the one who pumped gasoline from the barrel into the can.numbak-umbakA (small) pump (for pumping kerosene, gasoline, oil, or water).Subay awn umbak-umbak bang magkāꞌ sin lana ha mital.Their should be a pump in order to get the oil from inside the can.OV SYN.bumba1
umbak tawpannThe deluge, flood (of Noah’s time).Awn umbak tawpan ha masa hi Nabi Nū.There was a deluge in Noah’s time.OV SYN.latapdunuk